Amanda Peet Calls Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate Their Children Parasites

Amanda Peet 

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Well…sometimes I come across something that makes me so angry that I just have to vent…regardless of whether or not others agree. I was thrilled to receive the August issue of Cookie magazine which I think is a very thoughtful and fantastic publication. I loved to see the adorable pic of Amanda Peet and her daughter on the cover. Well, upon reading the article featuring Amanda and her daughter I was speechless.

Below is an excerpt from the Cookie magazine article:

Peet’s analytical urges are comical when she’s talking about kids’ gear, but not when she’s discussing a subject she feels is among today’s most pressing public-health issues: infant vaccinations. “As soon as I was pregnant, the neuroses kicked in,” says Peet, 36, who is married to screenwriter David Benioff. She began calling her older sister’s husband, a Philadelphia pediatrician, “every five minutes” with all kinds of questions, especially about shots. “I asked him, ‘Why are all of these necessary? Why are some people staggering them?’?” Eventually her brother-in-law arranged a series of phone calls between Peet and his own mentor, Paul Offit, M.D., who is chief of infectious diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine, and a board member of Every Child by Two, a pro-vaccine organization cofounded in 1991 by former first lady Rosalynn Carter.

“Once we had spoken, I was shocked at the amount of misinformation floating around, particularly in Hollywood,” says Peet, who quickly boned up on the hot-button controversies surrounding the topic, including the unproven link between certain vaccines and autism; the safety of preservatives like mercury-based thimerosal; and the fear that the relatively high number of shots kids receive today can overwhelm young immune systems. Her conclusion? Well, not only is Frankie up-to-date on her vaccines (with no staggering), but her mom will soon appear in public-service announcements for Every Child by Two. “I buy 99 percent organic food for Frankie, and I don’t like to give her medicine or put sunscreen on her,” says Peet. “But now that I’ve done my research, vaccines do not concern me.” What does concern her is the growing number of unvaccinated children who are benefiting from the “shield” created by the inoculated—we are protected from viruses only if everyone, or most everyone, is immunized: “Frankly, I feel that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.”

Ok…the first thing that is suspect here is that the mentor of Amanda’s sister’s husband is Dr. Paul Offit. Dr. Paul Offit, a.k.a. Paul “For Profit” Offit, is the leading vaccine promoter in the US. Dr. Paul Offit is also one of the patent holders of the rotavirus vaccine (Patent Application number 353547), and the recipient of a $350,000 grant from Merck for its development. Additionally, he is a consultant to Merck Pharmaceuticals. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is a 15 member panel of immunization experts, selected by the Secretary of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. They provide advice and guidelines to the Secretary for Health the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on vaccine-preventable diseases. As a member of the ACIP, starting in 1998, Dr. Paul Offit voted “yes” three times out of four on issues pertaining to the ACIP’s rotavirus statement, including, voting for his own vaccine to be included in the immunization schedule. He is also the doctor whose incomprehensible statement, “an infant can safely receive up to 10,000 vaccines at once,” will live on in infamy. In August 2000, the Committee on Government Reform of the US Congress issued a highly critical document called Conflict of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making. Dr. Paul Offit was reprimanded by Congress and his actions were a primary focus of the report.

The report focused on the introduction of the Rotavirus vaccine called Rotashield in the late 1990s. The report stated, “A little more than one year after the “RotaShield” rotavirus vaccine was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration as a safe and effective vaccine, it was removed from the market due to adverse events. More than 100 cases of severe bowel obstruction, or intussusception, were reported in children who had received the vaccine.”

1) In 2006, Dr. Offit’s vaccine, Rotateq, was added to the CDC’s recommended schedule. Rotateq is one of the most expensive vaccines ever marketed, with Merck listing it at $187.50 wholesale for the three-dose series. That means many doctors are likely to charge more than $300 retail, putting the Merck product in league with Prevnar, an expensive Wyeth vaccine that has been widely used in the United States for five years.

2) In May 2008, it was reported that, “Later in 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were 117 confirmed cases of intussusception among recipients of Rotateq between March 2006 and June 2007.” This is more cases of bowel obstruction than the vaccine the FDA recalled from the market, Rotashield.

Also, in 2008 it was reported that, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved an update to the product label for Merck & Co.’s Rotateq vaccine to include the report of a death of a recipient due to an intestinal obstruction.”

The FDA is warning parents, Doctors and other’s who work with children about the dangerous side effects of the newest Rotavirus vaccine – Rotateq. Newly vaccinated infants have reportedly been admitted with life-threatening twisting of the intestines. This serious condition is intessusception and is the reason why the original rotavirus vaccine was pulled from the market years ago.

