Is Colin Farrell's English Novelist Girlfriend Expecting?

Colin Farrell

Are congratulations in order for Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell and his English novelist girlfriend, Emma Forrest, 31?

The couple was spotted buying an early-pregnancy test at a Rite Aid drugstore in Hollywood on July 5th! They even left the receipt for the EPT Stick Test Single at the store.

But Colin, 32 — who has a 4-year-old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave — he may not be eager to have another child. “Colin is having the time of his life right now, just dating and making movies. I really don’t think he’s ready to become a dad again,” an insider told Star magazine.

“He has a hard time settling down and living a normal life.”



  1. Just remembering says

    I think he is awesome. He did’ nt fall for Angie’s spider web. She tried hooking up w/ him and he was’nt have it.
    Then came along the big suck er( Brad).

  2. atalanta44 says

    Hi guys!

    Just thought I’d clear this little rumor up. The story ain’t quite that clear-cut. If you check out the other blog websites, they give other details, like they were supposed to have bought an EPT stick test on 7/6/08. However, after looking at the full lot of photos of this incident, two little factoids don’t match up:

    1) In the most famous pic, Colin is seen marching out the back of a Rite-Aid Pharmacy holding his GF’s arm. In her hand, there is a large green box. Google yourself a pic of the product the other sites say she bought. Erm… doesn’t that look like a small blue and white box?

    2) Now take a gander at the date – the timing (unless I am remembering wrong) of the receipt that they use as proof is from the day before the happy couple were photog’d.

    Now, this don’t mean she ain’t preggers, it just means she did not buy what we think she bought at that time.

    Interesting eh?

  3. Nicki says

    He is a wonderful father to his son James! He is a very attentive Dad to his son. Just cause he dresses like he does, MO, comfortable, doesn’t mean he can’t be a good Dad. He is great with James. He is open and honest and a very loving Dad.
    All the best to him and his family!

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