Keisha Castle-Hughes & Family Visit The Wellington Zoo

Keisha Castle-Hughes 

Whale Rider actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, 18, her partner Bradley Hull and their 14-month-old daughter Felicity-Amore were snapped visiting New Zealand’s Wellington Zoo.

Felicity-Amore is adorable!



  1. Meg says

    #5 I just had to laugh at your comment. Growing up with the looney toons.

    She does seem down to earth. Im glad that she is still with the babies father.

  2. onatear says

    And no one has a problem with the baby’s little hand, and arm, and entire body, being so close to the leopard? Eek! If you look closely, you can see that all the cat had to do, was just swing its head around, and chomp. That was a crazy thing to do…but I do like this little family.

  3. laila says

    yes she’s doing great but remember she wasn’t raised in the Spears house with those looney toons..this teen is a lot more down to earth and mature.

  4. Lauren says

    Awww, look how cute. I remember the controversy over this pregnancy. Seems like she’s doing fine. 🙂

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