Tori Spelling Writing A Book About Motherhood

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is writing book tentatively titled Mommywood, a followup to her best-selling memoir sTori Telling, publisher Simon Spotlight Entertainment announced Monday.

Mommywood will focus on her life as mom to one-year-old son Liam and newborn daughter Stella with husband Dean McDermott.

“Writing my first book sTori Telling was an amazing cathartic journey for me,” Tori said in a statement.

“Now, being a mum of two beautiful babies, I’m excited to share more stories as I embark on this new chapter of my life,” she added.


  1. BELLA says

    Mama Candy needs to cough over some of her millions to
    her Tori….they deserve it..!!!!!!AND TRY TO BE A MOM AND A GRANDMOTHER, LEARN FROM TORI!!

  2. Debbie says

    I don’t like this picture. Liam does not look like he’s a part of the family. He’s sort of disconnected, looking from the outside. It’s the photographer’s fault!

  3. Kate mommyof2 says

    I had my boys a year and four days apart. So mine was still a little baby when i had my second. I made sure to include my oldest and keep him a baby too so hopefully tori does. I just love this family. Dean and tori seem to really love each other and the kids are precious. Good luck.

  4. onatear says

    I like this cute little family, but this picture breaks my heart with little Liam trying to join the trio with Mum and Dad’s backs to him! I know they love the kid…why did the photog shoot this? Actually, it’s also funny, but don’t you want to just pick him up? He’s still a baby, too.

  5. Just me says

    If I understand it correnctly it’s about her experiences with motherhood not parenting advice. I wouldn’t waste my money either way but I definnitely woudln’t take her advice. Her kids aren’t even 2 yet so how much experience does she have??

  6. Dobe says

    Of course she’s writing a book!!!! These celebs, never fail to impress me with their “mo money mo money” ways………..

  7. Cheetah says

    I hate that a lot of celebrities think they are qualified to write a book about parenting because they have a kid. Excuse me, millions of other people have children to who don’t end up using crack or being an alcoholic at age of 18.

    God, leave the writing to the professionals who have a degree and studied parenthood for years..

  8. sharrie says

    I never particularly cared for Tori, but I have watched the show several times and have changed my mind. She is not at all the spoiled brat I thought she was. Tori is very down to earth and funny. Liam is precious and adorable…although I still do not like Dean who seems to have the need to constantly make sexual innuendo’s to Tori. Sounds like he has some insecurity issues. He is creepy!

  9. laila says

    why not title the book Me Myself and I ….. It’s all about me Isn’t it?
    LOL LOL I was watching Tori and Dean show yesterday… she really is a very sweet and hard working woman. Dean seems very down to earth from the few episodes I watched. I never really liked her until I watched a couple a episodes but she really is very sweet.

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