Peter Gabriel & Wife Welcome Their Second Son

Peter Gabriel

(In the above pic Peter, Meabh and Isaac were snapped in 2003) 

Peter Gabriel, 58, and wife Meabh Flynn welcomed their second son, Luc, on Saturday, July 5th. He weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz.  Luc joins his brother Isaac, 6, and all are doing well.  Peter Gabriel also has two daughters from his marriage to first wife Jill; Melanie, 31, and Anna-Marie, 33.




  1. Kiwi says

    He is not that old folks… He will be around at least another thirty years and his wife fifty so I think the kids will be independent by then… GMAB~~

  2. Hannah says

    I know, It’s kind of creepy, but he probably doesn’t care what they think. Having a kid at his age…. will he really be around to see them?

  3. violetsky says

    So Meabh is 36 and Peters eldest daughter Marie is 33, I wonder how his daughters felt about that.

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