Suri Visits Her Mother At Work

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

Tom and Tom’s mother, Mary Lee Mapother, were snapped taking Suri, 2, to visit Katie, 29, on the set of Eli Stone where Katie is filming a cameo appearance for the show.



  1. Analise says

    One more thing. Since when does KATE work? Shopping all over the world ISN’T a job. Neither are “cameo appearances”.

  2. Analise says

    Meh. I just don’t see it. What I DO see is yet another photo op with the designer dress and Tom playing the role of devoted dad. Oh and KATE still looking old and miserable.

  3. sara says

    why spend $400 on a child’s dress? they play, get dirty, and grow so fast. I think Tom is stupid and frivilous with money. Spoiled child. Adorable, but spoiled. We will see pictures of her at 16 with the bottle in her purse!

  4. Rougelatete says

    Katie needs to lose Tom. He’s dragging her d-o-w-n. She’s so beautiful and a great mom and little Suri is cute as a button. Tom’s just gaining weight, dragging weight, dead weight. Yuck.

  5. says

    suri is the most beautiful baby i just love her brown hair and blue eyes she had wonderful parents and she is absouluty adorable.suri is way much cuter than shiloh…shiloh seems boring to me she always stares into space


  6. bambamswife says

    Finally, some new pictures of Suri. She is so beautiful, and always so tastefully dressed. If you ever notice about celeb pictures, that most of them do carry there children_ probably afraid of the camera bugs.
    I love this family. They are so cute. Who cares about Jolie_ so very very sick of them. Could look at a million pictures of Tom, Katie, and Suri, and Ben, Jen, and Violet.

  7. Just me says

    Joanne, the bottle isn’t stuffed in her mouth but it’s there! Katie is holding it in the top photo.

  8. Joanne says

    Suri is beautiful. And how nice to see pictures where she is not being carried and doesn’t have a bottle stuffed in her mouth!

  9. Vee says

    Katie is young and pretty and should lose the FRUMP! Did Victoria Beckham convince her that her short hair would be chic? On Katie (or Kate) the hair just looks old-fashioned and like an easy-fix. Please Katie, you’re young; even if you’re a mother, you can be fashionable.

  10. susanna says

    she gets prettier as she gets older, what a doll-me thinks Tom is going to be one protective dada in 15 years time.

  11. Kelli says

    Suri, of course, is a beauty. But why does this child never smile? I haven’t seen one picture of her smiling.

  12. meg says

    I was wondering if any of
    you have seen any pictures
    of Katie ‘s sisters.
    They must be very beautiful too.
    If so please let me know:)

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