Rebecca Romijn-O'Connell & Jerry O'Connell Expecting Twins!

Rebecca Romijn-O’Connell

UPDATE: A source has revealed that both babies will be girls!

Rebecca Romijn-O’Connell and her husband, Jerry O’Connell, are expecting twins, their rep has confirmed!

The babies are due this winter.

Rebecca and Jerry were married on July 15th, 2007.

Rebecca, 35, recently told Self magazine she hoped to be “lucky enough” to have kids.

And just a little more than a week ago, Jerry, 34, said, “We’re trying to get pregnant.”

“It would be amazing if it happened,” he said, adding that practicing has been “a lot of fun.”

What wonderful news! They have made no secret of their baby wish for quite some time, as evidenced here, here and here!

Best Wishes!



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  2. catsue says

    The correct spelling is CLOMID
    I’m sure she took it. Come on- 35 and twins- yah right.
    Most Hollywood stars that have twins take some sort of fertility drugs. Holly Hunter twins at 47. Patrick Dempsey’s wife in her early 40s, J-Lo age 39, Julia Roberts age 37, etc. Angelina didn’t take drugs supposedly. Then we have Elizabeth Edwards having a baby at age 48and age 50. These fertility drugs probably gave her her breast cancer.

  3. Nicki says

    keni -If the tabloid reports are true, and really it is hit and miss with them, you forgot

    Lisa Marie Presley.

    But be fair, some of these women did have IVF.

    Marcia Cross-you listed her twice.

    Melissa Etheridge-I mean come on how else did they do it?

    Not sure about these two, but they are a bit older-Garcelle Nilon & Diana Krall so maybe.

    I’m not sure about Holly Robinson Peete, aren’t her twins about 9 years old now? Same with Jane Seymour.

    Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance had thier twins through a surrogate in 2006.

    And I do believe JLo had IVF, although she doesn’t say she did.

    But who cares, babies are being born heathly and loved, it’s a wonderful twinfestation! (to quote 2Teens, I love it!)

  4. Karen says

    I am also a mother of twins and I am not in Hollywood.

    It is ok that people need assistance in concieving children these days. The environment and the chemicals in foods and cleaners now a days have a big toll on what it does to your body.

    And Yes, you can find out what sex your babies are at a very early time in your pregnancy. I believe this test is called the Nuecal-fold? Spelling may not be correct. But I believe it can give you al whole lot of info on the DNA of your baby/ Babies. And it is being done with older mothers. And 35 may not be old, but it is more common to test woman of this age and older.

    I think It is awesome of all these twin births. At least it is happy news, alot better than the rest of the news in this world!!!!!!

    These parents are very blessed to have this work for them, there are so many people out there that cannot concieve. I am actually a surrogate mother right now for a family that can not concieve and who knows I am find out soon that we may be having twins for them too!!

    Congrats you celebrity moms!!! It is alot of work to raise twins, it is much easier for peole to talk when they have no CLUE!!!!!!!

  5. keni says

    Marcia Cross

    Jennifer Lopez

    Marcia Gay Harden

    Jane Seymour

    Holly Robinson Peete

    Dennis Quaide

    Melissa Etheridge

    Rebecca Romijn

    Angelina Jolie

    Garcelle Nilon

    Marcia Cross

    Angela Bassett

    Diana Krall

    Sean Combs

    Not a whole lot really…

  6. Lurker says

    First off, congratulations, however the pregnancy came to be. They want children, and I’m sure they’ll be great parents.

    But I am curious:

    And just a little more than a week ago, Jerry, 34, said, “We’re trying to get pregnant.”

    Well, they sure didn’t waste any time sharing it with the world..if, in fact, a week ago they were “trying” and now, a week later, they’re having twins!?!?

    Maybe they’ll be quicker forthcoming with the baby shots when the time comes! 😉

    Also..she doesn’t look THAT on earth can they alredy know that they’re having twin GIRLS?

