Jennifer Aniston's Odd Thoughts On Brad & Angelina's Baby Joy

Angelina Jolie

This is one of those rather odd little news stories!

Us magazine reports that Jennifer Aniston couldn’t be happier for her ex Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“She hopes the twins are beautiful,” a friend of the actress, 39, told Us magazine.

“She’d never want anyone to be unhappy with their kids,” the friend added.

Hmmm…obviously the children are beautiful! And who would want anyone to be unhappy with their kids? These just seem like very peculiar statements!



  1. oriana says

    HI Zbella, I think that Angie and BBT are prob one of the rare few in Hollywood that do speak highly of each other after the divorce. I really think also that Jennifer will be hurt again over John, he is a big playboy and I don’t see it lasting, I wish that it would but doubt it. I would like for there to be a Happy Ending for everyone.

  2. Willow says

    Has Jen EVER made even one nasty comment about Brad or Angie? NO the woman has more class than that. She could go around making cracks about them, but she never has. None about the last few months of her marriage to Brad either. I read an article (I forget where) that Jen actually dumped Brad, which I happen to believe. I think they have both moved on, it’s the press that hasn’t. The press wants to have a pining spouse, but niether one is pining for the other.

  3. Analise says

    Don’t care if it’s true or not. Don’t care about the has been, childless by choice, too interested in my “career” Aniston. Those decisions have paid off. /end sarcasm.

  4. Zbella says

    John is a player and Jen is a fool to trust him. She is setting herself up.

    I agree, oriana, that I prefer they keep exes out of it, but the mags always put a little “update” insert about the ex – such as what’s going on with Ryan when they do an article about Reese. Funny, they don’t do much of that with BBT and Angie.

  5. oriana says

    Fly on the Wall, did John Mayer really say those things! I am shocked! I wonder if he was joking but who would even joke about such things? He seems kind of snobbish to me but he is handsome, I don’t see it lasting for very long between them, she has a “hang dog” droopy about her most of the time to me.

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    37. blah | July 20th, 2008 at 4:38 pm
    I love the “he said, she said”. They heard from a “friend” who heard from God only knows.

    Any time the tabs name a “friend” as a source, you know it’s BS. They always make sh*t up and credit it to a “friend” or an “inside source”.

  7. Fly On The Wall says

    32. laila | July 20th, 2008 at 8:14 am

    Yes, laila, I read the VF article in full. And no, I do not think JA looks happy at all recently. If you check out some recent photos of her in the tabloids and the fan sites, the face you see is not the face of a happy person.

  8. oriana says

    I think it is high time they left Jennifer’s name out of it. They are a loving family, she has moved on, any chance to sling some mud, the tabloids will do so. My guess is she may have sent private well wishes to Brad, or his parents. I doubt seriously if this “friend” would have spoken out to a magazine about it. And I also think there are reporters to every magazine, that will lie to get something published.

    Let her be, and no, I am not a fan, never have been, but enough is enough.

  9. huh? says

    Funny, I immediately took the ‘quote’ as meaning that Jen was trying to subtly say that she hopes the twins are beautiful cuz if they’re not, you know Brad & Angie would not be happy with them.

  10. Zbella says

    I correct myself – it appears a friend said she said this, or thinks this last comment. So the friend is the odd one 😉

  11. Zbella says

    I personally don’t think Us Weekly lies. I’ve gotten the mag for over a year and none of the stuff they print is a lie. I read this comment by JA and found it odd. But I agree, what is she supposed to say? Something like “I wish them the best” but not “I never want anyone to be unhappy with their child” – that’s just weird, but oh well, who cares?

  12. laila says

    now I have to ask do you actually read that article and if so how could say what you said when you know it’s not true???yes she cried yes she was hurt and for good reasons but time heals and people move on bashing her is not fair she didn’t do anything wrong…and she was very fair with Brad and not accusing him of cheating on her… everyone should read that article…

  13. laila says

    I know….. I don’t want to argue this point but Jennifer seems just fine and seems happy in her life. everyone seems to be happy where they are Brad and angie are happy and jen is happy everyone has moved on.. and lets leave it at that

  14. nicolette says

    If that was Aniston’s comment then I would say that she hasn’t move on…

    We don’t care how the babies look because what we care for is if they’re healthy….

    Aniston’s not even pretty and doesn’t have the right to judge others by their looks…

    Up to now, she’s still insecure and unhappy with her life .

    now we know why Brad Pitt dumped her!

  15. Fly On The Wall says

    28. laila | July 19th, 2008 at 7:52 am
    She didn’t throw a pity party on Oprah she stated that she COULD throw a pity party but she wasn’t going to do that.

    You’re right. My bad. She threw the pity party in the Vanity Fair interview, crying buckets the whole time. Here’s a link to the interview if you’d like to read it.

  16. Fly On The Wall says

    27. laila | July 19th, 2008 at 7:50 am
    John Mayer is a gorgeous man and extremely talented. Frankly I think he’s a lot hotter than Brad.

    To each his own, hon. Frankly, I don’t see much future in a relationship with an admitted womanizer who kept a blog saying he likes to piss on his sex partners and named names. Bit of a cad, know what I’m saying? But it could be a moot question by this time because I have a feeling he’s bailed on her already. She hasn’t been looking happy at all lately.

