Kelly Rutherford & Son

Kelly Rutherford

The gorgeous Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford, 39, and her son Hermes, nearly 2, were snapped at the 11th Annual Super Saturday Nintendo DS Lounge in NYC.



  1. Catu says

    Also, we’re not stupid nor ignorant. I for one know how to pronounce it, and still I find it incredibly similar to “herpes”. It isn’t just about the pronunciation… there’s also the spelling and what it looks like when it’s written down.

    I honestly believe you’re the one who can’t think outside her little box and see the world, deeming us foolish or close-minded just because we don’t like a name for obvious reasons and say it out loud. Expressing one’s opinion about something as trivial as this says nothing about intellectual capacity or ideology.

  2. Catu says

    Haha, I had never liked the name Hermes. But now that I see how much it resembles “herpes”, it also cracks me up.

  3. Nicki says

    I love, or loved, Kelly Rutherford in the saops, mostly Melrose Place, but first in Generations. I love her snd she does look great, sans makeup. Totally great. Her son is adorable. And those saying his name soundes like this and that, don’t know how to pronounce it. (Just stupid , ignorant people.) Get outside your lil box, and see the world. You’d be much better off.

  4. Just me says

    I also love that Kelly doesn’t wear much make up. She’s beautiful.

    Her kid is too cute and very tall for his age. Sorry, I don’t like the name, though.

  5. KayG says

    Please tell me that’s not a video game in his hands??? He’s not even two yet and he’s hooked already! LOL!

  6. !!! says

    he’s sooo cute!!! its the childs name, that’s what the parents chose and he’ll have to live with it either way!!

  7. Jessie says

    I’m sorry but Hermes just reminds me of herpes when I see or say it…

    He’s very cute though and she’s very pretty.

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