Katie Price Vows To Adopt A Disabled Orphan From Abroad

Katie Price

(In the above pic Katie and her family were photographed on their recent holiday at Disney World)

Katie Price (also known as Jordan) is to adopt a disabled orphan from abroad – after breaking down in tears during a TV documentary about their plight.

Katie vowed to help after watching shocking film of cruelty and neglect in Bulgaria.

She has a partially blind and autistic son Harvey, 6, plus two children with husband Peter Andre, 35 – Junior, 3, and Princess Tiaamii, 1.

Katie, 30, told The Sun: “We want to be able to help a child to have a better life.

“The programme moved me to tears. So many babies who are born with disabilities find it hard to find adoptive parents – no one wants them.

“So Pete and I have been to see a lawyer about adopting a baby from abroad.”

Katie decided to join the ranks of celebrity adopters Angelina Jolie and Madonna after watching BBC4 documentary Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children, which was shot over nine months at a home for physically and mentally disabled children.

The process could take up to 18 months.

A source close to her said: “She’s not an emotional person, but was traumatised by what she saw. It made her determined.”

Best wished to Katie in her wish to adopt.



  1. says

    She posed for playboy. It might as well be stripping. sometimes I think i am talking to kids at highschool on these things.


    Having an opinion that is different from yours does not make people appear to be high school kids. So what if she posed nude that still does not make it stripping. Stripping is when you go to an adult bar and women get on stage and take off their clothes while drunk old men and young perverted boys stick dollar bills down their underwear. What she did was pose nude for a picture that some would call art. Are you sure that you are not in high school? Because you didn’t even stop to consider what she did as art you automatically called her a stripper. Be informed on the differences of your subject before you leave an uneducated comment.

  2. name not important says

    She posed for playboy. It might as well be stripping. sometimes I think i am talking to kids at highschool on these things.

  3. Emma says

    Your very welcome Bridget’s Mommy . At least we understand the difference between being a Stripper and posing nude .

  4. name not important says

    Oh and Bridgets Mommy in the early nineties she used to pose nude for male magazines

  5. name not important says

    Bridget’s mommy.

    So she was a model w/e and at times modeled nude! So anyways that isn’t what is important. I was not saying that what she is wanting to do it bad or not right for her but to rather think of her children she has first rather than to add to it right away. Also I do not care that they are more fortunate than an average person in fact when many people made comments before about what brad and angelina do with their money I am always the one who is to say who cares because I know that if you or I would be making that amount people will say the same thing and try to talk about better ways to use our money and what not. All I was saying was that a few comments back you were talking about how the average family gets help from the government but you have to realize that you do not get much help from the government at all. And I feel that if she is going to have nannies watch her children all the time well then they are probably better off in the orfanage or foster care house they were in previously because they would have a new caregiver each day, BUT if she is actually going to be the one to take on most of the responsibility in raising all 4 children then good for her.

  6. Bridget's Mommy says

    Emma thank you very much for giving the truth about Katie on the subject of her being a stripper I didn’t think she was but as I don;t have any hardcore facts I am glad someone else spoke up for her. Thanks

  7. Emma says

    A stripper!!!! That made me laugh. Do you guy’s know anything about Katie Price . As i am British and live in the uk i can assure you she is not a Stripper. Thanks for the giggle though!!!!
    Hee Hee!!

  8. says


    Do you know for a fact that Katie was a stripper? If not then don’t make those kinds of accusations. It shouldn’t matter what she has done or will do as long as her kids are took care of. Just because I will stand up for people (celebrities) doesn’t mean that I’m in love with them. Don’t forget that they are human beings like us and the Bible says to love one another like you yourself wants to be loved. As far as the average home and working to take care of disabled children it is no one’s fault that some people are lucky enough to have a high profile life with a good income. Stop and think about this Katie and Peter are doing something that the child’s own mother did not want to do. I will not act like I know 100% that the mother’s of this kids did not want them. Maybe they couldn’t take care of them or they died. But just like I want make those kinds of assumptions neither should anyone else. Because when you assume something you make an ass out of u and me. Don’t down people, average or famouse, because of their wanting to help. I am not a tense person but you act like she is the only woman to tkae her clothes off to support her family. There are hundreds of women doing that very same thing day in and day out.

  9. name not important says

    Okay Bridget’s Mommy is somebody tense or what.

    Geez maybe I wouldn’t have said anything if I new you were like in love with this family and know what they use there money for.

    Okay so she is using her stripper cash to pay her nannies to take care of the disabled children meanwhile millions of mothers across the world use there money to actually spend time on helping their disabled children. I’m sorry I see I big difference in the way others handle this and the way she does. BUT her children are alive so she is doing something right. And Their income is far more than what the government would give you. Common they are celebrities just like the rest of them they have their own realty show now they are racking in the money you cannot compare that to an average family who has to work around a average house with four wheelchairs and jack all from the government.

  10. name not important says

    Yes I do know we can’t judge what we read but what about what we see there was footage of her toting around Princess while she had a fever and chicken pox she was crying the whole time and then when she was done shopping she took her to the hospital. But who knows it could have been one case of misjudgment.