Another not-so-well known fact about the Rotateq shot is that it is a live vaccine. It is very possible to transmit rotavirus from a freshly vaccinated baby to those who are around them. Rota shield was the name of the first rotavirus vaccine developed by Wyeth and was recalled in 1999 after being attributed to intestinal twisting in young children. Many parents and pediatricians were skeptical when the newest version Rotateq came out, yet it’s been added to the recommended “childhood immunization schedule” despite not being adequately tested before its release. Anyone who’s experienced a few days of upset stomachs and messy diarrhea will attest to it being no fun, but it is manageable and almost always not life threatening in otherwise healthy children. Before the first vaccine came out, there wasn’t a huge concern about this condition; it was just a part of growing up for most in most families. It is estimated that everyone catches rotavirus at least once before the age of 5.

Merck is still trying to “perfect” it’s rotavirus vaccine. Do you really believe that they have been successful THIS TIME? They are using our children as guinea pigs…simply part of their experiment. And they are doing it for personal financial gain.

What do you think?


  1. Eric says

    Go ahead and vaccinate if you want too. Monkey kidneys and dog livers injected straight into your child’s bloodstream? Real loving mother. Mercury and aluminum are just as natural as vitamin C right? Sheep…

  2. STEVE LEWIS says

    There is something wrong with people who seriously believe injecting your child with a cocktail that includes the actual live virus, aluminum, and Mercury is good. The Amish who do not vaccinate have no cases of autism, however those who do vaccinate do. It has since they increased the amount of vaccinations by 260%. Autism rates, which is only one problem caused by vaccines, has gone from 1 in 35,000 to 1 in 150 give or take a few since they added mercury.

    The increase in vaccinations which now stands at 36 has not benefitted the children, many people are reporting their child having seizures after receiving these shot, some have resulted in death, but the propaganda continues by the Government, the Media, and the Drug companies who make a huge profit. The British Journal says there is a link between Autism and Thermisol cocktails while Doctors continue to push the vaccines and either fail to research the issue or are on government payroll.

    It is about money and the proof is; otice all the commercials the drug companies push everyday for conditions I have not heard of or ever heard of. In other words they have a drug for whatever ails you or convinces you that you have.

  3. Artifex says

    *Oh and Karen; right on! Also to the women who implied that MD’s don’t get ‘kickbacks’ for promoting meds and proceedures. . .. -Damn right; they DO! Next time you are due for a checkup take a look at the pens everyone is writing with: advertisments! -My husband (father also) works for Boeing and believe me (at least here in Seattle) workers are definatly to benifit from stocks of the companies who support them; in fact stock options come with the package when they are hired. -This is just a matter of fact; the ‘options’ they are given are worth whatever monies from the time they get it till they sell or trade (or whatever; he’s an accountant; I’m a housewife/mom so you do the math)? Does it not strike anyone else strange that the US has more Tv commercials for pharmacutical products than any place in the world?
    Enough; off the soapbox I go. -Big Ups to parents on both sides who care enough to research.

  4. Artifex says

    Amandas’ comment about parents who don’t vaccinate as ‘parasites’ is so inane I was almost speachless! If she thinks she’s going to get people on the band-wagon for mass vaccination she’s going about it all wrong! Seeing something like that just gives me even more reasons to continue my research on vaccine truth (or lack-there-of). My one and only child is entirly unvaccinated and I have invested litterally hundreds of hours (ongoing still), into researching this subject. To me it’s a bit of an insult that she thinks anyone with a brain is going to listen and follow her based off what I’m guessing was a half-hour conversation with a big-wig who has his whole life invested in the pharmacuticals who supply these viruses (many of which are grown on dead human or animal tissues; just look it up). She feeds her child all natural foods but injects her with formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide and God-knows what else! -The only way this could be more contrary would be if she were vegan! -And calling her pediatrician every minute. . . doesn’t strike me as someone I want to follow advice from! Her lack of confidence in herself while touting loyalty to pharmacuticals in almost the same sentence is nearly hillarious. She managed to insult parties on all sides with sweeping, biased and (obviously) uninformed (mis)information. Also it is a pretty well known fact that many (if not most) of the diseases vaccines like to take credit in ‘curing’ were already at their record lows when vaccines came into the picture (it’s called clean water and education). -Yes places like India are still having horrible problems with things like polio and yes it would appear massive populous vaccine doses (just one mind you not three or four in one shot), are making a difference; it is still only a band-aid! Until they have clean water and sanitation they can save people for a while but like alot of other viruses it can and will mutate so unless we can keep up with that (evedently we can’t or we wouldn’t have 36 shots and numerous ‘boosters’ ordered 0-2yrs as apposed to the 8-12 we had when I was little; spread out after 2 mo./ I’m 28 btw) -a band-aid is all we can hope for in underdeveloped nations. They are buying time. I wouldn’t tell everyone in the US to do or think as I do; honestly vaccines probabley are a good idea for people who don’t have time to do research or perhaps feel informed enough. Leave it to Hollyweird to continue the attempts at dumbing down the nation! At least with people like Amanda Peet running off at the mouth the pro-vaccine citizens can see how it looks when someone doesn’t do their homework (or just copies it off a kid with the most toys)! I think this is an excellent choice of topic for discussion and wish all parents the best with their kids: shots or not (choose while you can)!

