French Newspaper Gets The Scoop On The Jolie-Pitt Twins & The First Pics Sold For A Reported $11 Million!

Brad Pitt

The world’s entertainment press tripped over themselves, making embarrassing errors along the way, as they frantically fought to be first to report the biggest celebrity story of the year: the birth of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins.

In the end, the scoop went to a provincial French newspaper.

“It was Brad Pitt who chose to give the scoop to Nice-Matin,” said assistant editor-in-chief Olivier Biscaye. “He said to the doctor that the local media should be the first informed about the birth.”

Nice-Matin put one of its most experienced reporters on the story, Jean-Francois Roubaud, who was given access that the rest of the media pack camped outside the Lenval hospital could only dream about. While security kept out other reporters, Jean-Francois Roubaud was allowed inside and given access to Angelina’s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann.

So while the In Touch Weekly Web site almost got it right when it reported that twin girls had been born Saturday, Nice-Matin knew better. The newspaper also spared itself the frenzied run-around of other news outlets following a false report by U.S.-based television program “Entertainment Tonight” at the end of May that the twins had been born.

The French gossip magazine Closer also claimed a world exclusive when it mistakenly anticipated the birth of the twins by nearly two weeks, and several gossip Web sites got their names wrong.

“We knew we would be the first in the world,” said Christophe Caietti, editor of the Nice-Matin magazine section, which spotlighted the birth with a special insert Monday.

Jean-Francois Roubaud was given a heads-up that the Caesarean section was going to be performed 30 minutes before Angelina went in for the delivery Saturday evening. The birth certificates show that Knox Leon was born at 6:27 p.m. and his sister, Vivienne Marcheline, a minute later.

“Roubaud spoke to the doctor around 10 p.m., 9:45. We had all the details: the names, weight, one boy, one girl,” said Christophe Caietti.

Nice-Matin broke the story when it published news of the births on its Web site at 2 a.m. Sunday, four hours before the print version hit the newsstands.

The access also gave the paper other little exclusive nuggets, like Brad’s first words after the birth of the twins, as reported by Dr. Michel Sussmann: “Marvelous, wonderful!” and the doctor acknowledging that the date of the delivery had been moved up by about 10 days “for the mother’s comfort.”

“Nice-Matin has always chosen not to play the game of paparazzi towards the celebrities who have chosen to live in the region. We respect them, and they do likewise. We let them have a peaceful life. This is why I think Brad and Angelina have chosen to make this gift to Nice-Matin,” Christophe Caietti said.

On Monday, the paper featured a Page One picture taken by its own photographer of Brad (wearing the must-have item of the summer: a Panama hat) posing alongside Dr. Michel Sussmann, Mayor Christian Estrosi and the Lenval hospital director, Bernard Lecat.

“Everyone wants that picture. It is not for sale. It would be very expensive, maybe not a million dollars, but very expensive. It is the only picture from the day,” Christophe Caietti said. “But we won’t sell it, out of respect for the family.”

It has already reported that an unnamed U.S. publication has paid $11 million for exclusive rights to the first photo of the newly expanded Jolie-Pitt family, and that the proceeds will go to charity.

Once that deal is executed, Nice-Matin hopes to get a shot of the twins and their parents.

“And maybe an interview at their villa in Correns” nearby, Christophe Caietti said.


  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I understand why some people may think its distasteful to sell your child’s pictures to the highest bidder but that moeny is going to charity. I think its a great thing that they are doing (think how much $11m could help people) and they would kinda be wrong NOt to use this opportuity to help people.

  2. Nicki says

    Nicki you assume things … you don’t know anything about me.
    laila- I know all I need to know about you from your twisted posts. It’s all there in black and white, your own words.
    You are very quick to accuse others of what you are guilty of.

  3. laila says

    I’m leaving because there’s no use trying to converse with any of you You jump to conclusions and gangup on people just because someone doesn’t agree with you. What a bunch of catty biatches you are

  4. N says

    Nikki and Emma I agree with you I feel there is something wrong with her. Dont attack…… I just agree with them based on the things you say and how you respond.

  5. laila says

    the fact is none of us knows anything for sure we disagree so leave it at that… I have my opnion and you have your no one has to be right or wrong…. agree to disagree
    Nicki you assume things … you don’t know anything about me

  6. Emma says

    Nicki: Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep that in mind. Most days I would just ignore someone like her, but I was bored yesterday so I figured why not kill some time.

  7. Let's get a grip says

    These two are the greediest and most repulsive people around who use their children to further their own egotistical agendas, which are simply to gain publicity for themselves. Angelina can’t make it as an actress, so she uses her children to continuosly remian in the media. Charity! right. Why don’t they just donate the money outright? Shame on them.

  8. oriana says

    Nicki, I am a convert (well, almost) Ha!, to this family. I think they are sincere and I hope they come back to New Orleans after their time in France. Have a good evening my Dearest Friend!!!! I do hope that Jon Voight gets to see the kids before too long. I know there is a healing process and she very well has her reasons for the break, but I would love for him to see the children, he will break down and cry I am sure when he sees the babies!

