An Expectant Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck At Miami Fundraiser For Barack Obama

An expectant Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were snapped at a Miami fundraiser for Barack Obama on Saturday. Matt Damon and his expectant wife, Luciana, were also in attendance.

The private $1,000-per-person VIP reception at club SET was held to support Barack Obama.

“Jennifer Garner gave the first speech supporting Obama, and she was very witty, clever and funny,” said a source at SET. “She was followed by her husband Ben, then Matt Damon. The men gave serious political speeches on how the country needs change.”

“They were all in great moods and very friendly to everyone,” said another source, accompanied by a host who plunked down $5,000 for his group to meet the stars and support Obama.

The Afflecks and Damons departed in a limo after about 90 minutes and headed for a private party at Anthony Kennedy Shriver’s Miami Beach home.



  1. oriana says

    Actually Anne you are right. He has flip flopped on a few issues he said he would never do but I think he would make a good President. We need a change in this country, with McCain, we won’t get that.

    I am happy to see Ben and Matt together with their wives having a nice time and I am sure they gave excellent speeches. I really like both couples.

  2. 2teens says

    Obama is a breath of fresh air and an excellent choice for president Anne. He is an eloquent speaker and does not use cue cards. He changes his mind? Care to give an example? When Clinton left office the US deficit was financially in the black, but as war-monger Bush is preparing to leave office he will so so leaving us billions of dollars in debt. McCain is just more of the same.

  3. Lauren says

    Haha, I think that it’s so funny Matt and Ben are expecting babies around the same timeframe. Didn’t that happen last time?

  4. Anne says

    I am Canadian and keep on top of American politics and he is a bad choice for President. He says one thing and then changes his mind and if it weren’t for the cue cards/monitor- all he does is mumble and say ah, ah etc.
    He in general, has no clue about running anything in my opinion.

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