  5. Kate says

    Vaccines are a scam, and Amanda Peet doesn’t know anything about it. She should do some INDEPENDENT research (aside from her brother-in-law’s mom’s friend’s veterinarian’s mentor who more than likely holds a position on Merck’s board), and she would see the truth about vaccines. How can it ever be a good thing to inject mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum (3 different kinds!), bacterias grown on foreign animal decaying tissue, aborted human fetal tissue, and foreign DNA’s (which bind to and alter human DNA!) into your child? In addition to that, these are defenseless 2-month-olds, 4-month-olds, 6-month-olds who still depend on their immunities from their mother to defend them from illnesses! There is ZERO ADEQUATE EVIDENCE that vaccines are effective AT ALL! The studies that the pharmaceutical companies conduct (who use mercury as a placebo – how about that!?!) are outright lies, half of the subjects are “disqualified” by the end of it, and when you compare ANYTHING to a mercury injection, well… even antifreeze can look good compared to the second most toxic substance to humans! We are systematically leading our children to slaughter, and it HAS to stop with the parents because the big pharm companies are pocketing BILLIONS – why would they stop? And how would they ever pay back the phenomenal amounts of money they would owe once they admitted what they already know – that vaccines cause SIDS, SBS, autoimmune diseases, autism, mental retardation, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and a wide array of both deadly and debilitating diseases. STOP PAYING BIG PHARM TO KILL OR INJURE YOUR CHILDREN! Educate yourself. The information is out there.

  6. Lisa Lawston says

    Yes Amanda…and the world is flat…and the Europeans “discovered” America…and FOX news is the authority…and there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…

  7. Gwen says

    When your child is the one having a seizure immediately after the dtp shot call me, we’ll talk.

    Until then, just keep leaving your brain at the door. Extraneous proteins, symbian virus, antifreeze, and aluminum all in the shots– sounds like a healthy combination to me! NOT

  8. Karen says

    I work in the medical field don’t tell me what kick backs doctors get, I see it everyday……As for herd immunity, if that was true why are we still giving shots……..You really need to read up on diseases and mutation……..

  9. Dnice says

    Wow. I don’t have any children yet, and I’m not as educated on the topic as I should be, but I appreciated reading the points of views from both sides. But in general I don’t think calling anyone a parasite is any way to get your point across. I’m sure she offended several readers. Good post.

  10. Jen says

    No surprise that she would take that stance after speaking with someone who makes money off the vaccines. Her wording was in poor taste. I’ve never cared for her anyway, so no big disappointment for me. He daughter is adorable though.

  11. Rougelatete says

    Dear God, Liza. Thank you so much for pointing out the astute fact that we are PRIVILEDGED here, in America, to even be able to debate this subject. Regarding the article, however, Ms. Peet should probably just stick to minding her own child and not tell others how to raise theirs. Thanks for putting this on a global scale, Liza.

  12. theresa says

    you can die of chicken pox or you can die tripping down the stairs or driving to the grocery store, or you could have a brain tumor just waiting to surface. yes, lots of things can kill you. i am not going to be pro or anti vaccine. i just think that ms. peet is doing the best she knows how. she truly believes what she is saying. it is up to each one of us to do the best WE can, and learn all that we can, and become as educated as we can so that we can make our own individual choices. there are so many questions out there about vaccines, but there are also many many answers. one book you may want to read is The Vaccine Book by Dr. Robert W. Sears. it is neither pro nor anti – just simply informative.

  13. kiley says

    I think parasite may have been a pretty harsh way to describe someone who does not vaccinate their children, but i agree with her, that there is no sufficient evidence that vaccines lead to autism. I am one who believes to each his own, so if someone chooses not to that’s their business. I have friends that have chosen not to at all, and i just don’t get into any conversations about it with them. That’s the risk they are chosing to take. What it comes down to, is that it’s an individual choice parents have to make. And it’s nobodies place to judge the decision that is made. On another note, i feel bad for amanda peet. She is not going to here the end of this for a while.

