David Hasselhoff & Daughters At Premiere Of 'Step Brothers'

David Hasselhoff 

David Hasselhoff (who turns 56 today!) and his daughters Staci, 15, and Taylor Ann, 18, were snapped at the premiere of  “Step Brothers” at the Mann Village Theater on July 15th in Westwood, CA.


  1. says

    Hey, 56 is NOT old, wait till you’re in YOUR 50’s and see if YOU think that’s old! Shame on people; he looks great, handsome man!

  2. says

    I’m definitely going to try and see that movie…looks hilarious. On another note, I feel sorry for the youngest daughter every time I see her because I just think of when she was dealing with DH when he was totally wasted…anyone else remember that movie clip that she took of him when he was completely trashed?

  3. Dayna says

    His daughters names are Taylor and Hayley..where is the WM getting Staci from?? If Wikipedia is the source then it’s wrong.

  4. laila says

    His girls are beautifu. and he looks great… I watch the show America’s got talent and he seems like a nice guy .

  5. KayG says

    David’s daughters are beautiful! Even thought alot of people mock David for one reason or another I’ve always liked him.

  6. says

    WTH does his daughter have on? Those are not cute..Baby..stick to something that fit your body type a little better..UGHH

    and I am talking about the one with the pants, but the other daughter look ughhh too! All this money and he can’t hire stylist?

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