Custody Battle Between Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Comes To An End

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s custody war is finally over.

Britney and Kevin have reached a custody settlement and a truce will be signed Friday giving Kevin sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s two toddler sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. He will also receive an additional $5,000 in monthly child support — for a total of $20,000 per month — from Britney.

Britney, meanwhile, will now have three visits a week from the kids, with at least two overnight visits, her attorney, Laura Wasser, told The Associated Press.

This seems sad, but hopefully what was best for the children took place. Do you think Kevin is the better choice to get sole custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James?


  1. says

    ever since jayden james was born britneys been going down hill she shaved her head and skipped many custody hearings and i will never forget january 3rd 2008 where she held her sons hostage for like 4 hours and the police had to come to save jayden james because britney was holding jayden hostage




  2. Moan4MeMony says


    First of all I don’t think that i was judging Kevin just stating an obvious fact. The public never sees photos of his other kids but we have seen him with Sean and Jayden. But i will say that i support britney. every kid deserves to be with their mother.

  3. Emma says

    “Again I say LEAVE HER ALONE she needs time to heal and with everyone acting like she is a bad momma is so not helping!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I agree that the press needs to leave her alone. But people saying stuff about her on a website has no bearing on her life whatsoever. So I will never understand the people who yell out that we should leave her alone. We don’t know her, she doesn’t know us, so what we say and think about her isn’t going to affect her life one way or the other.

    “I find it very repulsive that you think that a mother should have had her children taken away from her long before they were. ”

    I find it repulsive when people think children should be left in unsafe environments just because of biology. This is about the well-being of the children plain and simple, and whoever can best provide a safe and stable atmosphere should be the one who gets custody. I agree that she should have lost custody a long time ago, if she had then the children would have never had to go through the drama of their mother driving with them on her lap, almost dropping one of them on the pavement, holding one of them hostage. This is not a popularity contest between britney and Kevin, and it’s twisted that there are people who are making it out to be about that. This is about the well-being of two innocent children, and until their mother is fully recovered it’s good that she does not have custody. She needs to get her life fully back on track before she will ever be a safe option for those children.

    “HE HAS 2 OTHER KIDS by Shar Jackson and he doesn’t seem to be helping her any”

    Shar has made statements that contradict that statement. You just reprimanded another poster for judging Britney when they don’t know her, and yet you’re doing the same thing with Kevin. That’s a bit hypocritical.

  4. fee says

    I think this is the best decision for the moment. A court has ruled that Britney can’t take care of herself for an extended period of time-hence her father controlling her estate. Until she gets to that point, she shouldn’t have 50/50 custody.

  5. Carol says

    This is for the best. She has improved but she could always implode again. If she is taking medication to help her mental problems she could stop taking them. As we all know this happens often. I hope for this family it does not happen. Good luck to all of them.

  6. Moan4MeMony says


    How can you sit there and judge Britney when first of all you don’t know her accept for what you happen to read or hear in the media. I find it very repulsive that you think that a mother should have had her children taken away from her long before they were. I will applaud Kevin for stepping up to take care of Sean and Jayden but we musn’t forget that he will receive child support from Britney in the amount of $ 20,000 AND WE REALLY CAN’T FORGET THAT HE HAS 2 OTHER KIDS by Shar Jackson and he doesn’t seem to be helping her any and no one judges him for wanting his RICH kids by Britney instead of Shar’s.

  7. Analise says

    Good. Pretty sad day when Federline is the better parent, but those kids should have been taken from her long before they were.

  8. Kate mommyof2 says

    First off, these boys were NOT mistakes! That being said, in a situation like this nobody wins and the biggest losers are the kids. My heart goes out to everyone in this situation but most of all sean and jayden. Britney did the right thing by realizing that she isn’t well enough to care for her boys. To be a good parent you have to turn selfish into selfless. She put the boys needs ahead of hers. I have no doubt that she’ll get them back. God bless!

  9. Moan4MeMony says

    I just wish that everyone would leave Britney alone. I mean come on, yes it has been said that she is Bipolar but it probably doesn’t help that the media and the public keep downing her for what she felt was right for Sean and Jayden. And as for the person that made the comment that her getting pregnant by K-Fed was a mistake. What if someone told you getting pregnant by your husband was a mistake? Wouldn’t you get upset seeing as how you would love your children no matter what ppl said?? Again I say LEAVE HER ALONE she needs time to heal and with everyone acting like she is a bad momma is so not helping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sis says

    I feel very sad for Britney, but getting the help that she needs at this time,especially being diagnosed Bi-polar.
    That is a very serious diease that needs to be monitored my a professional, and also medication is also involved. I seriously don’t know anyone in their right mind would get in a car with someone that as just started taking that type of medication.(The children can’t express their feelings) Thank-God Kevin is there. Does anyone responding know what bi-polar is? My sister -n-law was diagonised with that and she also lost custody of her child when she was institualized. It’sa very hard to handle,I’m just gald that Britney has the support of her family and Kevin. He can’t beem that bad after all he is they’re father.