  14. momof1.5 says


    “Even anti-vaccination information is biased and ridden with an agenda, which is why you have to read multiple studies and talk to people on both sides of the aisle.”

    I just want to say that I completely agree with this statement.

  15. Liza says

    Just wanted to add, that of course the WM didn’t add this link to the information above, even though it happened before she even put the post up.

    If you go to the Cookie magazine website, you will see there is a letter written by Peet apologizing for her comments and explaining her concerns about not vaccinating

  16. BG says

    Agree with Joann…If our neighborhoods were rampant with polio, small pox, measles or other diseases, would you hesitate to vaccinate your child? Of course not.

    I don’t like the way she said it but her basic premise is correct. Since most people have chosen to take the risk and vaccinate their children (a decision I didn’t take lightly), we have reduced outbreaks and made it safer for those that don’t.

  17. Liza says

    The reason that having non-vaccinated foreigners in our country doesn’t effect public health is…herd immunity. A high enough percentage of people are vaccinated to the point where the public at large is not put at risk by the non-vaccinated. Doctors do not get kickbacks for prescribing medications. Yes, pharmaceutical companies woo doctors and hospitals to use their products, but doctors don’t gain anything by using a certain companies drugs over another, unless they own stock. And no one is slowly poisoning their children, who is being judgemental now? If a parent overdosed their child on the products at home, I’d have to wonder how they got access to medical grade drugs and chemicals to begin with.

    samsmom, The point about infants was that an infant does not gain immunity from the moment they are vaccinated, their bodies adjust and incorporate the vaccination, which is why infants continue to be at risk for a short period of time after they are vaccinated.

    Jenna, There have been several studies suggesting that putting sunscreen on a baby or small toddler is not safe, and encourages parents to use UV blocking clothing and hats instead. Others studies refute that, but the information is out there.

    I get why people are annoyed she got her information from someone who may benefit from the use of vaccines, but everyone is assuming that’s the ONLY place she got her information. And even if she didn’t, why is the information she has any less valid than what you have? Are you all suggesting that all the information out there has an agenda except from where you get your information? Even anti-vaccination information is biased and ridden with an agenda, which is why you have to read multiple studies and talk to people on both sides of the aisle.

    • Ross Coe says

      LIZA herd immunity is BS. Besides, if you are vaccinated you will live, at least based on that simplistic but unrealistic belief. Its a fact that measle and polio outbreaks today are caused by live vaccine strain virus, not a wild strain. Here’s a bulleton for many of you. Your opinions are not science. What you think is worthless. Do so objective research, don’t listen to the media’s social control messages, stop being sheeple.

  18. momof1.5 says

    samsmom, thank you.

    Of COURSE vaccines have saved lives. Of COURSE I am grateful that I live in a country where I can vaccinate my child against once deadly diseases.

    All parents want to protect their children from horrible diseases. Parents also want to protect their children from being injected with things like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, antifreeze, and monkey kidneys, which are all vaccine ingredients.

    It shouldn’t be one or the other. There is a way for vaccinations to be safe AND effective. It is simply more costly, time consuming, and less profitable for the companies who manufacture the vaccines and those who stand to profit from their sales.

    Can’t sell 1,000,000 vaccines at once when they don’t have a toxic preservative in them, can you? No, they’d go bad, and you’d have to manufacture more every year. Now, why would you want to do that?

    I stress again that I am not against vaccines, and I do vaccinate, I just do so selectively and according to a schedule that I believe makes more sense considering my child’s development of immune and neurological systems. But honestly, I cannot believe that people continue to blindly support vaccines 100%, with all of the evidence that has come to light.

    Did anyone read about Hannah Poling? It wasn’t in the mainstream media, of course, and the CDC did plenty of damage control once the decision came out.

    • Ross Coe says

      MOMOF1.5 you contradict yourself. You aren’t selectively vaccinating, you are jusy vaqccinating. How can you personally know which to get, which to avoid? You are blindly supporting vaccination. Hopefully your child won’t be a victim, but theres only one way to be sure.

  19. Could it be says

    #19– I am very sorry about the death of your friend. Reyes Syndrome is a terrible illness but it is not a complication of chicken pox, however. It is linked to aspirin. (Regardless of the reason for use.)

    If my daughter does not get chicken pox as a child, I will discuss the possibility of her having the vaccine as a teenager when her body is better able to tolerate it. Unfortunately, what the widespread use of this vaccination does now is limit the opportunity for us parents to expose our children to chicken pox so they can build a natural immunity to it.

