Keith Urban Calls Parenthood 'Pure Bliss'

Keith Urban In a message to his fans, Keith Urban gushed about his 10-day-old daughter Sunday Rose.

“Like any of you who are parents yourselves, we’re experiencing the pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives,” Keith, 40, said Thursday on his Web site. “We’re all doing superbly well and we continue to be absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes we are receiving.”

Keith also thanked everybody for “your beautiful notes and prayers” and said he “can’t wait” for Saturday night’s stadium show in Philadelphia – “My first gig as a father!”



  1. anon says

    of course,Keith is on cloud nine,he always has even before being a father.He was on crack remember,,,anyone on crack is on cloud nine.Just hoping he doesn’t use it anymore while the baby is around

  2. sue says

    please can we have a photo released soon, agree with Brenda, she’s waited so long for this baby, why not take a couple of years off work.

  3. brenda says

    why are u in such a hurry to get back to work your frist child is a blessing an u need to enjoy i my son an his x girlfriend had my frist grand child an i hhavnt seen him sent he was 6 month old now he will be 2 in sept it break my heart have miss so much do u reall want someone else to raise ur child , ? im very surprise but u guys ae atar’s so i guess u have differnt values , good luck , brenda jo

  4. says

    I said I don’t believe it, but was just asking if anyone else had read this. Amazing though, how skinny she is after the birth, no stomach or big boobs whatsoever, what in the world was HER secret?! I worked out most of mine too, but still had some stomach and the bigger boobs, who doesn’t after giving birth?

  5. oriana says

    #5, this is sad, very sad indeed! For someone to even write it and read it, much less actually question it!

  6. says

    Was Nicole REALLY pregnant? I believe she was (though never saw her naked!) but have read several places that it was a faked pregnancy. Because of her 2 miscarriages with Cruise, she would have been a high risk pregnancy and on bedrest, NOT in the gym right up till she delivered as she has said she was. Which could be a fact. Couldn’t carry on with Cruise, why so eaasy this time? And why would she lie though, she adopted 2 kids before, would she not just be honest? They say she wore one of those fake tummies…geez, hope not, but never know. Any one else heard this?

  7. says

    They will protect her all her I will protect my daughter all her life.I know they will love and charish the life your living and you will love every minute of your life.

  8. says

    Sunday Rose will look like her mother.I know that her parents will be great parents to her.I know they will love her a lot.I know they will love her as much as I love my daughter I’m a great parent.So Conratulatins.

  9. laila says

    I agree as well. He seems very level headed and kind and considerate. They will be wonderful parents. Can’t wait to see pictures.No couple is as stable and ready for a child than they are I couldn’t be happier. Congratulations!

  10. bj's mom says

    “Like any of you who are parents yourselves, we’re experiencing the pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives”

    Its nice to hear him compare his joy along with everyone else who is a parent and can relate to that joy. Alot of bloggers on here have been saying how all the Brad and Angie “news” is not really news and no different from anyone else who has just had a baby (Brad cut the cord, he’s the happiest father in the world, etc.) Im happy for all the celebrities having their babies, but i just think it was nice that he made that comment like he knows he’s not the only one out there to have a baby and know what it feels like.

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