Red Sox Player Jonathan Papelbon & Wife Expecting Their First Child

Jonathan Papelbon 

Red Sox player Jonathan Papelbon and his wife Ashley are expecting their first child. Their baby is due on December 31st.

Jonathan was incensed that his pregnant wife was the recipient of harsh insults and threats during Tuesday’s All-Star red carpet parade down Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. “I feel like I needed to be in a bullet-proof car,” said Jonathan, who was so upset during his session with the media that he used more than a dozen profanities over the course of four minutes. “My wife is pregnant and she’s getting her life threatened. It’s stupid.”

“Your family gets involved like that and you’re trying to enjoy an experience with your family, and you have a wife who’s pregnant who doesn’t feel safe riding in a red-carpet event, you know what I mean? How would you feel?” Jonathan said.

Hmmm..I do not follow sports much, but apparently Jonathan had said that he wanted to be the closer at an upcoming game and Monday’s New York Daily News ridiculed him for that, which led many New Yorkers to taunt and threat his family. I certainly don’t understand that, but apparently that is what happened!

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  1. Nicki says

    MRS P–True enough. And correctly so he is no Mariano Riveria, and he shouldn’t have shot off his mouth about closing the Allstar game. Remember he is young,lol, and will hopefully learn.
    Yes we know it is still 26-7, and accidents do happen. Think back in all the Yankees years as Champions and tell me “something” like this has never happened in NY. You can’t. Maybe not in the same way, but please, as bad has happened in thier celebrations. Peace!

  2. MRS P says

    To explain it correctly, papelbum is a red sox closer and while he is good at his job, HE IS NO MARIANO RIVERA(Yankees closer) papelbum is 27 and in the start of his career, mariano is 38 and probaly close to the end. papelbum said he should be closing the allstar game and not Mo. With all do respect he doesnt get to choose, he didnt close it out and he did put a man on base to allow the lead to be taken by the opposing team. Mo came in and did what he does best. papelbum belongs with the red sox organization. take note, these are fans that celebrated winning their first world series in DECADES, by killing one of their own right in front of fenway.
    and remember red sox fans, its still

  3. Nicki says

    Webmistress, it is a Boston/New York thing. Red Sox and Yankees have a hate /hate relationship. Always have and always will.
    He is a closing pitcher for the Red Sox and the Yankees hate that, because the Red Sox has repeatedly kicked thier buttts at Yankee Stadium!! Also at Fenway. They are sore losers. (But so are the Red Sox fans).

    I wish him and his wife best wishes with thier first newborn.

    I hate the dead animal hanging on her shoulders, more compassion who be great for a new mother. They are young so maybe they will learn.

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