    • Ross Coe says

      My children both had chicken pox and other than a few spots, played and acted normally. They now have lifelong immunity, something you can’t get from vaccines. Its too bad my son was already autistic because we believed vaccines were all good. Now we have lifelong autism and have the guilt of destroying him.

  20. kf (UK) says

    In the uk, Mercury has been taken out of vaccines, so i assume the same for the US.

    The link between autism and MMR has been proved to be unfounded. In Japan the MMR was banned and still autism rates are rising.

  21. Shannon says

    I think I’d rather be a parasite than a sheep in this case! 😉 I .like another poster said was immunized on schedule and upon being pregnant discovered that I have no immunity to rubella (which is only a danger to fetus’!!) So, yeah.. I would have rather just had these illnesses as a child (like my MOTHER had) and be immune to them now! People don’t realize or think about the facts that not only are our little parasitic children walking around unvaxed.. but a majority of adults are like walking time bombs of MEASLES!!! GASP!!! Sorry.. measles is like the chicken pox of my parents generation… antifreeze and formaldahyde in vaccines are waaaaaaay scarier to me than diseases that EVERYONE used to get and that most people did NOT die from!

  22. samsmom says

    momof1.5, wonderful post. Thank you for taking the time to post some of your knowledge on the subject. I would think that many on here have never even heard of some of this.

    BTW, has anyone seen the latest new on the HPV (cervical cancer) vaccine? There are reports of girls having extreme pain in the legs and even a few cases of partial paralysis after the 3rd vaccine. Pretty scary.

  23. samsmom says

    Liza, I get what you mean. I do understand. But that makes Amanda’s comment even less valid. If the immunity is lowered overall when the immunization rate falls below a certain rate and vaccines themselves do not give 100% protection, then those who do not vaccinate cannot by definition be parasites!

    Also, someone else was talking about why it is a problem that Merck and other Pharms are making so much money. I personally do not have a problem with that. My issue is when the companies are making the money without being completely upfront with the consumers.
    Have you ever been offered a product insert of a vaccine when you go to the doctor? Probably not unless you ask. Yet that is information that you have a right to know. Companies cannot even sell food items without complete disclosure of the contents. We have a right to this info yet it is not freely offered and many people do not like to ask for fear of being labeled one of those “weirdos”.

  24. momof1.5 says

    I think that I completely agree with you, webmistress. I have done extensive research on this subject and I could fill three libraries with the information I have found. And none of it has been given to me by someone who stands to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars from parents vaccinating their children.

    The FDA, CDC, even the AAP have other interests at heart that supercede their concern for the well being of ALL children, in the interest of money, and the “greater good.”

    I am not against vaccines, I am against toxins and the current CDC schedule. We delay vaccines and will continue to do so, with however many children we have.

    Amanda Peet has neither the right, knowledge, or background to make the statements she has made in this article, nor the judgments on parents who choose to delay vaccinations or not vaccinate at all.

    Getting all of your information and “facts” from one source that stands to gain a substantial amount of money and fame from the results doesn’t make you well educated. I can send Ms. Peet some articles and websites that could make her head spin. Has she ever read “Evidence of Harm”? Has she ever looked at DAN! websites, articles, spoken to ANY parent whose children have been harmed by vaccines, not just parents of autistic children?

    What if your child had a severe yeast allergy and he/she had a severe reaction to the Hep B vaccine after you were ASSURED by the pediatrician that the vaccine was completely safe? Did you know that the Hep B vaccine is produced in a yeast culture?

    Did you know that the measles and mumps vaccines are produced in chick embryo, so that they carry the proteins with them when they are injected into children? Why are children not allowed to eat eggs until their first year, yet we willingly inject chick embryo into their bloodstreams?

    The varicella vaccine contains, among other things, gelatin (recently a more common allergen that can cause serious side effects for infants who are allergic to it), MSG (which some people are severely allergic to and studies have shown may affect brain function), cow fetus serum (the liquid part of the cow fetus’ blood), and diploid cells (a group of engineered group of laboratory cells–it’s not even sure what type of human tissue they came from!).

    Did you know that between 1955 and 1963, some of the monkey kidney cells used for the injected, oral and the adenovirus (used for the military) polio vaccine were contaminated with the SV-40 virus, which causes several types of brain tumors, bone cancer, lymphoma, and mesothelioma cancer in animals, and that the virus has been discovered in the same types of cancer in humans? The viruses in the tumors have been determined to be IDENTICAL to the viruses in those vaccines given 50 years ago. Almost 30 million people were injected with one of these vaccines. In 1980, 150 newborns were given a Hep A shot that was ALSO contaminated with this virus.

    And did you know that “slow moving” viruses like mad cow disease (known as prions, that are much smaller than other types of viruses and therefore difficult to detect, and cannot be screened for!) in human beings may be the result of infants being injected with a vaccine made in cow tissue?