    Honestly, I’m just curious.

    Heck, even at like 4 months my ultrasound tech couldn’t be sure about the sex of my first. Now granted, they’re bound to have access to the best doctors in the country..but to not even KNOW a week ago that you’re pregnant, and now know that not only are you expecting, but the sexes of the babies???

    Eh, I guess it’s Hollyweird, so what else can you expect.

    It could also just be a case of almost keeping it to themselves that they were expecting, even if they already knew at the time they were talking about it.

    Honestly I’d suspected they were pregnant when they started talking so much about it all over the place.

    Anyway, I still wish them all the best! 🙂

  7. 2Teens says

    Some article I read yesterday was calling it a “twinfestation”, LOL a great play on words. Congrats to the happy couple 🙂

  8. nosoupforyou says

    Yes, Clomid is a mild fertility drug. I’ve taken it.

    She is 35 and the older you are the higher the chance of twins.

  9. Mady says

    I don’t understand this news … last week they are not expecting a baby – yet and now they’re expecting twins and they found out the sex babies … hmmm, where is the lie?

  10. ******* says

    now its a surprise to us if they are’nt having twins. it’s shocking to us if they are having one. NEXT THING WE’LL HEAR IS THAT JENNIFER GARNER IS HAVING TWINS…….

    MARK MY WORDS…………..

  11. oriana says

    She is gorgeous, I have always liked this couple. I know it had to hurt John Stamos a touch, I wish he could find someone and settle down with a loving family also.

  12. MommaE says

    c’mon who cares how they got pregant-I think the debate over who had what is awfully pathetic!!! I saw congrats-they seem like a very “normal” and down to earth couple….babies should be celebrated regardless of how they come to be!

  13. Aeve says

    Part of the reason she divorced John Stamos was because he wanted a family and she didn’t. So…poor John is all alone and now she’s preggo w/twins. She’s so selfish she doesn’t deserve them

  14. Amber says

    I had a feeling that Nicole Kidman conceived via technology. i think that is why her and Tom never had kids with him being a scientologist he probably wasn’t agreeable to going the technological route.

  15. Nicki says

    Aww best wishes to them. They always look happy and like they have lots of fun. It is said they didn’t have IVF, I believe them. All the best.

    Wow……….this is weird and what have we heard about this?

    Yet all those lies about Angie having IVF.

  16. betlreyn says

    It’s the newest fashion in Hollyweird….twins. Used to be it was cool to carry the little chihuahuas around, but now it’s lugging the twins. What’s next?!

  17. N says

    Per…… “The twins were conceived without the help of in vitro fertilization or the fertility drug Clomid, a source close to the couple also says. “

  18. Amanda says

    I love this couple!!! They are so in love and down to earth! They will make amazing parents! Congrads!

  19. chRISTIE says

    congrats to them…they are beautiful together and again who the h@#ll cares how they were conceived…they are happy to be preggo!

  20. Leah says

    Am sorry but twins used to be such a surprise to people when they heard about someone having them, now it’s just like oh yeah it’s twins again ywan………

    they are so coman now am not trying to be nasty because i am happy for them but now it twins this twins that!

    and it doesnt matter how anying child got here lets’s just wish them a safe arrivel.

  21. Just me says

    Good for them … they seem like a really down to earh, happy and in love couple.

    I do wonder about all the twins, though. I wonder if it’s IVF or other other procedures or drugs.

  22. Granny says

    Not necessarily IVF. Could be Chlomide or any or the other drugs that increase a woman’s egg output. Not always IVF.

  23. Foxy says

    I Imagine they are ivf or similar twins, but aslong as they are paying for it i dont have a problem with it.

    Congratulations to them hope the twins are born safe and sound

  24. susan says

    This is really getting wild!!! All these twin births. Did they

    have in-vitro too?? Marsha Cross, J-lo, Angie, I guess

    Katie will be next. Best wishes to them.

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