  11. DMITZ says

    Hello Oriana! I missed hearing from you. I hope your’re back, it hasn’t been the same without you!

    This is so sad. I was really rooting for Britney to get it together for her boys. I just can’t imagine giving up without going out for the fight. More and more women these days are losing custody (and actually giving it up). I don’t understand, it’s not like she accidentally got pregnant. She said she wanted to be a young mother and for what? I do wish her the best and maybe one day she will realize what’s happened and fight for them back… but it may be too late. I feel for these boys.

  12. Lauren says

    I think this is fair. Britney has come a long way since Jan. but she still has a lot of way to go. Has anyone forgotten that she held Jayden hostage in a bathroom? All the times she took them out for joy rides? Kevin is able to provide them with a stable enviroment.

  13. Granny says

    Parents should want the best for their children even if it is unusual or unpopular. Sometimes it means Mom is first, and obviously other times it means Dad. It certainly may be that Kfed having the kids at this point in their lives is correct. It still leaves plenty of opportunity for her to do her parenting with a chance for more later.

  14. Emma says

    “The boys need their mommy and it should have been 50/50.”

    The boys still have their mom. She has visitation rights. What children need is not a mother at all costs, but a mother who is stable. I think it’s great that she is getting to see them some but also getting a chance to have more time to pull herself together before assuming more responsibility in their lives.

    “she was fine till she met him!”

    Actually she wasn’t fine before she met them. She was already starting to go down hill before that. Anyone remember the marriage that lasted less than 2 days. That was not the action of a stable person. I’m not the biggest fan of Kevin, but it is so wrong to blame someone for another person’s mental illness. She’s bipolar, which is not something that someone else can cause.

  15. reeny says

    Anne – her mistake was getting pregnant? What a terrible comment about 2 beautiful little boys. God put those 2 little boys on this earth and for you to say they are mistakes is shameful!

  16. Veronica says

    I must disagree about Kevin being a fraud. That’s what I thought in the beginning too, but he has really stepped up in light of her problems. He deserves credit for taking care of those boys, when their mother is not well. Right now, those boys should be with him. It’s what’s best for them, until Britney gets better. He is the better parent right now. Britney is not completely healed yet, and it will take time to get there. Emotionally, she is not in a position to care for them by herself in my opinion.

  17. Nicki says

    oriana~I totally agree with you.
    Once she is “better” maybe she can have 50/50 custody. She lost it big time and needs to keep that under control with her meds, before she even thinks of having them for more than than 1 night a week overnight. She needs to get well first. Best wishes for Britney. Stay on track like you have been!

  18. Mar34a says

    I think she made a very difficult but grown up decision. Sometimes you have to love enough to let go. I do think she was thinking in the children’s best interest. Remember, they are young and it doesn’t have to be forever. It works out well for her too, she has an extremely busy career and she probably will see her children more now than she would if she had them and she will be stress free with them and be able to enjoy them more.

  19. Anne01 says

    She can’t be much of a mother to give up her 2 boys to Kevin the mooch who will make sure nannies look after them and then ask for more money which will be mostly for himself and his indulgences. I feel sorry for the boys and their future upbringing. Her mistake was getting pregnant. The boys need their mommy and it should have been 50/50.

  20. oriana says

    She made the right decision for the good of the boys. She has been looking much better these days and I think she still has a long way to go. I wish her luck but she could go back to her old ways very quickly. Her father needs to stay on board and continue to help guide her. I want to see her succeed.

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I’m glad Britney is getting to see her sons more but i’m also glad she didn’t get full custody. Obviously I don’t know the full circumstances, but if she has been treated for Bipolar for a short time then she is still at risk of a relapse. Its better for the boys if Brintey makes sure she is completely stable (or stable enough) before they go back to live with her, if they ever do.

  22. says

    Well…I heard that later on..when she receive the help that she get’s or needs..that she will ask for 50/50 again! This isn’t the end, but I wish that she didn’t let him have full custody! To me she is giving him what he aimed for in the beginning, and It is sad, because he will ask for more money! K fraud is just that a FRAUD

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