General Hospital's Ingo Rademacher & Fiancé Welcome A Son

Ingo Rademacher 

General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and fiancé Ehiku welcomed son Peanut Kai Rademacher into the world on July 11th. The baby weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. “Dad, mom and baby are all great,” noted a show spokesperson. “The cast and crew of General Hospital are very excited for Ingo, Ehiku and the entire Rademacher family. We wish them all the best during this important milestone.”

I couldn’t find any pictures of Ehiku other than this one in which she is pictured with Ingo, 37, and her niece.

Ingo Rademacher




  1. says

    Some of you people need to stop judging others on how others name their babies. Who are you to tell someone what to name them.

    I scolded other people on Celeb baby blog for this too. Sometimes I wonder why I come to baby sites when all you do it judge and make attacks!

  2. blah says

    Everyone calls their fetus “bean” or “peanut” but in no way is that a good name. Usually once you find out the gender or give birth, you give a child a REAL name.

  3. Catu says

    WAIT A SECOND! I’ve just found out why they chose the name Peanut, and it’s quite predictable. They used to call him that when he was in the womb, for he would bear a striking resemblance to the fruit of the Arachis Hypogaea plant.

    That is absolutely adorable, Ingo. That name is completely perfect… for a foetus, a newborn or a dog that you would carry in a handbag, of course. Now I’d like you to imagine your beloved son a couple of decades from now introducing himself to an attractive girl (or a man, why not?), trying to get a respectable job, or just looking like a peanut.

  4. Catu says

    For those who don’t know Spanish, “caca” means “poo”.

    Also, in some countries, the word “maní” (which means “peanut” as well) is used to describe a small John Thomas. It might give us a bit of an explanation on why these two f***wits actually named their kid that.

  5. myrna says

    peanut in spanish means for short in english shoud be “pea”….and in spanish..”CACA”?? LOL………omg!!!!

  6. Nicki says

    LOL, my favorite kitty was named Peanut. He died when he was about 8 years old. My first cat, out of 6 to die that young. I loved Peanut and I love the name Peanut as a nickname, but to name you child that is a bit strange.
    Maybe they will call him Kai instead of Peanut.
    I loved the name Peanut for my cat, but for a baby, I think it is a bit odd.
    I do love Jax, even though I haven’t watched GH in a million years. I do try to read updates.
    If that is his wife/girlfriend with the pink ball cap on, the baby is sure to be beautiful.
    Best wishes to them.

  7. Catu says

    I hope the baby doesn’t have his beautiful green eyes. In fact, I hope he’s as ugly as he could be – no beautiful person deserves to be named Peanut, or, even worse, Peanut Kai.

    Well, well, I was indeed joking. But I can’t see how anyone would call their kid Peanut. I must start over with giving that old reason… what the bloody hell do you expect the poor child to do when he grows up and goes to a job interview?

  8. scarlet says

    OMG what kind of retard would actually name there child peanut? I just don’t get how parents pick names for there chid.

  9. Just me says

    OK, I know this is going to be an “original” post but PEANUT?!? Sorry, I can’t get past that.

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