Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Find Out That They Are Expecting A Daughter

Ashlee Simpson 

Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson-Wentz have found out that they are expecting a daughter!

“Ashlee and Pete are on cloud nine,” an insider told Star magazine. “The doctor told them they actually conceived the baby just before Valentine’s Day while they were on vacation and has given them an initial due date of Oct. 31. When Pete heard he might have his baby on Halloween, he went nuts. For an emo-rocker type like Pete, that would be just too perfect!”

Pete is so excited about his daughter’s arrival, he’s even taken up a new hobby — sewing baby clothes!



  1. Just me says

    I think Pete said something like he experimented with guys before or finds them attractive or something like that. So I think the comments about him being bi are based on that, not actually how he dresses or acts.

  2. Lauren says

    Pete and Ashlee are so cute together! I thought they would have a boy though. Who knows. They could either have a girl or boy. They reported that Angelina was having twin girls and she had a boy and girl.

  3. Puh-leeze says

    He’s admitted that he made out with other guys a couple times. He’s an open book kinda guy and I’m pretty sure if he’d done anything more than that he’s have said so, it would have only added to his “emo” appeal.

    ALOT more men than are ever going to admit it to you have experimented with other guys. The fact is Wentz tried it, didn’t prefer it at all, and fell in love with a woman.

    What’s not to understand?

  4. Freya says

    Is he bi-sexual or are people just assuming that because he’s excited and is artistic? I think it’s awesome that he’s sewing baby clothes!

  5. bj's mom says

    they remind me alot of Nicole and Joel…the whole emo/hippie thing, but they are cute and seem so happy and thats what matters!

  6. Sonic says

    He is just to “Fem” for me…..I really do think he needs another girl in his life….no,I think he needs a MALE figure in his life….jmo~

  7. Veronika says

    Congrats to them! Just on a side note, Ashlee has NO ROOTS, it looks like she dyes her hair frequently which is not good while pregnant..

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