    I don’t think vaccines are the link to ALL autism, but they certainly DO cause harm. And it’s not just autism, you know.

    Many autoimmune (where the body attacks itself) childhood diseases that are on the rise, like childhood diabetes, asthma, arthritis, may also be caused by vaccines. The body does not recognize the foreign agents or DNA and begins to attack itself. These are all only theories thus far, but they make sense.

    I can forward some information to Ms. Peet that would make her head spin. But then, she’d ask the Good Doctor and he’d tell her it was all misinformation.

    And then he’d go cash his big, fat, check.

  25. Emma says

    “Amanda is entitled to her own opinion. Whichever she thinks is best for her daughter, we can’t talk bad about it.”

    Lauren: The issue people are having here is not the choice she made about vaccinations. It’s the offensive way she chose to express those opinions. I don’t see why it should bother you that other people are expressing their disagreement with her opinions when she didn’t think twice about spewing insults at people who disagree with her. If she can’t take it she shouldn’t dish it out. And I think in light of the rude way Amanda expressed herself we have all responded in a very polite, respectful way to her offensives statements. I see no comment in this thread that even comes close to be rude the way her comments were.

  26. Karen says

    I thought we lived in United States and had the FREEDOM of choice………First of all to insult another parent by calling them a Parasite is uncalled for…..To give you an example on vaccinations….I am 43 yrs old and I have had the rubella shot 4 times and it still does not register in my blood….second childhood vaccines only last 10 years…..third we allow foreigners to come into our country unaccented, so we will never be free of outbreak diseases…..fourth as a parent you would go to jail if your child overdosed on the ingredients of a vaccine in your home, you would be charged with neglect or endangerment….fifth an infant does not have the ability to filter toxins from there liver well enough until the age of three so with every vaccine you are slowly poisoning your child………sixth medical doctors get a kick back every time they prescribe medicine in this country and it is being over used……seventh don’t be so closed minded to where you only do your research in the medical field………GET EDUACATED……

  27. Joanne says

    #4, yes, you can die from chicken pox if you get complications. A teenage friend of mine died from Reyes Syndrome, which she got because her parents gave her aspirin when she was sick with the chicken pox. Chicken pox can also make you very sick if you get it as an older teen or adult and there can be serious consequences.

    My 4 kids are all vaccinated for the basics. I think we have the luxury of putting down vaccines because we feel safe in a world where deadly diseases like measles, diptheria, polio, etc. have almost disappeared. Those diseases have NOT been eradicated and if people get complacent and stop vaccinating their children they are going to come back with a vengeance. And then everyone will whine about that. Have some common sense and see the big picture, people!

  28. Lauren says

    Amanda is entitled to her own opinion. Whichever she thinks is best for her daughter, we can’t talk bad about it.

    Frances is so cute! Looks like Amanda.

  29. Jenna M. (UK) says

    This article was so long I’m not going to read all of it now, but it really made me mad! (I’ll read it all later, plus the comments).

    Firstly, I don’t believe there is a link between autism and vaccinations (and have got myself into huge arguments about it on this board before!). Secondly, I think the risks of not vaccinating your child far outweigh the risks of having the vaccinations done.

    But how dare this woman (whoever she is, never heard of her) call other parents parasites if they choose NOT to get the shots? She may THINK she knows best, but we all think that and quite honestly, nobody knows everything!

    Its also very hypocritcal of her when she goes on to say she doesn’t put sunscreen on her kid. Sure you can cover a baby up with hats and stuff, but they still need to be protected from the sun’s UV rays!

    Fair enough she has such strong beliefs about the shots, but its not even completely 100% proven that it is risk-free (even though I believe it is), but sun damage to the skin IS a PROVEN cause of skin cancer!

    How this woman can condemn other parents while exposing her own little baby to the risk of skin cancer is completely beyond me!

  30. Shannon says

    I hope for her sake and her child’s sake she is right. It is astonishing to me that she would call those on the “other side” – parasites without batting an eye. It just shows that she is not well versed on how controversial a topic vaccinations are at the moment. You tell me how it logically makes sense to vaccinate every child under the age of 2 with over 22 shots. It should not be viewed as a “one size fits all” protocol.

  31. Liza says

    The issue with herd immunity, which is what you are referring to, is the widespread belief among epidemiologists that if the percentage of vaccinated Americans were to fall below a certain percentage (80 or 90% depending on different studies), then the diseases will once again start to be spread.

    Also infants do not gain full immunity just because they have been vaccinated and obviously have NO immunity before they are vaccinated.