  9. oriana says

    I love the names of the babies they have chosen and wish them the best, I am glad all are healthy!!!!!!

    I have to say I hope they get as much as they can for the pictures, it will benefit many people, others should take their lead! They are not pocketing the money, it is going to help people!!!! Let’s look on the positive side of things!

  10. oriana says

    laila, I understand how you feel about the shape of the economy and the plight of our U.S. citizens, it is just horrible! However, Angie and Brad didn’t cause it. I myself have not always been a big fan of this couple, but I have to say, let them sell the pictures for the highest price they can get! The money will go to help many unfortunate children and people who are in desperate need! They aren’t putting it in their pockets.

    I love the names they have chosen and I wish them the best of luck, I am very happy for them and I am glad everyone is safe and doing well!

  11. Nicki says

    32. Emma ~You really are for lack of a better phrase…..
    pissing in the wind, with this one, laila. She knows everything they are thinking, saying, and doing. How could anyone like that even consider what someone else is saying. Let alone she uses tabs as a reference and not an actual interview from Angie or Brad themselves.
    You have made many, many valid points, but alas, all to be ignored by laila.
    If your having fun, enjoy,lol, but she will twist every fact to make her point.

    Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitt family with thier newest additions, Knox and Vivienne!!!

  12. neil says

    Love them both. Allways have. Allways will. I admire how they recognize their life as a priviledge and not as an entitlement. The pychoanylist pioneer, Maslow, would say these two are working and playing at a high level, healthy and self-actualizing. I have high hopes for all of their children. People hating on them either don’t know all the facts, are small minded, or are allowing the ugly sides of their minds to shape their opinions.

  13. laila says

    Emma you are becomming a bore yawn go attack another blogger before I report you to the WM for acting likeJJ

  14. Fly On The Wall says

    30. tam | July 15th, 2008 at 2:38 pm
    I do not buy these magazines.

    Neither do I, and if they sell the photos to People, you won’t have to, because People will post the photos on their web site when the magazine comes out, and if you want to keep them all you have to do is save them to your hard drive. Just click on each photo and send it to your My Pictures folder (if you have Windows).

  15. Emma says

    “Emma you are incorrect they only donate a percentage of all the charitable donations and the KEEP part you dummy.”

    laila: They donate a portion of their income to charity. They donate 100% of the money they get from the pictures of their children to charity. There are tax records to prove it.

    And I think it’s hysterical that you are calling me dumb in the same post in which you can’t even figure out how to use correct grammar. You should really proofread your hateful posts before hitting the submit button.

  16. Fly On The Wall says

    $11 million is a ridiculous price to pay for some baby pictures but Brad and Angelina aren’t keeping any of it. They are donating all of it to the Jolie-Pitt foundation and the Make It Right Project in New Orleans, just like the $6 million People Magazine paid for Shiloh’s first photos went to charity.

    Angelina donates 1/3 of her income to charity. Her donations are a matter of public record. Anybody is free to look it up. Even a stupid, brainless little twit like Laila.

  17. name not important says

    Laila Unless you talked to them you do not know anything about what they do with their money. You are not them you do not know what they do. Stop pretending that you are some fountain of information and that you know everything.

  18. laila says

    I wish these two would disappear but they won’t because they are media whores… neither one of them has made a good movie in years … it’s time for them to go away take their kids and go have a life out of the spotlight.

  19. laila says

    Emma you are incorrect they only donate a percentage of all the charitable donations and the KEEP part you dummy.

  20. name not important says

    Glad to hear that you will not comment again Susie because if they are not important for you to pay a spec of attention to it makes me wonder why you would write your opinion about them.

    As for the rest of you WHO CARES. I know i am commenting so it may seem as if i care but what i mean who cares enough to write emails saying how bad it is that they are making all this money. Everyone here even if you deny it are jealous and would love to be making that kind of money and so they are getting about a million offers from magazines to be the first with photos of the children. To me it is for them to have some sort of control because when paparazzi take pics they have no control over it but when they actually sit down to do a photoshoot they all have some sort of control what gets released.

    About the money you wouldn’t go give pics to a magazine for free. but in my opinion they are fully aware that they do not need more money so they are donating it for charity which i feel is very good to do because they could easily be selfish and go buy another house or cars. They seem very keen on helping other children and other countries. We just have to get over the fact that they are celebrities and we are not the make millions we do not. And not matter how much we talk about how they make a ridiculous amount of money that will not in anyway make ourselves wealthy.

    We need to move on. Go outside enjoy the sun. forget about constantly critisizing it doesn’t accomplish anything.

  21. bambamswife says

    This couple is the sickest hollywood celebs there are. Once again exploiting their children. I know Jolie is nuts, but what ever happened to Brad Pitt? What a shame.

  22. Just me says

    Fly on the Wall, your comments about scraping you out are just gross and a little offensive. I’m all for disagreeing and trying to make my point, but why all the insults on here, to people we’ve never even met?
    That said, $11 million is outrageous but it’s a dog eat, dog world and People or whoever has to make money, too. And against my better judgment, I’ll buy the magazine, too.

