Tori Spelling & Liam

Tori Spelling 

Tori had complications during labor and required an emergency C-section. The experience was scary for the new mom-to-be, but Liam was eventually born perfectly healthy on March 13th, 2007.

Tori Spelling

Liam’s name is rooted in his Scottish ancestry. Dean says it’s one of his favorite names while the little guy’s middle name, Aaron, is in tribute to Tori’s late father, Aaron Spelling.

Tori Spelling

Liam has completely changed Tori’s perspective on life. “Seeing life through his eyes now, he’s so happy and everything is so simple it makes you stop stressing about the little things in life.”

Tori Spelling

It may be too soon to be thinking about marriage, but Liam is already a ladies’ man! The tyke has had “make-out” sessions with Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s daughter, Coco.

Tori Spelling

Why the long face, Liam? Too young to understand mom’s pregnancy with baby sister Stella, Liam thought Tori’s growing belly was a “jungle gym” to crawl on.

Tori Spelling

He may just be in a diaper here, but according to mom, Liam is a “snappy dresser.”

Tori Spelling

“He’s got no say in it, but he has style,” Tori says.

Tori Spelling

Liam became a big brother on June 9th when Tori gave birth to a little girl, Stella Doreen, in Los Angeles.

Tori Spelling

Liam is still getting used to having Stella in the house. “He felt jealous,” Tori says. “He came to see her in the hospital, but it wasn’t real to him then. The first day home, he had this look on his face. And I could see his thought process: ‘Oh my god! She’s here, she’s ours, she’s staying!'”

Tori Spelling

Is Liam going to be a big brother again soon? “I always said I’d be happy having one of each, and I still maintain that,” Tori tells OK!. “But I wouldn’t mind having three.”

Tori Spelling


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  1. Carol says

    I think the big B-Day party was done for the show and would not be surprised if it was paid for by the network. They need thing sto film or it would be boring. Just watching Tori signing books or looking for houses is not that exciting, although I enjoy it but then again I am a boring person. LOL

  2. Carol says

    I watch the Tori and Dean show and Liam is always on with them. He is a very happy baby and seems very well adjusted. His temporment is great. He is very cute, I think he resembles Dean but Tori thinks he looks like her dad.

  3. oriana says

    I can’t help but wonder about her brother, Randy. I thought they were close, he has never been on her show and she never mentions him, I thought he would have been at Liam’s birthday party also? Kinda strange to me!

  4. oriana says

    I love the name, love the Scots but I am sorry, Liam is not as cute as his name is! Sorry! I do like Tori and I enjoy her show, I have a new respect for her after watching it but I do think they went a little overboard for a one year old’s BD party! It seems like they were having money problems for a house but yet blowing a lot on a party for a one year old doesn’t make sense to me.

    Just like the party that Larry Birkhead threw for Dannilynn was crazy!

  5. Sandra says

    I love this family! I just started watching the show and Tori isn’t as B* tchy as I thought she would be. Both Liam and Stella are adorable!

  6. Lauren says

    Li Li is sooo cute! Stella is going to be gorgeous as she gets older and more developed in her features. 😉

  7. susanna says

    Liam is of Irish ancestory not scottish-its my sons middle name after his father William, the Irish meaning!

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