The Hanson Tribe!

Hanson Brothers 

Isaac, 27, and his eldest son Clarke Everett, 1, Isaac and wife Nikki also have a brand new baby boy, James Monroe, who was born on July 1st!

Hanson Brothers

Taylor, 25, and youngest son River Samuel, 1. Taylor and wife, Natalie, he also has an older son, Jordan Ezra, 6, and a daughter, Penelope Anne, 3.

Hanson Brothers

Zac, 22, wife Kate, and their newborn son, John Ira Shepherd, who was born on May 27th!

Wow…all those kids will have so much fun growing up together!


  1. Suzi Jones says

    All of the Hanson boys look like such great family men and wonderful dads. Their children are so beautiful. I just wish that you showed pictures of Taylors other kids too.

  2. michelle says

    Aw hansons always been my fave band, Ive watched them grow up as i did (im taylors age) and it’s amazing to see them so happy with little ones running around who coldn’t be more cuter just like thier daddy’s!

  3. Just me says

    The two oldest kids definitely look like the Hansons … I can’t tell with the baby yet.
    I want to see a shot of all the kids together.

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