Amanda Peet Issues Apology

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet has issued the following reponse after sharing her pro-vaccination stance and going so far as to call parents who do not vaccinate their children parasites.

Dear Concerned Parents and Friends,

I wanted to address my comment in Cookie magazine that “parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.” I believe in my heart that my use of the word “parasites” was mean and divisive; I completely understand why it offended some parents, and in particular, parents of children with autism who feel that vaccines caused their illness. For this I am truly sorry. Since my mom has Parkinson’s Disease, I know what it feels like to want a concrete cause, and a concrete cure, as soon as possible.

However, I still believe that the decision not to vaccinate our children bodes for a dangerous future. Vast reductions in immunization will lead to a resurgence of deadly viruses. This is as indisputable as global warming. I know a lot of parents who secretly use as a justification, “Well, enough other people are vaccinating, so therefore, we don’t have to.”

In this era of cynicism, it’s hard to believe that any corporation, medical or otherwise, has our best interests at heart. But it’s irresponsible to suggest that virtually the entire medical community, and the CDC, and the American Academy of Pediatrics are behind a massive cover-up about vaccine safety. Fourteen studies have been conducted (both here in the US and abroad), and these tests are reproducible; no matter where they are administered, or who is funding them, the conclusion is the same: there is no association between autism and vaccines. How many more studies do we need to conduct on vaccines, before we start re-channeling our efforts and money towards research on autism?

The real question is why the media and journalists are still presenting vaccine safety as a controversy. There are a few fringe medical groups and parent advocacy groups who claim that vaccines cause autism, or that they have too many “toxins,” or “viral challenges” for our tiny babies’ bodies to handle. In fact, although there are many more vaccine doses given today, the entire vaccine schedule contains far fewer antigens—components of viruses or bacteria—than vaccines of the past. (In other words, it’s more shots, but less vaccine.) Why doesn’t anyone talk about this? There are still fringe scientists who claim that HIV is a government conspiracy, but these people do not get a lot of media coverage, as it’s accepted that this theory has no medical/biological plausibility.

My concern is for our children and their futures. In the fifties, vaccines were recognized as life-saving. My mom had polio and was quarantined when she was 6 years old. It’s so hard to appreciate vaccines now that so few children are dying from preventable diseases today, but that could all change if we’re not vigilant. There are currently multiple measles outbreaks in the United States. Hopefully children do not have to die before people start to realize the cost of withholding vaccines.

My best wishes to you and your families,

Amanda (and Frankie)

Her assertion “But it’s irresponsible to suggest that virtually the entire medical community, and the CDC, and the American Academy of Pediatrics are behind a massive cover-up about vaccine safety.” made me laugh (in a disheartened way.) And she didn’t mention her brother-in-law’s mentor, Dr. Paul Offit, a.k.a. Paul “For Profit” Offit.

It took me quite a bit of digging to discover who was behind Every Child By Two…as there is NO mention of who sponsors Every Child By Two on their website. I discovered that the pro-vaccination program (Every Child By Two) that Amanda is the new spokesperson for is sponsored by an unrestricted education grant from Wyeth Vaccines. Hmmm…and Wyeth and Dr. Paul Offit are in cahoots. Dr. Paul Offit was the man behind the first rotavirus vaccine (Rotashield), as he is the patent holder of the rotavirus vaccine, that was recalled in 1999 after children died after receiving the vaccine. He managed to team up with Merck to repackage the rotavirus vaccine and then get the new vaccine (Rotateq) to be a required vaccine for babies.



  1. karen says

    I have one question?????I am 43 years old and I have had the rubella shot 4 times and it still does not register in my blood………….Why?????????????

  2. Jill says

    Vaccines do not cause autism. I believe that it is cruel not to vaccinate your children. There is a woman at my parents church who did not vaccinate her son and now her parents are raising him because he can’t even move and he has a debilitating disease due to lack of vaccines.

  3. ar1 says

    She’s an actress. Thats all. Not a doctor, not a child care expert… a person who pretends to be someone else for money. Why would anyone in their right mind put any stock into what comes out of her mouth (or any other actress for that matter.)? Get a grip people and stop giving these celebutards so much play.

