Angelina Bathed In A Strange White Light During Birth Of The Twins

Angelina Jolie

Interesting new details about the birth of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline continue to emerge!

“Ange’s Emotional Double Birth: She insists, ‘My mother’s spirit was in the room”‘, emotes Woman’s Day on its cover, adding, somewhat creepily, in a small blue circle, “Visit From The Grave”. The article inside reports that Brad Pitt has told friends that Angelina “appeared at one point during the birth to be bathed in a strange white light” and that he cried so much he had to lie in the dark with cucumber on his eyes “to get down the swelling”.

Also, once Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline had been safely born, Brad and Angelina drank vintage Krug champagne and ate Angelina’s favorite chips, barbecue-flavoured, shipped from the US to France by Brad.

Wow! These details may or may not be true…



  1. francie says

    Ha! Strange bright light. LET”S get real. She probably saw all the dollars and cents she was going to negotiate for selling her twins. That’s a lot of cents and alot of Non-sense!

  2. MrsTaylor says

    laila, I’m sorry but I think you are a really mean person..I have read all your comments and I too think you need to grow-up. Why are you so jealiuos of Angie and Brad, what have they done to you? It just seems that everythng you says is negative and ugly.I love Angie and Brad and they have precious children..I am very happy for them and wish them nothing but the best.

  3. sarah giacoppo says

    All I can say is I am very happy that angie and the twins are safe and in good health and thanks God for that. Congratulations to you brad and angie for your healthy twins, angie you deserve to be blessed and happy with brad and your kids.

  4. oriana says

    laila, you seem much younger to me than in the 50’s, I would have thought a teenager was posting.

  5. LJ says

    I think Angelina is mentally ill…That’s how rich and famous people will end up. They don’t know what to do with their money. They are NOT happy at all.

  6. Nicki says

    oriana~ I doubt she will answer you. But from what she has written so far, I bet you can guess. I know I can.

    email tomorrow from me, sorry not this pm. Yours was too much to answer quickly,lol. You are the best and I’m glad your sis finally agreed to hubby’s vacation.
    I hope Ozzy is doing well!! Best wishes always to you and yours!

  7. Bee says

    this story is soo fake, please.
    I wouldnt doubtt that Angie’s Mom might have been there with her in spirit.
    As a very personal anecdote Id like to shared that my younger brother passed away 2 months before the birth of my first born baby, and I felt that his presence was with me during those moments of birth.

  8. laila says

    I’ll elaborate on the scene. She was bathed in a white light with angels flying all around the room. Then then mother theresa came down and handed her the magic wand and said here Angie it’s your turn. Go out in the world and help all the children of the world . Angie body mysteriously seemed to elevate off the table when god mad an appearance and blessed her children and said they should go out into the world and spread religeon.

    oh please this is laughableLOL LOL LOL

  9. Sarah says

    I was bathed is a white light during labor too! Because there was a huge freaking lamp hanging down from the ceiling. I’m not entirely sure the Brad hasn’t completely lost it. I used to think Tom Cruise was a nut job, but i’m starting so consider Brad in the same branch of loony.

  10. Nicki says

    That would be nice. I’m sure you know what that means. Please apply it to the Matthew & Camilla thread. Thanks, I know you can do it.

  11. ROCIMELEAN says


  12. Nicki says

    . laila -LOLOLOLOLOL. I didn’t say it was true, I said I would believe this one over the one for this thread. You should learn how to comprehend. LOLOLOL.

  13. laila says

    Nicki weren’t you the one bashing me for only getting my information from tabloids???? Now you are doing it yourself.LOLLOLLOL

  14. Wendy says

    I love this comment!

    >>>>Oh paaaalllleeeeezzzzeee! Next we’ll be hearing they are making her a saint!! Gimme a break!!

    And if she wants bbq chips from America, move back here.

    Right on.

  15. Carol says

    Sp that how you make the swelling go down from your eyes when you cry to much, Next time I have a good cry I will try it. Don’t believe Brad did it. Just can’t picture it.

  16. Pat dent says


  17. oriana says

    DMITZ, I always forget which part of Texas you are in but hope that “Dolly” isn’t close to where you live!!!!

    kelli, I too am very sorry about your loss and I also agree with Nicki. It isn’t that I just love Nicki, but she usually makes sense whenever she posts. I don’t see any of Brad and Angie’s friends leaking such nonsense, but I definitely do believe in the “Light” and I believe our loved ones are around us, so take comfort in your beliefs my Dear!

  18. holly says

    Sorry i dont believe this tall tail. If they said it 2 me personally i would buy it. and that wont happen so i go with no way

  19. Fly On The Wall says

    Jesus please us! If anyone believes “Brad Pitt has told friends that Angelina “appeared at one point during the birth to be bathed in a strange white light”, there’s a bridge over in Brooklyn I’ll sell to them cheap.

    Does anyone ever bother to check the sources of these stories before they post them on their web sites?