  11. denise says

    well, i’m torn. on one side i applaud them for wanting to adopt a special needs child. but, on the other hand, i don’t think that they are doing such a great job with the 3 kids they do have.
    but, since they have plenty of money to hire good nannies, the future special needs child will be much better off with them then in some run down rumanian orphanage.

  12. says


    Katie and Peter will use their cash money to care for disabled children while the person you know probably gets a disability check from the US Government on each of the children totalling 4 sepearate incomes while Katie and Peter work to get an income.

  13. says

    Ms Sugar Walls GO F**k yourself! First of all my daughter’s name is Bridget NOT B! Second of all my point is you are a Bit*h and you have a cynical point on life and a negative outlook on celebrities. You don’t even know me to make personal comments on my life every comment I have made about you has been a comment on your comments. Maybe you need a trip to the ocean so YOU can Bathe your big Whaley ASS

  14. Bridget's Mommy says

    Ms Sugar Walls you can be such a B I have read a lot of your comments and you never have anything good to say you are always so cynical

  15. Just me says

    I dont know anything about. I only know what I see on this Web site, but she does seem to love her kids. Does she have any common sense that’s a good question. Remember when she took her girl out shopping with chicken pox and she got so sick she had to go to the hospital.
    That said, the first thing I noticed was the baby’s hair. It just look so fake. Now she really looks like her father.

  16. says

    Who cares what she has done in the past. It’s what she does in the future that should count. No one really knows if she takes care of Harvey and it’s really nobodys business. Way to go Katie du what your heart tells you to do.

  17. Kate z says

    I think no matter what about her posing topless or having nannies it shouldn’t matter. All these celebrities want to adopt children but none of them are adopting special needs kids. Do you see brad and Angie doing that? I find this highly commendable and applaud them!

  18. Emma says

    Each to there own!!! We all have our own way’s to bring up our kid’s , im not going to judge there parent skill’s i dont even know them. All we can go by is what we read and look at in magazines and we are all guilty of doing that.

  19. name not important says

    loved and cared for aren’t words that i would use emma, yes for the most part they are two little happy healthy kids but shopping when your baby has chicken pox just doesn’t seem right to me, but i wish this family well and hope they succeed in their plans.

  20. Emma says

    Bla Bla Bla so what if she has a nanny, so what if she has posed topless , She has a son who has special need’s and two other children under 5 who are loved and cared for. Good on her and Pete if they want to adopt a child who is in need of a family that will love and care for all the indivdual need’s that child may have.Give the girl a break she is doing something good for the world. Thumb’s up Kate!!!!!

  21. ANTI says

    You don’t build a reputation on what you are “going” to do. Revealing one lawyer’s visit in an interview – sounds a little opportunistic to me.

  22. Ali says

    i do not care if she has 30 nannies… she wants to help and she is trying so hard to make a difference! i am glad she is so open about harvey!! lets face it…. he is her child and no money in the world can change a mothers heart… it must be very difficult on her! i also love her husband cause he is a huge help and so supportive of her!
    harvey’s dad is a loser!

  23. Lauren says

    Good for her. I still don’t like her but wanting to help a disabled child while she has one is very commendable.

  24. name not important says

    Jen a lot of people have 3 children and dont need nannies. I know someone who has 4 autistic children and she doesn’t have a nanny and she doesn’t go flaunting it. I think she should help her own son before she wants to take on another disabled child. If you can state your worthless opinions then Ms Sugar walls can too.

  25. says

    she didn’t even pay any attention to him before she had those kids! PLEASE! Remember he is older than her other two kids..He is always on the back burner..she just want attention and sympathy for something that she is not doing.and I can keep my opinons right where I put them in the first place..U can scroll over my comments and say your garbage..OK! and I still remember all of the other tasteless pictures that she has done..NOBODY gives Britney Spears a break..SO Y should she get the benefit of the doubt? Is it because she is British? To me.British people get away with more stuff..LOOK at Amy Whinehouse? she can kick people, say r a c i s t stuff, take drugs in clubs, and still win grammy’s..!!

  26. Ruby Jackson says

    Ha ha, that Harvey’s not only got a dirty mouth, he’s a devil, too! Yes, he’s flipping the bird!

  27. Jenn says

    Well Ms. Sugar Walls take your options somewhere else then!
    I think it is a great thing that they are doing and yes Ms. Sugar Walls they do have nannies because Harvey is partially blind and autistic don’t you think it is hard enough trying to look after Harvey and try to give your love and attention to your other two babies!
    oh wait you wouldnt know anything like that because you don’t know them at all only know what you see in the papers!
    it is a great thing that they want to do and good luck to them!

  28. says

    Was this a photo op? and as soon as the camera men left she pushed junior on her nannies? Yes, probably so! And just because she dyed her hair black..doesn’t take away from the *laymedownonmyback* person that she really is? zzzzzz

  29. Dnice says

    I’ve always thought they were a bit of an odd bunch, but I must commend her for being moved to want to help a disabled child. It can’t be easy to be already taking care of one child who has special needs, I think it is great that she is willing to take on the challenge of raising another one.

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