Candace Cameron Bure & Family

Candace Cameron 

(In the above pic Candace was snapped with her husband at the 2008 ESPYs Giant Event in Los Angeles on July 15th)

Candace Cameron

(In the above pic Cameron and her family were photographed together last summer)

Candace Cameron

(In the above pic Cameron was photographed with her husband and two sons)

Candace Cameron Bure has the most beautiful family and is such an inspiration! She is only 32 (and looks like a teenager!) and has 3 beautiful children with her husband of 12 years, Valeri Bure. Daughter Natasha is 9, son Lev is 8, and son Maksim is 6. She is an outspoken Christian and devoted mother. She’s come a long way since playing D.J. Tanner on Full House!

Faith is what defines Candace Cameron Bure. An outspoken Christian, she travels around the country speaking mostly at churches, and also writes a column for an online Christian women’s magazine. (Her brother, Kirk Cameron, of Growing Pains fame, is an evangelist who is currently a partner in the Christian ministry The Way of the Master.) She lives with her family in Broward County, Florida.

Below are some excerpts from her interview with Broward Family Life:

BFL: You’re very much into being a mom. You take that job very seriously. Talk to us a little bit about that.

CCB: It was so important to me when I had kids to stop working and be a full-time stay-at-home mom. I still enjoy being able to work a little and do things here and there; it keeps me fulfilled in other ways. I think if you’re fortunate enough to be able to stay home, it’s the best thing you can do. That’s why I stopped working, to devote my time to being a mom and to raise my children to be well-adjusted adults, to have manners, to just be all-around good kids and know Jesus. I don’t want to place that in anyone else’s hands, for someone else to do that job. God gave me these children. It’s super important to me, and I love it.

BFL: How are you involved in you children’s school?

CCB: I try to be there for every event I can. I am technically the party mom in all three of my kids’ classrooms, although I’ve missed a few of the parties because I’ve had to travel. But they always have school plays and all kinds of holiday celebrations, so whenever they need a helper I always volunteer and try to be available. I try to do everything that I can.

BFL: How do you spend your time?

CCB: During the week they’re at school. Usually my husband takes them in the morning, and I pick them up every afternoon. They have tennis three times a week, and my husband is super involved. So the two of us are full-time parents. He’s very involved in playing tennis with them. Usually, I’ll stay with my little one while the other two play tennis, so we’ll take a walk or bike ride. I do homework with all the kids – that’s my responsibility, to help them. On the days they don’t have tennis we’re very family-oriented. We usually exercise every afternoon after school, at least taking a walk with the dogs, or going rollerblading, or going on a bike ride. We make a point of not sitting in front of the TV. We’re very active. And then it’s making dinner and going to bed, and the whole routine starts again the next day.

BFL: Just like everybody else’s family.

CCB: Exactly. When it’s the weekend, we don’t like to schedule a lot of things because we like to be together as a family. The kids can play with their friends, but we like them to come to our house. We go to church together on Sundays. In the summer we travel, and the kids always go with us.

BFL: It sounds like you are enjoying motherhood.

CCB: I am, so much. I’d love to have another one, but my husband has cut me off. (She laughs.)

Candace Cameron


  1. Heather says

    Hey Candace! I loved you on Full House and I think you are so beautiful!! You have beautiful kids and a handsome husband!!

  2. says

    as a celeb i think she did very well. other celebs give bad examples to the new generation and involve them selves in alcohol or drugs… which show a nasty picture on how celebs end up. but cameron has done the opposite. she likes having a low profile and spends lot of time on usefull work and also shows her great motherhood skills.
    good job cameron!

  3. Blue says

    I Love Candace Cameron and her family. Candace you rock. I t is so weird seeing Candace In Full house then seeing her with a husband and 3 kids.

  4. Bee says

    Wow, she los beautiful & her family is beautiful. Nice to see a celebrity that lives a decent life and is still married with her hubby

  5. Dnice says

    Its nice to see a child star that has turned out so well. I remember when she got married…. It’s wonderful that they have remained solid. Beautiful family and Candace looks great.

  6. laila says

    I am so pleased to see a pic of her and her 3 children I didn’t realize she already had 3 ! She looks beautiful and very happy.

  7. samsmom says

    She is so beautiful.
    I give her credit for raising her children in their faith. It is very difficult to do these days.

    Hey Vic, here’s your bucket (passing Vic a bucket)! But is it really that bad? I can think of so much worse!

  8. Jello says

    What a beauty!! And love her gorgeous family too!!

    I think it is so awesome that her and her brother are so confident in their faith.

  9. Lisa says

    Hi great photos and story. I love her in FullHouse.
    THe last photo I was wondering which boy is the older one? Is the older one in the front? Great family.

  10. says

    Candace and her children look nice, but her husband looks a little fruity..If u know what I am saying!

    HEYYYYYY candance..HOW U DOING?? that is her husband snapping his wrist as he talks! LOL

  11. Nic says

    What a beautiful family!! She looks gorgeous!! I have always liked her. I believe her oldest son is named Levi though not Lev.

  12. LAURIE HARRIS says


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