  20. amyyeager2 says

    It was a space ship bringing in Tom Cruise… he was hoping to convince them to become scientologists haha

  21. Gen says

    If they felt her mother’s spirit was with them, great, it very likely was. Have you not ever felt or seen something unexplainable?, I chalk it up to the big man upstairs, he can/has done some pretty cool things…thank you, God.

  22. susanna says

    l love this site, but it seems to have been taken over by reports of this and that in the past few weeks, she’s an actress who’s had twins,not the first and wont be the last!! its getting a little silly now.

  23. Nicki says

    Kelli~ sorry about your loss. I’m sure your Mom will be there when you do give birth. I do believe that. But I agree with Cheetah, that no way this story was told to anyone by Brad and Angie who would have leaked it. It is private and personal and none of thier friends would ever do that.

  24. Nicki says

    OK maybe this will work. This is a MUCH more believeable story. This one I believe. I couldn’t post a link, other one didn’t work, but source is there.

    Buried at the bottom of a long article about the birth of Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt in the latest issue of Hello! Magazine is a story I’ve yet to hear about some of Brad and Angelina’s very tangible charity work. A hospital spokesperson told Hello! that Brad had hundreds of toys delivered for sick children at Lenval hospital on the French Riveria where Angelina gave birth. What’s more is that he visited the kids himself when he was there.

    This is the first I’ve heard of this story and it seems like the Jolie-Pitts didn’t make an announcement because it hasn’t hit the US press yet, not even People, which is reporting every detail of the birth, has this story. The famously philanthropic couple, who have given millions to charity through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation, have also been characteristically generous with the hospital. Brad “ordered hundreds of toys for the sick children here and has visited the wards to speak to the younger patients,” said a clinic spokesperson.
    The spokesperson added, “They have charmed everyone who works here. It has been delightful having them to stay and we shall all be very sorry to see them go.”
    [From Hello! Magazine, print edition, July 28, 2008]

  25. Cheetah says

    @17 kellie, im sorry for your lost.

    I want to clear something up..I don’t say things like this cant happen, or that people don’t project there wishes. I do say never ever would brad and Angelina leak a story like this into the news this early after giving birth. Maybe in the future we will know if the story is true, but for now i go with a great No its not true.

  26. Fly On The Wall says

    Okay everybody, back up. Somebody is having somebody on. The new issue of Women’s Day is on the news stands and it doesn’t mention ANY of this crap! Thanks for the laughs, webmistress, but next time check your sources before you post this BS. ROFLMAO!

  27. Kelli says

    You know, I wanted to laugh at this story, but I’m not laughing. I lost my mom not too long ago and I can very much imagine that when this amazing event was occuring that Angelina really really really wished that her mother could be there to experience it.

    If you don’t believe in such things, then you can say her emotional state made her imagination work overtime. If you DO believe in such things then you can say (as I will): of COURSE her mother was there! And I hope to God, if there is a God above, that when I give birth that my mom joins me too.

  28. Fly On The Wall says

    ROFLMAO I’m still laughing at the “strange white lights”. This sounds like something straight out of “Close Encounters”. Maybe the mother ship landed in the delivery room?

  29. Fly On The Wall says

    OMFG! If Angelina and Brad read that story they will fall down laughing so hard they will have two hernias apiece. “Strange white lights” indeed. ROTFLMBAO!

  30. oriana says

    Utter nonsense!!!! I can see drinking a glass of champagne and maybe, even, her eating the BBQ chips, but I don’t believe anything until I read a confirmed report from them or their representative. Be prepared for ALL kinds of stories being made up!

  31. Cheetah says

    you must be incredible gifted to make a like this up. Oh well, i got a real laugh about it.. So go ahead give me more!! hahaha..

  32. Nicki says

    Until I hear or read an actual interview from Brad and/or Angie about the birth of thier twins, I will not believe this. Well I could believe the champagne afterwards, but thats it from this story.

  33. meg says

    Clara you really made me laugh!:)
    I guess they are making her Holy Mary(the virgin)
    except that she is bisexual and no way a saint.

  34. clara says

    I was bathed in a strange white light during my C/s. It was the OR light and its right above you and its bright! 🙂

  35. Comment says

    Oh paaaalllleeeeezzzzeee! Next we’ll be hearing they are making her a saint!! Gimme a break!!

    And if she wants bbq chips from America, move back here.

  36. LAURIE HARRIS says

    How do you bath in a white light when you have a c section…And the twins were born
    minutes a part… as if her mother would appear
    like that..Lets see who can top that story… There probably going to be many stories about her birth.. Why not have her doctor tell the public the truth..Since he loves being in the media on a daily basis

  37. Vic says

    Right!!!…..and of course we believe EVERYTHING that’s printed in these mags don’t we. It wouldn’t have quite the same ring if the mags said ‘the babies were delivered via c/s to very happy parents and later Ms Jolie enjoyed hospital tomato soup and a crusty roll’ !!!

    Why would Brad leave AJ and his newborn twins to go and rest his eyes in a darkened room with cucumbers?…unless he really is a complete dork!!..ridiculous

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