  17. laila says

    That’s how she wanted to be portrayed. She didn’t throw that pity party for nothing.
    She didn’t throw a pity party on Oprah she stated that she COULD throw a pity party but she wasn’t going to do that. So stop twisting the truth to suit your point of view IDIOT

  18. laila says

    and don’t worry about Jennifer she’s very happy….John Mayer is a gorgeous man and extremely talented. Frankly I think he’s a lot hotter than Brad.

  19. laila says

    Just beacuse you love Angelina is not a reason to bash Jennifer. You guys are a bit Angie obsessed aren’t you…

  20. Fly On The Wall says

    18. Dnice | July 17th, 2008 at 9:17 pm
    I’ll be glad when people will stop portraying Jen as the desperate jilted wife.

    That’s how she wanted to be portrayed. She didn’t throw that pity party for nothing.

  21. says

    Im sick of Aniston, I dont think she has gotten over Brad no matter how many men she’s dated after him. Its time to MOVE ON! Obviously HE HAS.


    Bee, I am with u on this!

  22. KayG says

    I personally don’t believe she made those comments, but if she did I think she meant that she hopes that everyone will embrace the children as equals. Of course in todays world that’s not realistic. People are already saying that Shiloh is more priviledged than the others, and that she would make a better big sister. Sad reality!

  23. bj's mom says

    sorry, Carol…I have to disagree. BUY another man? and a kid? you cant buy love or happiness. some of the richest people are not happy people. Im not saying for a second that she wants Brad back or that she isnt happy, i dont know if she is or not, but buying people? Most people who are truly happy are because they fell in love and produced a child or children out of LOVE for each other.

  24. Carol says

    Jen is a beautifull girl and is also a very rich girl She is out having a fun life and appears to be happy. People get divorced everyday and its no big deal. It has been years, she is over it. She can buy another man if she wants one and a kid to.

  25. Bee says

    Im sick of Aniston, I dont think she has gotten over Brad no matter how many men she’s dated after him. Its time to MOVE ON! Obviously HE HAS.

  26. Dnice says

    I’ll be glad when people will stop portraying Jen as the desperate jilted wife. Brad didnt just up and leave her for angie – they had problems well before that and anyone who doesn’t think so is naive. Everyone has their own path. Brad and Angie are clearly meant to be. Those mags are inaccurate and disrespectful – Jennifer is her own person with her own life. She can’t be linked to them forever.

  27. Comment says

    Thank you Nicki. I think she has moved on and these mags putting stuff in them like that only boost their sales. Can’t believe anything you read.

    WM you should know that!!

  28. Nicki says

    I doubt very much this is an actual quote. It is from US rag mag and who would say say something as stupid as that?
    The source is a friend, NO NAME, and it it a stupid comment. I truly doubt Jennifer Anniston said that.
    She is moving on with her life and has been, Hello, Vince, Paul the model guy, the boom guy…I forget his name, and John M. Come on why would she even mention Brad?
    She is not making snide comments about Brad and Angie’s twins. That is tabloid bs. She has moved on, a long time ago and so should the tab rags.

  29. Comment says

    I doubt she said anything but if she did she probably wished them the best. And, she’s probably thanking her lucky stars she doesn’t have six kids. AJ and Brad won’t sleep for years….oh, yeah, that’s right, the nannies will be there.

  30. Dee says

    I agree-they are long over with, it didn’t work out, BOTH have moved on. I doubt Jen likes being portrayed as some victim! She clearly has her own life.

  31. Carol says

    Don’t know how she feels but if asked what the hell is she suposed to say. Leave the girl alone.

  32. bj's mom says

    #8 your probably right (about the ” friend”) but regardless of whether she said it or not whats annoying is that the tabloids still insist on throwing Aniston in the middle of all the Brad and Angie news. Like #1 said they are divorced and let them live their seperare lives already.

  33. says

    I believe that she would and will say some stuff like that! That is what manniston get’s! She should of been more attentive of her man..than going out with cox all the time! OH WELL

    angelina, gave mr pitt what he wanted, and NOW they are happy! TGod that manniston didn’t have any kids with Brad..she would of cursed them with her nose and chin

  34. Rijay says

    First, it says that a “friend” made those statements. Let’s not go quoting her for friend-of-a-friend level quotes in a gossip magazine.

  35. Fly On The Wall says

    This is so jacked up. Why in the world would anybody even ask Aniston what she thinks about Brad Pitt’s twins? It’s OVER, people. Damn, these tabloids just exist to stir up sh*t to fatten their bottom line. They all make me want to hurl.

  36. bj's mom says

    heidi is right….they are divorced…so one day when shiloh has a kid are they gonna go to jennifer aniston for a comment on brads grandchild. its been years, time to let it go already

  37. bambamswife says

    Why would anyone think that these comments are peculiar? They seem normal to me, that people wish the best for people, even if they are peculiar people like Jolie. I wish her children are healthy and happy and I can’t stomach her.

  38. HeidiW says

    Who know if Jen made any comment (likely not).

    But maybe she’s just concerned after hearing Angie’s thoughts on her first over-privileged blob Shiloh.

    Magazines always like to start trouble, haven’t you noticed that covers with Brad/Angelina usually have Jen or Tom/Katie covers have Nicole and vice versa. These people are DIVORCED let them have separte lives already!

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