Mary Lynn Rajskub Welcomes A Son

Mary Lynn Rajskub 24 star Mary Lynn Rajskub welcomed a son, Valentine Anthony, on Thursday – almost two weeks after her due date, her rep Courtney Knittel confirmed.

“It was like an episode of 24 with the clock ticking,” joked Mary Lynn.

Valentine, who weighed in at 9lbs., 5oz., is the first child for Mary Lynn, 37, and her boyfriend Matthew Rolph, 28, a physical trainer.

The couple disagreed over whether or not to find out the baby’s gender. Mary Lynn won. “I wanted it to be a surprise,” she said, “and Matthew wanted to find out.”

To make a gender-neutral nursery, the couple designed the baby’s bedroom in their San Fernando Valley home with the color green. “Matthew and I did a painting together, and [the nursery] is based on the painting we did, using those colors. It’s vintage, and eclectic.”

Mary Lynn, who will return to TV in January for 24’s eighth season, said pregnancy has been, “scary and exciting,” especially given all the advice pals volunteer. “The closer I get to having this child,” she told People magazine at her baby shower in June, “the more I’m letting advice go in one ear and out the other. Everyone has their own thing.”




  1. Amber says

    OMG, they actually let someone go two weeks overdue. I can’t believe it……LOL

    I love her clock is ticking comment because I would bet that she was probably being pushed to induce as she reached that two week mark.

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