Nicole Kidman "In Complete Awe" Over Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman can’t help but gush about newborn daughter Sunday Rose.

“We are in heaven,” Nicole, 41, said in an e-mail to New York Post columnist Liz Smith. “Can’t stop staring at her in complete awe. Feeling incredibly blessed to have been given this precious little angel.”

Keith, 40, was spotted making a Starbucks run in Nashville on Tuesday, nine days after he and Kidman welcomed their daughter.

After her birth, Keith wrote on his Web site that “we feel blessed and grateful.”

Country singer Taylor Swift said she started “tearing up” after she heard the news.

“I’m so happy for them,” she wrote on her MySpace page page. “When my mom and I got the news, we just sat there in the hotel room and got so emotional.”



  1. missy says

    Congratulations Keith and Nicole, Dedicated to there own born ..YES ..But, what about Isabella and Conner? WHEN you divorced Tom Cruise ,,Those kids should have been taken care of by ..THEY’RE MOTHER YOU…not Tom..Tom either had nanny’s or all those girlfriends he had before…and in between the marriages…taking care of Conner & Isabella .Tom’s been with everything in Hollywood..Don”t you think Conner & Isabella think of that? THINK AGAIN

  2. Lauren says

    Nicole and Keith will be such loving and dedicated parents. Sunday is one lucky little girl. I hope Nicole thinks to include her two older children in their new sibilings life.

  3. mayra sanchez says

    no creo que sea tan buena madre,si para ella practicamente sus otros hijos no existen,y cuando una mujer decide adoptar es para toda la vida

  4. Patricia says

    I am really happy for the Kidman-Urban family. I know this is something that Nicole has prayed for and anticipated for a long time. I’m sure they will be wonderful parents.

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