  23. Fly On The Wall says

    11. Lilac | July 14th, 2008 at 11:29 pm
    It’s interesting that the C-section was moved up FOR THE MOTHER’S COMFORT

    They should have said the mother’s well-being. Angelina’s blood pressure spiked and she developed pre-eclampsia (toxemia in pregnancy), which can be fatal to the mother if the pregnancy is allowed to continue and the mother develops eclampsia, which can cause coma and convulsions. Google pre-eclampsia for more info.

  24. ann says

    Angelina & Brad twins baby picture to help other people it is very good idea, they give all the money to charities is great, who gives so much back to the world only Angelina and Brad, other celebrities sold the baby picture just keep money for themself like Jennifer Lo. I will buy the twins picture magazine.

  25. Susie says

    Sorry to disappoint you name not important, I saw the article but did not bother to read the whole thing. I am sick of these two, will not comment again.

  26. Emma says

    “Even if they donate 1/2 of it ….. it still obscene.”

    laila: They donate 100% of it to charity.

    “this is getting out of hand 11 million could feed a lot of homeless people”

    Exactly, which is why they donate the money to charity, because it can help a lot of people.

  27. laila says

    Fly on S**t stop insulting other bloggers make your comments leave others alonne the only desperate miserable person in here is YOU!!!!

  28. laila says

    banks are closing factories cutting their employment to nothing airlines struggling to survive GM closing plants people out of work and many homeless do we need to be told someone is being paid 11 million for pictures of their babies? I am outraged and insulted by this lack of compassion for the American people.And anyone whjo buys this magazine is supporting it…..

  29. laila says

    With economy in the tiolet and so many needy people in this country can’t we find a better use for 11million other than poics of twin babies? Celebrities giving birth don’t need rewards of million for their pictures… this is getting out of hand 11 million could feed a lot of homeless people and giving the money to Brad and Angie who already have millions and are given everything for free is ridiculous. Even if they donate 1/2 of it ….. it still obscene.

  30. jo says

    I personally wouldnot buy a magazine with Brad and Angie on it’s cover.I think we are enriching these celebrities too much.$11 million is way too much for baby pics.It is ridiculous!
    There was so much hype about Shiloh and in my opinion she is nothing to write home about.I can bet that it would be the same with the twins.
    This is a clear sign that the times are not biting as hard as people claim.

  31. Cheetah says

    @11. My baby ‘s delivery was induced for my comfort. Sometimes its better for babies to come a bit early because the mothers body is getting exhausted or because her blood pressure is getting to high. (which could be dangerous during birth.). Especially when a C-section is planed, its imported that the mother doesn’t start labor naturally. 10 days isn’t a big deal for babies, not even for twins. they both have a save weight to be born and im sure they had those shots to make the longs develop more quickly just to be sure.

  32. says

    wow angelina and brad pitt are all on the tv and websites this may the birth of the year



  33. isatu says

    If they choose to have their babies in another country that’s their business, doesn’t mean they are less of an American. They are wonderful people, their money alway go the charty.

  34. Lilac says

    It’s interesting that the C-section was moved up FOR THE MOTHER’S COMFORT and not because it was necessary for the babies’ safety. They should have kept those twins in for as long as possible, FOR THEIR SAFETY.

  35. Fly On The Wall says

    To #8. tam | July 14th, 2008 at 10:12 pm
    why doesn’t the magazine just right out DONATE the money themselves to a worthy cause

    Because the magazine is counting on recouping several times that amount in newstand sales, which they probably will.

    And Susie, the only whore I know is the one who spat you out instead of scraping you out.

  36. tam says

    That is an absolute waste of money…. paying them $11 million for PHOTOS… thats retarded…. instead os wasting money on photos why doesn’t the magazine just right out DONATE the money themselves to a worthy cause……. ugh.. so dumb…. they never donate all of the money to charities either only SOME… they DON’T need anymore money, combined they are probably worth $75 MILLION!

  37. Comment says

    you’re right name not important. celebrities make tons of money. we watch them. of course i don’t watch brad and aj’s movies. none of them interest me. but we are the ones making them rich.

  38. name not important says

    What is wrong with you people. Who cares what celebrities do and dont do. They get paid a lot of money to be on tv and everyone else in the world has to talk about it and make it as if they are doing something wrong by living in an expensive house but if you guys were making the money they were you would too and there would be people who are jealous of you talking about all the money you have. I just dont understand why people care soo much that they need to talk about it as if it is important.

    All celebrities who have there children are offered money for the pictures a magazine wants and so they get the money but atleast they aren’t keeping it they are giving it to people who needs it.

    And Susie you wouldn’t give your time to walk across the street to spit on them but you will read and entire article on them and write a comment, looks like you are giving you time to them.

  39. Comment says

    Oh yeah, I forgot. And people just give them all those million dollar houses and planes and stuff.

  40. Notawannabe says

    I wish everytime I conceived that someone offered me millions of dollars. Is their sex really all that great that you pay so much money to see what they produced?

  41. Susie says

    These two druggies love America so much, everytime she has a kid they leave the country. They don’t want their children born here but they want American money. I wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on either one of them. She’s a whore and he is brain dead.

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