Kelsey Grammar & Family At Super Saturday In The Hamptons

Kelsey Grammar 

Kelsey Grammar, 53, was snapped with his wife and children at the 11th Annual Super Saturday in the Hamptons on July 26th. The event benefits The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Kelsey and Camille’s children, daughter Mason Olivia, 6, and son Jude Gordon, 3, were both born via a surrogate mother.

Mother-of-three Kelly Ripa was also snapped at the event.

Kelly Ripa


  1. Gena says

    The reason they mention surrogate is because media just likes to repeat the facts for clarity and validation on their part. Irritable bowel syndrome impacts daily life, pregnant or not.. My thoughts are that she used IBS an excuse to save face with her husband, Kelsey, as well as, the media/society/other women who bear their children… When in fact I know several women who have IBS, two of them have a more aggressive/serious type and they both have 3 children and no problems other than what they would deal with pregnant or not.

    Ms. Grammar just didn’t want to ‘ruin’ her body. Isn’t it obvious to everyone else but me? She has breast implants, looks as though she has undergone surgery for cosmetic reasons, diets constantly… has fake hair extensions… She didn’t want to put her ‘oh so perfect’ body through the trouble of what is, God’s natural intent for a Mother to carry her babies in her OWN womb. She wants to make sure she stays thin, doesn’t have to go thru the birthing process, etc…

    That is the truth… It is obvious to me. Regardless of her ‘medical/health’ reasons.

    Think about it?

  2. laila says

    I just love Frasier and love this family. Wishing them all the best. They are a beautiful family.

  3. oriana says

    I think it is very respectful of him to thank the staff at the hospital in Hawaii, they were good to him and he feels they helped save his life, I don’t see anything wrong with him doing that. I wish him well and I hope he makes a complete recovery. Kevin Costner was on David Letterman last night and he came across as a very boring person to me, it is his film, he is he major star and he made a reference to Kelsey and I think it will be a cute comedy movie.


    Don’t you find it weird that Kelsey Grammer

    is showing up everywhere…What timing he

    has ..While promoting his movie…He won’t stop

    talking about his heart attack.. Whoopie ..

    How thanking the Hawaii hospital personal

    who cares… This movie is what brought him

    out again.. And lets make sure that it is a

    Kevin Costner movie.. not Just Kelsey Grammer

  5. Libby says

    I just want to leave i little note for kx3 mommy – i have been reading your blog and i have enjoyed it but i think you have made a little mistake on Kajanae’s age if she was born on the 21st of jan and today is the 30th of july she should be 6months and 3 weeks which is 27 weeks and 7 months next week not 5 1/2 months i only came across it because my son was born on the same day as Kajanae.

  6. meg says

    Well…why you are all so angry?…

    nobody said being born via surrogate

    is sth one should be ashamed of.

    Nor is I.V.F or donor embryos.

    These methods give hope to couples

    or single parents.

  7. Nicki says

    am finding this funny –thier children are 3 and 6 years old. Why should it be repeated over and over again. Just to make a point? No it shouldn’t be. And if this were your neighbors kid, or yours, you wouldn’t want it told time and time again after you did once, it should be over with. They are a family, no matter how they became one.

    It shouldn’t be mentioned everytime an article is written about them. Think about the children! They are loved and happy, why mention how they came into this world. It is stupid to mention it EVERY time. They are happy and loved and wanted. What more can they ask for??

  8. am finding this funny says

    come on. how can we judge someone for putting that they used a surrogate? if we were really interested in letting these people just live their lives we wouldn’t be looking at their pictures on a site called BABYRAZZI

  9. Nicki says

    Oh yeah and maybe I’ve been away from Carvel for too long, but I thought Fudgie the Whale was thier mascot. Who the heck is this Hot Dog looking thing? If he advertises anything but an ice cream cake—I don’t like him!

  10. Nicki says

    chloe ~ I love your last line..I love how the universe flows so logically.LOL, I would have used…If you all could read a line or two..But I loved yours.

    I am so tired of hearsay saying how children were concieved or born. Until the mother mentions it, shut up about any speculation, and even if the Mom did mention it, why bring it up EVERY time. Let these children live and enjoy thier Mom and Dads. Stop making it sound like they are freaks! They are not.

  11. susanna says

    Just love Kelsey, adore Fraiser, so sad to hear about his heart attack,and pleased he is on the mend. By the way IBS does not affect your ability to conceive, l am a sufferer and l have had two children, its a condition of the bowel, not cervix.

  12. NoName says

    Why is it important to put that the kids were born via a surrogate??? Really, move on and stop broadcasting it. It has no bearing on them being a family and it is just rude to mention. Who goes around saying, “Here is my daughter, who was born via c/section?”

  13. chloe says

    Yes, that second picture is Kelly Ripa. And that is why above the second picture it says that Kelly Ripa attended the event; thus her picture follows. I love how the universe flows so logically.

  14. Just me says

    I think it was something ilke irritable bowle sundrome but I could be wrong.

    Also, I’m glad they have stayed together. I know I will sound stereotypical by saying this, but they had the odds stacked against them, with her being a Playboy model and him being a drug addict/alcoholic.

  15. Just me says

    I think I remember reading years ago that Camille had some sort of condition that wouldn’t allow her to carry babies.

  16. oriana says

    A beautiful family, I love him and I wish him well. I still watch Frazier every night and was disappointed when the show was canceled.

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