More Gorgeous Pics Of Jamie Lynn Spears & Maddie!

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn gave birth to daughter Maddie Briann, her first child with fiance Casey Aldridge, on June 19th and is now living in domestic bliss in their new home in Liberty, Miss. “I love taking care of her,” the Zoey 101 star told OK! magazine. “It is so much fun. I just want to hug her and kiss her, and I’m happy all the time.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Casey’s paternal instincts kicked right in the second Maddie was out of the womb. “As soon as she was born, he scooped her right up and was rocking her,” Jamie Lynn gushed. “It was amazing. Guys are always a little awkward, and he was perfect with her.”

Jamie Lynn Spears

The nursery is still picture perfect because Maddie currently sleeps in a bassinet in the master bedroom. “I picked everything out for the nursery,” Jamie Lynn explained. “Casey put the crib together. He took a day to hang up all the pictures.”

Jamie Lynn Spears

Found on the shelf in the nursery is a tiara that reads “Mother to Be.” That’s no longer the case now! “The first time I saw her, it was surreal,” Jamie Lynn said of the birth. “You can’t even imagine that moment.”

Jamie Lynn Spears

Maddie’s middle name Briann is an ode to Casey’s cousin Brian, who died in a car accident a week before her birth, and Jamie Lynn’s brother Bryan. As for her first name, dad gets all the credit. “Maddie is a name that Casey thought of, and I really liked it,” Jamie Lynn said.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn’s hopes for her daughter? “I hope she has good friends, finds a hobby that she loves and is really sure of herself and knows exactly what she wants to do,” she said.

They are such an adorable family!



  1. carrie and caitlin says

    her baby is very cute and adorable…………………she was a great actress,but if she didnt have the baby she would still be on the show!!!!!still like her though-carrie

    the baby is so CUTE and i think shes a great mother to the baby and hopefully the daddy too! shes bueatiful on zoey 101!!!!!!!!!! says caitlin:-)

    okay even though she is not on the show anymore doesnt mean she isnt an actress but was a great one on the show i just dont think it was appropriate to have a baby at like 15!!!!! me and caitlin still like her but caitlin likes her more than me!!!!!_carrie <3

  2. says

    hey, i just wanna say yea it might look like theyre playing house but it looks like theyre doing good at being parents and wut if they dont get married, their young and just because maddie may not have her real daddy im sure she’ll have someone, it woiuld be dumb to stay together just cuz u have a baby together i mean their young. and i dont get why people say stuff about youn g gurls just cuz they have a baby. i mean i was 17 when i had my baby im only 18 now but still it takes responsabilty and lots of love and care and support to raise a baby and if you can do that then congrats. you should be applauding not dissing then atleast their actually taking care of the child instead of some people who just leave them on the side of the rd or kill their baby because they cant take care of it.. if ur able to make a mess clean it up and if u can then good f-in job!

  3. says



  4. MELISSA says



  5. LaToyaH says

    seriously… i don’t wanna sound like a b*t*h or nuthin but don’t yall think that Casey’s hair is pretty horrendous…??!

  6. CJ says

    I think she adorable! Jamie Lynn is going to be a fabulous mother and Casey a dad.
    I feel like they handled the situation like adults and they are going to be fine. Jamie Lynn has a great head on her shoulders and really seems to be adjusting to motherhood fairly well.
    I dont feel like there is any reason to bash these two. I think they are good role models…not because they had a child so young..but the way the handled it. I personally like Jamie Lynn and feel she is a good person.
    They look happy, healthy, and content with their lives.
    I wish them all the best in the world.
    Maddie is a beautiful name. She is so cute.


  7. says

    hey! i just left a comment to ur sis, so i like how u went asside wth ur baby and had time wth him or her… alot of other people can learn from u but u could have waited a little longer but i know u were in love so yea. im a christian and ask ur sis to read her comments cause i left a real special one. so luv ya bye!!! 😉

  8. jane says

    I don’t understand this at all. The fact that she’s saying all this and OK showing pictures of this is only helping to promote teen pregnancies. Like she’s saying look how fun it can be, some teens might go out and have kids not realizing she’s in a different environment then they. She has money, and a well off family. It’s not right that they’re treating the situation like its ok to have children at this age. A common person would have trouble going to college after this, and finding a babysitter. People face hardships. I’m 17 and can’t fathom why they’re trying to show this happy go lucky family.

  9. Jessie says

    1) That is a very tiny baby. Probably because JLS didn’t eat enough because she didn’t want to gain too much weight.

    2) Why isn’t JLS looking at Maddie Bryann in any of the pics? Okay, one, but it still doesn’t look as touching as every other celebrities “baby announcing” pics.

  10. Vee says

    They’re young; they may be just fine. However, I hope they marry. Maddy needs to have a daddy on paper, at least!

  11. Ryan says

    You guys make a beautiful family!

    Maddie is sooooooo cute!

    if she was my baby i wouldn’t let go of her.

    it must be so much fun having a baby around the house.

    Just from reading the magazines i can tell you and casey have TONS of fun with her and each other!

    HAVE FUN!!!!

    just to let u know i am a girl

  12. becks says

    i think your all a bit off just cause your a young mum your palying house?! children drinking coffee?! seriously get over your selfs they got money support and each other which is more than can be said for others!! i think some young mums are better than older mums so leave them alone let them be and i hope they prove all you snoby sour face ppl wrong! rant over!

  13. Blair says

    I agree…it looks like a child playing house…thats exactly what it looks like…and why in the world does Jamie’s hair look GREY??????? They’re trying to hard to portray the “happy, typical, traditional family” and “grown up, mature” parents. They may raise the child just fine, but i’m not buying it based on these photos…it all just screams “FAKE” and “TRYING TOO HARD”….good luck to them tho, and Maddie is beautiful.

  14. Jennifer 1 Lil Boy says

    I agree it looks like she playin house , I told my mom to look on the internet and said the same thing r they playin house ! it’s just 2funny!

  15. Just me says

    I saw another kitchen scene photo, I think on the Web site, and it totally looked like a coffee commercial. JL was holding the cup next to her face with a big smile on her face.

    The dad looks a bit overwhelmed.

  16. Ellen says

    I got a big chuckle out of the kitchen scene. The cooking supplies on the cabinet, neat little plate of muffins, coffee pot at the ready, coiffed hairdoes. The reality probably runs more to Spemunker (sic) muffins, and soda. Cute baby though.

  17. Lauren says

    Maddie is a cute baby. I wish Jamie-Lynn and Casey the best on their family. They seem so happy together. 😉

  18. jamie says

    gorgeous baby but looking at the pic of casey holding the coffee pot in kitchen ,they look like two kids playing house to me.

  19. Jennifer 1 Lil Boy says

    well I just hope that she is a great mom to her lil one and doesnt turn out like her sister!

  20. Emma says

    Wow, great job photographers, promote the idea that it’s safe to put a baby in a bouncy seat up on the counter. It really bugs me when photo layouts promote unsafe practices for babies.

    I know someone who left their child in one of those on the counter because they didn’t think their baby was old enough to be able to move yet, and he moved so much that he flipped himself out of the seat and onto the floor. Thank goodness he wasn’t seriously harmed, but he could have been. Bouncy seats do not belong on counters.

  21. onatear says

    You can’t help but wish these kids well. Let’s give them a chnce, and not bash them around on here.

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