Jessica Alba & Cash Warren With Honor On The Cover Of OK! Espana

Jessica Alba

That’s great that all three of them are featured on this cover, unlike on this cover!


  1. DMITZ says

    Jessica’s a B!tch and should not be on this cover! She has made several comments putting down her ancestory and I have no respect for her. I cannot believe this magazine would put her on their cover or even feature her at all! What a disgrace.

  2. tholi says

    they are not cute at all, quiet frankly they look ridiculous………

    Cash could have done a lot better than this HAG!!!!

  3. Bee says

    Honor is cute, I am still not a fan of Jessica, especially after denying her latina roots. Shame on Her!

  4. Nicki says

    She is a beautiful baby.

    Jessica said-Don’t call me Latino. She is a hypocrate. She is being paid for this and I guess that is OK with her, not Latino butt as long as she reaps the money from it.

    Her baby, Honor (don’t like the name) is a beautiful baby. Best wishes to the Alba-Cash family. They are blessed with a beautiful baby, an absoultetly beautiful baby.

  5. amy says

    She has Cash’s nose for sure.. and possibly his ears, but I think her lips are all Alba’s. Very cute fam.

  6. Lucy says

    Yeah she stated she is not latina and did not
    want to be address as latina but then goes on a latin magazine. I guess money can do anything or better yet change anyone. I do not like her she is so fake.

  7. Just me says

    She made some comment, I can’t remember exactly, but it was one of those where she had to back track … blah, blah, blah.

  8. Carran says

    Didn’t she make a comment about not liking being a latina or something and now she is on the cover OK Espana? Just a little confused

    Angelic little girl she has there though

  9. Jennifer 1 Lil Boy says

    yeah agree wit #2 she looks like cash So where does alba says honor looks like her ? either way the baby adorable!

  10. Bex says

    Ok lets do a poll: who is the NEWSET celeb baby we have seen pics of so far???

    Honor Marie

    Stella Doreen

    Maddie Briann

    just say the name of the baby on you commnet

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