  4. Lilac says

    Donna, a lot of the anti-vaccine community is NOT counting on being protected because others are vaccinated. They simply don’t believe in vaccines. As opposed to those who do. You notice, I said BELIEVE.

    When you dig deep into vaccine history, epidemiological studies, you find that vaccines are indeed based on very shaky science. You find things like, 90% of infectious disease was GONE, SIMPLY GONE before vaccination ever came along. You find that even the WHO admits that not vaccines, but clean water, sewage systems, better nutrition, and less crowded living conditions are what got rid of infectious disease. You find that many vaccinated populations are coming down with the very disease they are vaccinated against. Surprise, surprise – you inject the measles virus into the bloodstream and you get ATYPICAL MEASLES. You will find that many Third World country populations are being vaccinated again and again for things like polio, yet polio is rampant amongst them. Why? Because of their living conditions. You will find that there is VIRTUALLY NO AUTISM among the Amish, who don’t vaccinate. Surprise, surprise. You find that there are thousands of vaccine injury cases, with the FDA admitting that there is serious underreporting (because it’s voluntary) and what is reported is only an estimated 10% of all adverse reactions (including death).

    People today don’t understand what health is. Health does not come from injecting FILTH (virus, animal proteins, aborted fetal tissue, aluminum, mercury) into a clean bloodstream. This does not protect one. This is superstition, just like going to a witch doctor in the Middle Ages and drinking a filthy brew.

    Health comes from optimum nutrition, clean water, clean air, minimal environmental toxins, adequate sleep, minimal stress, minimal emotional upheaval, and to some part, genetic predisposition. ALL of these things play into whether one will get sick from any number of illnesses or not.

    So yeah, based on my research, I have to say that vaccines are nothing more than a BELIEF SYSTEM held by most of the world, just like it was believed a couple of hundred years ago that bloodletting or lobotomies are helpful. Except this belief is fueled and propagated by big money, so I think that it will die harder.

    In the meantime, each person is responsible for researching this issue and making a well-informed decision for themselves and their children, because it CAN BE a life or death decision.

    (By the way, vaccines aren’t even purported to work forever. They supposedly “wear off” (I say they never work) in a few years. So by the time that boy is a teenager, the mumps vaccine he received as a child isn’t going to help him (according to the vaccine manufacturer). You might want to do a little more research.

  5. Analise says

    Blah, blah. I’ll run out tomorrow and get my kid vaccinated because Amanda Peet referenced 14 studies. Please. She’ll be vaccinated when WE decide.

  6. blah says

    #1 is a genius. Both mothers seem to be clueless and ignorant. They obviously care more for their “popularity” and “ignorant opinion” than their children’s welfare. Afterall, Mcarthy if I recall correctly thought her son’s mutilation (circumcision) was funny. Disgusting to think people like that are given the ability to breed.

  7. Kate says

    My mother has Parkinson’s Disease too and was diagnosed at the age of 52 (almost 8 years ago). Therefore, I do not take vaccinations lightly; my husband and I did a lot of research before deciding not to vaccinate our baby. I come from a family filled with board certified medical doctors and thought I would be pro-vaccinations, but after all of the research we did based off of peer reviewed journals, the link to many neurological disorders is clear. No, correlation does not equal causation, but read Dr. Sear’s book and you will realize that even the Board of Pediatrics doesn’t train their physicians about the vaccines, but rather only about the diseases they supposedly prevent. I highly recommend Russell Blaylock, M.D. (a board certified neurosurgeon who has conducted a meta-analysis of all of the studies and has extensive training in nutrition…something most doctors aren’t trained in…) and his stance on these vaccines. Plus, it was almost laughable how Amanda claims that the media has created a controversy over the vaccines. Rather it is unheard of by the news media since they get a lot of their kickbacks from the pharmaceutical community. Just click on the TV and every other commercial is espousing one pharma. drug or another. Vaccinate and create illnesses and then drug us to cure the illnesses the vaccines helped create! Ahhh, the American way!

