Christian Bale & Daughter

Christian Bale 

Christian Bale was snapped with daughter Emmaline, 3, at Starbucks in L.A. on Saturday.

I always end up being extorted for those pricy little chocolate milks at Starbucks too!

In rather strange news, Christian Bale was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his 61-year-old mother and 40-year-old sister, according to London’s Daily Telegraph.

The incident allegedly occurred at a west London hotel on Sunday (the night before the European premiere of The Dark Knight). His mother and sister went to police on Monday.

A police spokesman — who declined to identify Christian, 34 – told the London Telegraph: “A 34-year-old man attended a London Police Station on Tuesday by appointment and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. He remains in custody.”

Christian appeared to be undeterred by the news at Monday’s premiere of The Dark Knight in London.

He told Us magazine that it felt “great” supporting the movie as he walked the carpet with his wife Sibi.



  1. oriana says

    Nicki, now I see what you meant when you said his daughter was a cutie, she definitely is adorable!

  2. Ashleigh says

    Pricey chocolate milks?!?! Those things only cost a dollar…..

    Christian looks great and his daughter is so sweet, love the name!!

  3. laila says

    He’s great , I have loved him since the newsies!
    News reports this morning stated there was an arguement between him and his mother and sister and neither one of them called the police he didn’t touch either one of them. It was just a family arguement. Another story blown out of proportion. Batman was the best one yet.

  4. Renne says

    I think all the movies Christian Bale had made so far are wonderful… he’s my favorite actor ever. Hugh Jackman is second.


    Yes he is hot.. and he is another reason why
    this movie did so well.. not only was he dark
    and broody, but he has a way about him when
    he is Batman.. Christian Bale should get nominated for an oscar too..

    He has not spoken to his mother in years.. so why would he speak to her now..

  6. Lauren says

    Christian is so hot! He was awesome in the new Batman. Emmaline is a cutie! I love her name. 😉

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