    So while herd immunity benefits all people NOW, if more and more people choose not to be vaccinated, we lose that benefit and those diseases come back.

  32. Christy says

    Why are we always angry with companies for making money? How did this morph into a Merck bash? We often use the pharm industry as the big bad wolf, but my mother is alive because companies made money and did research and saved her in part from breast cancer through terrific and useful drugs. Many seniors I work with get free medications that they use, they NEED from companies like Merck-FREE. The drugs aren’t pushed on them. We implore the government to handle so much for us, but these private companies can often do so much more and more efficiently. No politician has to use the seniors I help with theiir meds or tell sob stories. They get theirs from a private company who made enough profit to pass on to those less fortunate. Do not get me wrong, not all that these companies do is right or good, I am not naive. But we don’t have polio, very little small pox and so many other diseases because researchers had the money and brains and patience and distributors made the money to create less expensive drugs that help so many. Who do you think is funding these needed vaccines to Africa? It isn’t just the altruists of life. Merck and other companies donate these drugs to aid organizations. WHY? Because they are wealthy enough to keep the cycle going, to make a profit and to help save lives. We praise Angelina Jolie night and day for using her time and money. Why can’t the good things that these compainies do also be lauded? Profit/money is what enables us to do good things for others, whether we choose to or not as individuals or companies is a wholly different matter. Sorry, soapbox.

  33. Christie says

    As a mom of an Autistic child, I would definitely say there is a link between autism and vaccines, I have met plenty parents of autistic children who would agree with me. Don’t wait until your child gets autism, do your own research and make an informed decision.

  34. Lurker says

    I agree with many of the other posters.

    I’m not all that familar with anything Amanda Peet has done, but I do know now, that I have no intention of ever finding out. Her daughter is cute, but she’s a little too mouthy for me.

    Namecalling like she is apparently doing is childish and, I agree, to me it weakens her opinions on the subject. She may have done her research—but many parents who choose NOT to vaccinate have done theirs too. And I don’t think ANYONE has a right to call names because someone else doesn’t agree with them.

    Unfortunately it reminds me a lot of how some people get about breastfeeding. If it’s for you, great..if it’s not, then it’s no one else’s business to judge you for it.

    I did A LOT of research on vaccinations when my oldest was born, as I’d met a woman who, unbeknowst to her at the time, had done what “she was supposed to” and had her daughter vaccinated. Well, due to some complications with those vaccinations, her two year old ended up with lukemia. Rare, sure..but it sure gave me reason enough to look further into the shots they give. And I think we have all heard the research linking some of those vaccinations with Autism.

    All in all we have chosen to give our kids MOST of the vaccinations..I never agreed with the Varicella vaccine, so we didn’t do that.
    (My kids ended up having the chicken pox, just as I had as a child..but thankfuly it was over the summer so it really didn’t affect them as far as school went.) I don’t regret that choice at all.

    I also have no intention of giving my daughter that vaccine for the cervical cancer..there simply hasn’t been enough research on it IMO, as it hasn’t been out long. And from what I’ve read, needs to be regiven as boosters through the years, and it STILL may not protect them from the disease.

    In any case, I disasgree with ANYBODY, ‘famous’ or not that blankets people with nasty names just because they don’t agree with them. All I can say is grow up and deal with your OWN lives!

    Boo Hiss Amanda whoever you are! >:-(

  35. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for posting information about this serious issue. I think anyone who attacks others about their beliefs just shows how rude they are. Each parent must make their own decision based on the information available and their doctor’s recommendations. My doctor actually does not recommend a full slate of vaccines – and here in Canada, they are definitely staggered over the first 3 years.

  36. Emma says

    “If everyone was as selfish as the parents who decide not to vaccinate, these diseases would be back in full force.”

    Sentences like that do nothing to further this discussion. There are many insults that those who are opposed to vaccinations could hurl at you, but it would be neither fair nor helpful towards this discussion. Agree, disagree, it really doesn’t matter, but there is no need to villify people just because they have made a different choice from the one you have made for your child.

  37. samsmom says

    Amanda is entitled to her opinion, I just happen to disagree. If her beef is that other kids are benefiting from the vaccinated children, what is the problem? So what? If she believes that there is no harm done to her kid by the vaccine, then why is it so bad that her kid might benefit another?

  38. Just me says

    P.S. I chose to vaccinate my son, because I think the risks of not getting vaccinated are far greater. But I would never call someone a parasite for their beliefs. I don’t know much about Amanda but I don’t think I would ever respect her now.

  39. Just me says

    Desin, I was just going to ask the same thing … I’ve never heard of that before. I would never think of not putting sunscreen on my son. He is paper-white and, no joke, has literally turned pink just from the sun coming in from the car windows.
    Some dumb “Hollywood” trend? This too shall pass.