  8. theresa says

    it is nice to have freedom of speech, and it is nice to have the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate.

  9. julia says

    I think “parasite” is the correct term for people who are surviving off of others without contributing anything themselves.

    The children who are not vaccinated are relying on “herd immunity”, that is, they are depending on the assumption that enough other children have been vaccinated that a disease won’t flare up again. Non-vaccinated children are contributing nothing to the health of their peers, in fact, in large enough number they risk the health of their peers (the various outbreaks of diseases in the Bay Area come to mind).

    I understand that there is concern about connections between autism and vaccines. But the word “parasite” is a correct one, and parents who do not vaccinate their children shouldn’t pretend they are not being parasites on the rest of society.

  10. kim boyd says

    Why is it that it is such a secret that there are side effects to vaccines? Why don’t pediatricians mention that $0.75 of every shot goes into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, and that it has paid out over Two Billion Dollars in Compensation to families that have had children suffer horrible side effects or death? (According to the Los Angeles Times) Why is it that there is such anger people? There are children who can’t handle vaccines. That is a fact. A very simple fact. Parents take a typically developing child in and a they faint, have seizures, go into comas, lose bowel control, lose speech, lose eye contact, develope life threatening fevers, develope autism, die. Not all children, but enough to say, wait a minute, there is something here that we should look at. As a mother, I want to be the best mother for my children. As a mother who has watched family members suffer from vaccines, I want answers. As a mother of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I want answers. They may not come in my lifetime, but don’t say that vaccines are safe for everyone, because it is simply not true. Amanda, open your eyes.

  11. Administrator says

    This is basically a response to Donna. I am not at all a fanatic. My first child is fully 100% vaccinated. My second child has received all of her vaccinations except for the rotavirus vaccine and chickenpox vaccine. Both my kids even get the flu shot every year. I did however delay by a little bit my second child’s shots. I worked out a plan with the doctor to give her immune system a little more time to mature before giving her a ton of shots. Our plan was very responsible. My issue is with all the new vaccines that suddenly come on the market and are then required for school and such. I don’t think that we should so easily put our trust in public health officials, the government and big pharma.

  12. Amy C. says

    Aren’t you all glad you live in a country that has Freedom of Speech, freedom to say what you want and freedom to respond how you wish.

    I dont see what the big deal is…

  13. Donna says

    Ugh, I’m so fed up with the anti-vaccine crowd. I do think Peet erred in using the term “parasite” to describe those who refuse to vaccinate their children. But in fact, what they are counting on is everyone else getting their kids vaccinated so their children won’t come down with a potentially fatal childhood disease. I’m sure these fanatics (our web mistress included) will be singing a different tune when their poor children come down with whooping cough or the measles and are suffering. Or worse, when their grown sons contract mumps and become sterile. They will sure be thanking you then for not vaccinating them for sure!

  14. Arianna's Mommy says


    No I don’t have a child with autism, but I do have a cousin, and I am very close to that family, so I have seen what Autism is like, so do not assume that I don’t. He was not vaccinated due to concerns of allergies to other ingredients, yet he still developed Autism. So no I do not believe that Vaccines are the cause of Autism, though I concede that if someone is genetically predisposed to have it they may be a trigger, however unless they are going to live in a bubble they will be exposed to a trigger eventually. My concern is there is so much concentration on blaming it on vaccines, that not enough research is being done to figure out what actually causes Autism. The mercury argument does not hold true with vaccines any more, at least in Canada, except with the flu vaccine and the Heb B, which are not required, so if it is a concern you can either get a Thimerosal free one or not give it at all. Second well we are advised to avoid fish that is because fish contains Methylmercury which in large concentrations or over extended periods of exposure cause neruological damage because it does not quickly eliminate from the body. Ethylmercury eliminates much more quickly, which is what thirmesol contains, so the problem of accummuation in the body not there. Also the amount of ethylmercury in vaccines is minute.

