Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals That Her Children Think That Their Father Is A Chef

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine has revealed that she and Michael have kept their son Dylan, 7, and daughter Carys, 5, so sheltered from fame that they think their dad is a chef.

“Dylan was doing occupations at school recently and the teacher said, ‘You have to go home and ask Mummy and Daddy what they do’,” explained Catherine. “So we were trying to explain to Dylan that we make movies, and he went to Michael, ‘Hang on. Mama makes movies, you make pancakes!’.”

“So my two-time Oscar-winning husband with a career of 40 years looks at me and says, ‘Oh, it’s come to that!’,” she laughed.

The couple have chosen to bring up their children away from Hollywood, opting instead to make a Bermuda hideaway their permanent home. “For me, it was the ideal choice,” said Catherine.



  1. Anne says

    Catherine is starting to show her age and her legs are really not that shapely or even her figure. Michael doesn’t look too happy and I guess at his age there isn’t much in the way of movies for him. He looks good with grey hair but eventually age catches up with all of us.

  2. Nicki says

    That’s a cute story. But I doubt any 7 year old would know who Michael Douglas was, thier grandparents, yes, definately, but not any 7 year old.

    Catherine looks great there and always does.

  3. Marti says

    It just goes to show that it can be done. People who bitch & moan about the papparazzi just aren’t trying hard enough or aren’t really serious. 😐

  4. Just me says

    That is a cute story.

    Kids know Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears but I don’t think they’d know Michael Douglas or even Catherine Zeta Jones.

    And their kids don’t live the Hollywood life at all. Don’t they live in the Bahamas or something? I bet they ‘ve never been to a movie set. MD and CZJ seem like good parents.

  5. KayG says

    How cute! I am surprised that Dylan’s friends don’t know who his father is. In this day and age even little kids are pretty clued in!

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