  40. Naomi says

    I fully agree with Amanda. I mean, without vaccinations, we would still have diseases like polio killing off our kids (which, incidently, is still happening in many contries around the world). If everyone was as selfish as the parents who decide not to vaccinate, these diseases would be back in full force.

    In addition, you can’t blame someone (or some company) for wanting to make money. Would you quit shopping at Wal-Mart or Target just because the goal of the company is to make money off your purchases? No. We are a consumer-driven society.

    I’m sure parents in many third world contries would love to have the oppertunity to vaccinate their kids as we do here.

  41. Michelle says

    My daughter began having seizures hours after her 12 month shots. She continued to have seizures on a weekly basis over the next two years. Although the doctor would not say the shots caused the seizures, he did alter her shot record so she would not receive shots until she was 4 years old. I chose not to immunize my children anymore. If her child had a seizure once a week, she might feel differently.

  42. kf (UK) says

    vaccinate your kids – they would be thankful for the luxury in many underdeveloped countries.

  43. Could it be says

    Thank you for posting this Webmistress! What I find so disturbing about Amanda Peet’s comments is how she can prostelitize on vaccines when she clearly didn’t consider the source of her information.

    As someone who has done significant research on vaccines myself, my husband and I have decided not to innoculate our toddler at this time. It doesn’t mean that we are parasites at all. (Many people who have been innoculated still get diseases like the flu or pertusis.) Sure, our daughter may get sick from one of these diseases but we are taking a passive risk that that will happen. (Plus, many of these diseases aren’t even life threatening. No kid dies from Chickenpox or Rota Virus here in the U.S.) If we give our daughter a shot that her body can’t tolerate, we are taking an active risk with her health AND enriching the drug companies (who I don’t feel have our best interest in mind ahead of their bottom lines.) That’s something I can’t live with.

    Peet is just downright unfair to insinuate that parents who choose not to vaccinate aren’t being as thoughtful about their decision as she was when she decided to have her daughter get all 30+ shots.

  44. lagirl says

    Amanda is following what some “in it for the money” doc has told her and I thought she was smarter than that. No matter what her stance on vaccinations is she shouldn’t have called ANYONE a parasite. That is one of the worst things you can say. Ridiculous.

  45. says

    ‘Parasites’ is a bit harsh and not particularly constructive.

    I understand her point of view, but she should have worded it much better.

  46. Kate says

    Thank you for setting the record straight. Even Dr. Sears’s “The Vaccine Book” makes it clear about the “risks” involved in the vaccines…hmmm…if you believe in vaccines then why do you truly care if someone else isn’t vaccinated…if you believe in them then you believe they work. Period. Read Russell Blaylock, M.D. ‘s (a leading board certified neurosurgeon) take on vaccines and do some more research by qualified and leading medical scientists and the results show that the risks outweigh the benefits. Amanda Peet is another somewhat clueless person who takes only one source’s word for it and then carries on her way. Rather, she should have conducted a “scientific” analysis pulling in on kinds of peer reviewed studies and then form her own conclusions…. Enough on this soapbox. Again, thank you for “outing” her trusted M.D. and the kickbacks he is getting for being pro-vaccinations.

  47. Emma says

    I don’t think it matters what side of the debate Amanda is on, by using such offensive and derogatory language towards those who are on the other side of the debate I feel she is only weakening her own position. Those who disagree with her might still be somewhat open to considering other viewpoints, but being called a parasite is likely to make them completely reject anything she has to say.

    I strongly disagree with Amanda’s opinions on this one. But even if I agreed with her I would still find her comments disgusting and unneccessary. It’s hard to hear someone’s point of view when they are spewing such hostility. It’s kind of like when Tom Cruise was ranting and raving about Ritalin. I do agree with him that Ritalin is overprescribed. But the offensive manner in which he presented his opinions made me recoil.

    And I think if Amanda is going to come out so strongly against something she should do a little more research than just talking to one doctor. I wouldn’t make any decision regarding my children based on one source of information, that just seems careless.

  48. Liza says

    I don’t think she should have called them “parasites”, although parents who don’t vaccinate have the benefit of other vaccinated children keeping their children safe from diseases that otherwise might kill or permanently injured. Her wording is too harsh and judgemental (unless she is speaking in literal terms, even though even then she could use more appropriate wording).

    WM, I get you don’t agree with her, but she sounds just as educated as anyone else who has an opinion on vaccines. She just sees the information differently, as do a lot of people.

    Only in a wealthy nation do we get the luxury of debating whether or not to vaccine our children.

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