    I have no argument with the people who choose to delay vaccines, especially those in the US, as you vaccine schedual is different from ours. From what I understand they are given vaccines right at birth, here they do not start with vaccines until they are at least 2 months old and they have had some exposure to the environment and have started to develope an immune system on there own. I however do think that most children should be vaccinated unless there is a know allergy to an ingredient.

    Let me ask you though, have you ever lived through the terror of being exposed to a vaccine preventable disease and know that the friend that exposed you to that disease died from it? I hope not. After living through that there was no question that I would vaccinate my daughter and protect her the best way I can.

  15. anonymous says

    I think it should also be noted that we also need to be concerned by the amount of aluminum in these shots, which is beginning to come to light (Dr. Bob Sears is actively addressing the absurd amount in each shot – way, way above what is considered safe for an adult and this, they inject into an infant). And that autism isn’t the only “concern” as the vaccines continue to provide a trigger for those sensitive to it, but gardasil is now believe to have caused between 18-20 deaths and more than 9,000 adverse “events”. For those who blindly sluff off the severity of the these issues, please read this recently published article about the dangers of Gardasil, especially the information on the fatalities.

  16. Granny says

    Sandra I best wishes for the future of your son. I agree I think it is too early yet to rule out vaccines as a possible cause, not saying that it is definitively responsible yet either.

    My neice had her very first vaccination and had such a terrible reaction that my sister never allowed them to give her any of the others. Her sister though did have her complete series without a problem. My sister was looked at all those yearsas if she was bonkers but I have to respect that she went with her gut instincts. Who knows?

  17. Emma says

    “Her assertion ”But it’s irresponsible to suggest that virtually the entire medical community, and the CDC, and the American Academy of Pediatrics are behind a massive cover-up about vaccine safety.” made me laugh (in a disheartened way.)”

    It made me laugh too, but also in a disheatened way, because the medical community has done massive cover-ups before on other issues. As sad as it is to say, medicine is a business, and in any business decisions are often made that aren’t in the best interest of the clients, but instead are all about making a profit. I believe there are lots of doctors who truly do care about the welfare of their patients and are trying to do what is best – but the overall way the healh care industry operates is based on making a profit and not necessarily on what is best for the patients.

  18. Irina says

    I think she is very intelligent and right on about an important health and public safety issue. Her point has nothing to do with how hard autism is for families, all she is saying is, don’t expose your children to potentially fatal diseases because you want to believe that in unicorns and fairies.

  19. Sandra says


    Do you have a child with Autism? I assume not. Autism in most cases is genetically passed down so they believe. Example my husband is diagnosed with a form of Autism, my children will more than likely have autism or something there of. My son was recently diagnosed with Autism. Even though my son has Autism he has a very light form of It., it will forever be tough on him because of how mean kids are.

    Do I believe there is a link between Autism and the Vaccines? I certainly think there is enough to question the vaccines. They need to be safer. Not all clothes are the same size so why would vaccines fit the same way. Not all prescription medicine doses are given the same way, so why should all vaccines be the same way. If we are suppose to cut back on Mercury while pregnant than why is it safe for a little baby to have mercury directly injected into its veins?

    This topic makes me so fuming mad. Why on earth is it ok for there to be tons of research on how to cure several thousand diseases but it is not ok to question how Autism is started or what we are giving our children if it is safe or not. My son is now 7 years old. I had no clue what Autism was and had I known my son would have been diagnosed at the age of 2. I can recall my son completely changing for the worse after a round of his shots. As a mother how can I not question if I could have a completely different kid, had a not of given him those shots. I am now pregnant with number 2 and I am planning on not giving this baby his/her shots unless it can be proven that it won’t harm my child.

    Just maybe Arianna you should throw yourself at some parents of children with Autism, live with them for a week and just see how difficult this disease really is. I am glad I have my boy; I cannot imagine him any other way. But for one day I would LOVE to see him be able to play and socialize with other kids as a normal 7 year old would without being picked on or bullied. He actually thinks that someone who is trying to hit him with a bat is a friend because he doesn’t have the correct social cues; do you know how much that sucks as a mom to see???

