An Expectant Tina O'Brien At Opening Night Of Musical

Tina O’Brien

Tina O’Brien

Former Coronation Street actress Tina O’ Brien showed off her expectant glow at the opening night of musical extravaganza Afrika! Afrika! in Manchester, England last night.

Tina, 24, arrived at the show with boyfriend Ryan Thomas, 25.

Tina, who discovered she was expecting in April, recently admitted that she was worried when she first found out because she’d been drinking alcohol.

She told OK! magazine: ‘When I first took the pregnancy test and it came up positive it was a massive shock.

‘But suddenly I was like, “God, I have to make sure it’s okay.” I’d even been drinking loads before!’

Boyfriend Ryan admitted to being shocked at the news. He said: ‘When we first found out, we did think, are we ready?’

‘But all I know is I want to be with Tina for the rest of my life and Tina hopefully wants to be with me for the rest of her life and we definitely want to have a baby together.’

Tina is due to give birth in October. The young couple, met on the soap Coronation Street and have been dating for five years.

Although Tina played young mother Sarah-Louise Platt in Coronation Street, she said it hasn’t prepared her much for motherhood.

‘It’s taught me how to hold a baby! You don’t really ever get a feel of what it’s like to be a real mum until you are one.’

And although the couple revealed they would like to get married one day, they have said there is no rush.

Tina told OK!: ‘We’d both definitely love to, but at the moment I’d have a nervous breakdown trying to organise such a big day. It’s such a special day that I’d rather wait than panic about it.’



  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow, she looks great! Its weird to imagine her being mature with a baby and verything, even though she had a baby at 13 on Coronation Street!

  2. 2Teens says

    Wow Blair, you’re right…. I was wondering who she reminded me of and now I can see that it’s DJ Tanner.

  3. Blair says

    Does anyone else think she resembles the actress who played big sister, D.J. on full house? I’ve seen photos of her recently, and think they kind of like alike.

  4. chRISTIE says

    awww, she looks great!! I am a fan of “corrie” and in Canada they are still both on the show and their characters are about to marry…….we are about nine months behind in shows in canada as compared to england!!!

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