Jenny Frost & Family On Holiday In Greece

Jenny Frost 

Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost

Jenny FrostJenny Frost

Atomic Kitten singer Jenny Frost, 30, and her DJ fiance Dominic ‘Dom T’ Thrupp were snapped on holiday with their 9-month-old son Caspar on the Greek island of Crete.

Jenny and Dominic couldn’t take their eyes off of their baby son as they watched him enjoy his first experience of water floating about in an inflatable seat.

Jenny and Dominic welcomed Caspar last October after a stressful pregnancy.

During a pregnancy scan, doctors highlighted a possible abnormality, which led to weeks of anxiety for the expectant parents.

Jenny said: ‘At my 20-week scan a development problem showed up with Caspar’s head, which was a huge concern and very scary.

‘I have the best friends and family in the world but I like to deal with things on my own, so I went back into my shell and sat on the sofa, watched TV and ate.

‘I just blocked everything out and said my prayers, and we got the all-clear at 27 weeks. We kept as positive as we could and, thankfully, Caspar’s perfect.’

Since giving birth to Caspar, Jenny has turned her back on the London party scene in favor of quiet nights in.

Jenny, who is part of London’s Primrose Hill set alongside Kate Moss, Davina Taylor and Sadie Frost, admits she does get the occasional night out, but doesn’t go as wild as she used to.

She said: ‘Before I got pregnant, I was the most irresponsible person in the world. I liked to get drunk and party but I changed overnight. Having a baby has completely transformed my life.’



  1. Adele says

    Jenny looks fab!!!! I still don’t look no where near that good just over a year after having my baby!!

    She is a member of a girlband so has always kept fit because of touring.

  2. Amber says

    What a hater…. She looks far from anorexic or bulemic. She looks very fit, legs a little too skinny, but she probably works hard to get that body.

  3. 2Teens says

    I agree with most of you, she has an amazing body and she looks very fit and toned. I’m not saying she didn’t work hard to acheive it, but speaking as someone who goes to the gym regularly (and I do not have a body like hers) I’d day she also has some very good genes.

  4. says

    she does not look anorexic to me. If you look she is thin yes, but her back fleshy not skin and bones. She has muscle tone too. And yes it looks like fake boobs for sure. Want to see eating disorder look at pictures of Allegra Donatella

  5. Blair says

    *Rather dangling FROM her breasts, not INTO them. Also, are her boobs fake? They look good, except, they seem separated too far from each other. Either way, she does look amazing!

  6. Blair says

    She does look great, and what an adorable baby! I would like Jenny’s swimsuit if it weren’t for the dangling cherries hanging into her breasts.

  7. Nicki says

    I agree bj’s mom. She looks amazing. I don’t see her ribs showing in the front or back. She looks toned and quite frankly, pretty perfect. (remember Nicole Ritchie’s beach pics before she got pregnant, you could count every rib on her)
    Her baby, lil Caspar is adorable. Nice to see a hat on his head in the sun and water.
    They look like a very happy family.

  8. bj's mom says

    #6 i think your wrong she does not look anorexic or bulimic. she looks awesome. after my first baby i was that skinny right away after having him. it was my second baby that the weight stuck on me more and took longer to lose. she looks great and the baby is so cute.

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