Great Links!

Five-months-pregnant Jennifer Garner out for breakfast with a friend.

How to have a great ‘staycation’ with your family!

Nicole Kidman looks impossibly svelte just ten days after giving birth!


  1. tam says

    Good for Nicole she looks great in her line of work you have too. I’m so happy for her & Keith they deserve it.

  2. Zbella says

    Totally agree with #1, and #2 🙂 I adore Jen and their angel, and can’t wait to see their next adorable baby.

  3. luvmy2girlz says

    and about Jennifer garner: Hahaha!! to all the haters who were sayin that her and ben are breaking up! Here comes baby number 2!! go hate on that!! i’m happy for them, they are a cute couple!

  4. luvmy2girlz says

    well about the nicole link: she didn’t have much of a belly even while pregnant, so it doesn’t surprise me that her belly is already flat! although she looks healthy and not stick figure like before she was pregnant! good for her, i guess….

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