An Expectant Rebecca Romijn On The Set Of Ugly Betty

An expectant (with twins!) Rebecca, 35, was snapped with a visible bump on the set of Ugly Betty earlier this week.

Her co-stars couldn’t help but gush about the pregnancy.

“She is so happy — she is going to be such a great mom!” Ana Ortiz told Us magazine. “She’s a kid herself, and so is Jerry. Those kids are the luckiest people. I can’t wait to meet them!”

Added co-star Becki Newton: “I love the idea of a couple like that having babies!

“It’s so great. We’re really, really happy for them. They’re great people! The babies will be stand-up comedians!”

Rebecca and Jerry, 34, who wed last July, will welcome their babies this winter.

“They did not use fertility treatments,” a source shared.



  1. laila says

    fertility drugs… when you try to get pregnant over the age of 35 very often clomid is used and it increases egg development.

  2. Shauna says

    Why did the poster have to mention that she didn’t use fertility treatments? Who cares, if they did that’s great if not that’s great too.

  3. DMITZ says

    I’m not being cynical but how are so many celebs having twins? Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for Rebecca and Jerry it just seems so common now…

  4. laila says

    I see air under her dress but not a bump although I’m sure it’s there somewhere. She is beautiful.

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