Angelina Leaves The Hospital With Knox & Vivienne

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has left the French hospital where she gave birth to twins last week.

The Lenval hospital in the southern French city of Nice said in a statement on its website: “Angelina Jolie left the clinic Santa Maria of Foundation Lenval around 4AM on July 19th with her babies, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. The mother and her babies are doing very well.”

The Fondation Lenval also thanked Brad and Angelina for choosing the hospital. It also thanked the hospital staff “for the attention and care they paid to the family and the journalists around the hospital who did their best to respect their privacy.”


  1. Lori says

    and just to add I truly believe they will be great parents and anyone with the money they have would have nannies too help it only makes sense

  2. Lori says

    That won’t bother mom & dad here they likely have their own wing in the mansion and the nannies will have the screamers

  3. MrsTaylor says

    this comment box is not for Halle Berri..This is for Brad and Angie and their new babies. It is a disgrace to see all the mean things people say about this family, my goodness, are you that jealious? I think that Brad and Angie take care of their own babies, not a nanny. I think they will be great parents to all the children..If they couldn’t handle them, then they would not have had them…Atleast they lived their life out and have the money to take care of them.nobody knows how it will be in their house with all the children…they both wanted kids and wanted this in their lives or they would not have made it that way.

  4. ???? says

    Laurie Harris why are you always shouting during your posts?? are you from another site and you have been repeatedly told not to use caps or your posts will be deleted?? are you using another first name??? hmmmm!

  5. Alexis says

    Has anyone seen Halle Berry’s baby face? Did anyone offer her any money to be on the cover of a magazine? I don’t recall seeing her baby on the cover of a magazine.

  6. Waltina Harris says

    I am so happy for Angelina and Brad. I think they are such a beautiful family. I saw that someone stated that they could not stand Angelina, but wanted to see Brad’s twins. Well all I can say about that statement is they are Angie’s twins also, as a matter of fact she gave birth to them . so when you see the picture of the twins you also see a part of her. So what’s with the hate on Angie.

  7. says

    I would just LOVE to see the newborn twins of BRAD PITT. I could care less about Angelina, it’s like everything is all about Angelina. BRAD is a bigger STAR give BRAD some glory show off his TWINS.

  8. Zbella says

    Well, not exactly 4 toddlers. I have a 6 year old, not much younger than Maddox, and she is well out of the toddler phase. Now, my son who is 4 does still fit in that category most of the time, so I will have to agree that she has 3 toddlers, a young child and newborn twins – enough to keep the best of us on our toes. If anyone can do it, they can!

  9. says

    i love the brangelina bunch they are so cute

    Maddox-he is such a great big brother and angleina loves her little man

    pax-he is such a cutie i love his eyes and hair

    zahara-she is such a doll she is so adorable and im glad that angleina adopted her an now shes healthy

    shiloh-she is such a cute she has her moms lips looks so beauitful

    vivi and knox -i bet they are as beauitful as ever

  10. gypsy says

    The parts I don’t get is why does they keep moving around the world with all these kids?? That is the chaos!! I have read where Brad is tired of moving-well, Duh!
    The other thing I don’t understand is if they want all these kids why doesn’t one of them stay home full-time? Surely all these kids need some attention and love from their parents. There is no way when they are filming there is any real time for family…
    They have all this money why not use it…..???

  11. oriana says

    HI DMITZ!!!! Hanging in with this hot weather and just resting as much as possible! Hope you are having a nice Summer! I will be in touch my Dear!!!! I looked for you on Hellorazzi!

  12. Brigette says

    For all of you with the negative comments….keep in mind, Angelina and Brad are hands-on parents unlike most of Hollywood. Chaos or not, at least they love what they have and love their children. I love to read about them, its refreshing to know that there are still those types of parents out there regardless of the numbers. Who cares how many kids they have, they tend to all of them and they are all loved equally. I am happy for them, with a bit of envy. You certainly don’t see many photos without one of them with the kiddos. Congrats to them!!!

  13. LAURIE HARRIS says


  14. Alyssa03 says

    People can say what they want, but google Jon and Kate Gosselin….they have twins and septuplets ages 8 and under and they don’t have even one tenth the help the JP’s get. If Kate can do it……….so can B & A.

  15. says

    i bet that vivienne and knox are as beautiful as shiloh and zahara is a cutie i love her smile and pax is a handsome young boy and maddox is a great big brother

  16. bert woodson says


  17. DMITZ says

    I wish this family the best. They’ve really grown on me.

    Oriana – if you read this I didn’t get a chance to reply on the Kidman-Urban thread. It’s so great to hear from you! I missed hearing from you. I hope all is well!

  18. laila says

    I guess You’ve got to be very laid back.And I have no doubt that all the children are very much loved in their home there is no doubt in my mind about that!

  19. mindy says

    Angelina is clearly trying to fill a void in her life, its sad its at the expense of innocent children

  20. Freya says

    I wish them nothing but the best. Happiness, health and may their children-ALL their children-grow up to be happy and well-loved.

  21. ann says

    They are the best parents, theses children are very lucky to have parents like them, I can’t wait to see twins picture.

  22. luvmy2girlz says

    I’m sure they kids are so used to the nannies that they find just as much comfort in them as with their own parents! JMO… also some ppl just love having chaos and children in their house so i guess i’m happy for them too. Whatever makes them happy, to each their own

  23. Fly On The Wall says

    Six kids under the age of seven… can you say Chaos Central?

    However, I’m sure they have a busload of help, and Brad’s parents are there as well as Angelina’s brother.

    I just hope Angie gets some much-needed sleep.

    And please, no photos of the family for the next month or so at least. Just leave them alone.

  24. KayG says

    I totally agree. Their lives must be very hectic! (Not only with the children, but their careers too). If they didn’t love it they wouldn’t have so many kids, so my hats of to them both!

  25. Patricia says

    I agree with you completely laila. When you think of Brad and Angelina what usually comes to mind is the glamour. A houseful of stairstep children does not equal glamour. My hat goes off to the Jolie-Pitts for their tenacity for life and for the obvious love they have for their family. I wish for them much love and happiness. God bless.

  26. laila says

    And you don’t need to jump all over me because I am not gushing over this couple I wish them the best but would never want the chaos they have in their lives. It’s just my opinion

  27. laila says

    Imagine the homecomming…. 4 toddlers trying to get moms attention and 2 crying newborns.
    Nannies can’t even help when a child wants their parents It will be complete chaos. Best of luck to them… I wouldn’t want their life ever. I savored each of my children as individulas I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.
    But best of luck LOL LOL….

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