    So yes in my opinion Amanda is back pedaling to keep her career alive. I think she is very ignorant and needs to keep her mouth shut until she knows something about Autism and Vaccines. I am sure Jenny McCarthy could whoop her butt any day over the subject.

  20. Arianna's Mommy says

    I compleatly agree with her. It is time to stop putting the blame on vaccines and try to find out what really causes it. First, if vaccines caused autism, then every child has autism would have to have been vaccinated, and that is just not the case there are many cases of children with autism that have not been vaccinated. Second if vaccines caused autism, then wouldn’t it be at least the majority of children vaccinated that have autism? Also before anyone gets on the Mercury theme, Thermisol has been taken out of all required vaccines, and it has been out for quite some time. And no they do not have a mythical stock pile of older vaccines that they are using.

    Also for everyone who has absolutly no faith in the medical community especially in the US, so you think that the WHO is also in on this “cover up” as well as the doctors and researchers from other countries? Is this a global conspiracy?

    I hope to God none of you ever have to see a child die or suffer from a vaccine preventable disease, or go through that terror as I have.

  21. Cindy - mom of two says

    I agree with everything she said, before and after her apology. In fact, I don’t think she should have apologized at all!

  22. Russian me says

    Not watching her movies at all. This lady should really learn from both sides before she opens her mouth. I used to like her but, this is just ridiculous. Everything else she said cancels out her apology. The lady opened her mouth as a spokesperson, and a very one sided spokeseperson. I hope she sees the truth of the matter, and this backlash at her serves for the purpose of making her do deeper research than just talking to a couple of people who are uberly pro vaccines.

  23. Sandra says

    Jen I thought of the same thing when I read the first article.
    I bet Jenny probably would like to beat the autism out of Amanda right now.

    She has no clue. I was actually going to type up a big comment but she makes me boiling that I am not even going to start it. She is an idiot period!

  24. blahblahblah says

    time for damage control I guess. thats all the apology is for…and also for getting her public service message out there about vaccinations. Celebrities shouldn’t throw stones! They may be in the exact shoes they are speaking against someday.

  25. Russian me says

    Oh now wonder she called concerned moms parasites. She is a spokesperson for a group that gives money to making the vaccines. The latter paragraphs just made her apology meaningless to me. She has vested interests

  26. Kate mommyof2 says

    To that i only have to say there have been studies done, and no direct correlation has been found. They don’t even use the mercury component in vaccinations anymore that they used to; which is what some people are trying to say causes the autism. I too fear an epidemic if parents continue to not vaccinate. It just amazes me that there are so many in third world countries who wish to vaccinate but can’t afford it and we can afford it but chose not to do it and in turn are going to create the problems these

  27. Kate mommyof2 says

    Wow! It amazes me how many ignorant people there are. I totally agree that she had no right to call parents “parasites”. Now that being said i think that she has done plenty of research without the help of amy nannies, and i agree that people NEED to start vaccinating their children. It is so petty to not do it just because you think “big drug corporations are only trying to make money.” however, for the parents with children that have autism or are worried about it that comment was not directed at you.

  28. Gigi says

    It amazes me how a celebrity can have a child and all of a sudden she is such an expert on child care. Amazing! And all is wonderful and amazing and brilliant, for some of us that have hardworking jobs and have to come home to children (and not having any nannies) is real life. Blah blah blah to you Amanda Peet!

  29. Lurker says

    Blah Blah Blah..I haven’t changed my mind about her.

    But I agree, maybe she SHOULD get together with Jenny McCarthy. 😉

  30. momof1.5 says

    Whatever. She can taker her apology and… well, two wrongs don’t make a right, so I won’t say it.

    People, celebrities especially, should think before they speak. Millions of people are reading what she said. I can bet money that if there had been no backlash for her use of the word “parasite,” she would have never apologized.

    Additionally, this really isn’t much of an apology.

    And this:

    “Fourteen studies have been conducted (both here in the US and abroad), and these tests are reproducible; no matter where they are administered, or who is funding them, the conclusion is the same: there is no association between autism and vaccines.”

    …is completely, utterly, false. has refuted and poked holes in almost every study conducted by the powers that be.

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