Ethan Hawke & Wife Welcome A Daughter

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke and wife, Ryan Shawhughes, have welcomed a daughter.

Ryan gave birth to Clementine Jane Hawke on Friday in New York City.

“They are thrilled,” Ethan’s rep, Mara Buxbaum, said when news of the pregnancy was first announced.

“I expect that they should be very good parents,” a close family member told People magazine Wednesday. “They both love children, and they love each other … I know they are thrilled.”

Ethan, 37, and Ryan – former nanny to Ethan’s son and daughter with Uma Thurman – married in June in a small ceremony in New York City.




  1. Minnie says

    They should get a nanny now that they have a baby….. HAH! Then she might know what it feels like…..

  2. Lurker says

    I agree..his new wife looks really unpleasant (at least in this picture).

    I mean I understand that the whole paprazzi thing has to be frustrating..but, she married into it!
    (Or at least affair-ed her way into it, from the sounds of it.)

    Okay I don’t know the whole story to this, so I can’t really comment on THAT I suppose…

    But, congratulations and good luck with the baby, anyway. Course I guess if she was a nanny she should kind of know what she’s getting into, right…? 🙂

    Now Clementine wouldn’t be my choice for a baby’s name, but as I see it, in the celebrity world, I’ve certainly heard much worse!! LOL!

  3. sunny says

    Congratulations?? I think not. What a happy couple they look like.
    He’ll leave her for someone else too.

  4. chRISTIE says

    he cheated on uma during a film shoot that is why they broke up……but congrats to both of them!

  5. Sarah says

    I think Clementine is an adorable quirky name. He can call her Clem. 🙂 Totally with you on the nanny thing though, Karma is not a nice lady.

  6. laila says

    congratulations to them, he didn’t do right by his wife Uma, but he still deserves to have a life and be happy. I wish them the best .

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