Kate Hudson's Son Wants To Cut His Hair

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s son Ryder, 4, wants to cut his hair so that he can look like Lance Armstrong! Kate and Lance have been dating for two months. Ryder always wanted to be exactly like his dad, rocker Chris Robinson, so he never let Kate cut his hair, says a friend close to Kate. “But now that Lance is in the picture, Ryder wants Kate to lop off his locks so he can be as cool as Lance.”



  1. Gary says

    He dont want look like lance.He dont want look like Lances three girls.He wants to hear waht everyone is sying about his pretty mamam.

  2. amyyeager2 says

    what! Ryder looks absolutely nothing like Kate! He is his father to a T… the only thing he inherited from Kate is his hair.

  3. Nicki says

    Jayne ~Thats funny! Too true.

    Ryder looks EXACTLY like his Mom. I hardly see any of Chris in him, except for the long hair. He can always grow it agian if he wants. I think Kate wants his hair long to cover up “her” big ears, which stick out, a lot. )anyone remember seeing pics of her very young? Ears just like my baby bro….his nickname was Dumbo.
    But beside that, I do believe she is a wonderful Mommy. And she has his best intrest in mind. Wonderful Mommy, even though I do agree with at least a trim for him. But who cares, I’m not his Mom.

  4. Jayne says

    Maybe Ryder can get his haircut, then pass his barber’s card onto Celene Dion’s son and Cindy Crawford’s girly boy……just a thought ( LOL )

  5. Just me says

    “A friend close to Kate’s,” huh? What kind of friend would give that story to a magazine? Kate has remained close to Chris R. so I’m sure she wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

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