Brad Pitt Declares "I'm The Happiest Father Ever"

Brad Pitt

After the birth of his twins, Brad Pitt met with the mayor of Nice and kept repeating to him, “I’m the happiest father ever.”

Mayor Christian Estrosi, who visited Brad and Angelina in their hospital room, told the local newspaper Nice-Matin, “[Brad] told me we chose one of the best hospitals in the world, one of the best doctors, one of the best medical teams. And also the most beautiful bay in the world.”

The twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, were born Saturday at the Fondation Lenval hospital in Nice, France. According to Nice-Matin, the babies spent Saturday night in Angelina’s room and she took care of them by herself.

Angelina’s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann, updated People about Angelina’s recovery and her newborns: “They are all very well, very well. Everything is okay.”


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  1. name not important says

    Bridgets Mommy

    There we go there is something we agree on. I do not think people she come on this site and talk about celebrities if you secretly want the attention that they are getting. i.e Susie

  2. name not important says

    Laila I thought you just said that if we attacked you than you would like do something not say that you are sick of us and back down. looks to me like you are all talk.

  3. says

    Susie I also have a family but I do not sit around and act jealous of others happiness Just because you are jealous doesn’t give you the right to down other people. Where you one of those people that wished death to Angelina and Shiloh when she was pregnant with Shi?

  4. laila says

    i will no longer respond to any stupid comments diected to me.. you aren’t worth my time or energy.

  5. laila says

    did I not just say don’t address me anymore and I won’t address you are you mentally challenged in some fly who eats s**t

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    22. laila | July 15th, 2008 at 6:31 pm
    …when you attack me you’d better be prepared to defend yourself because I’ll be up in your face so fast you won’t know what hit you.

    LOL! We’re all shaking in our boots, honey. Bring it on.

  7. laila says

    #20 I do not address other bloggers unless I am attacked and when you attack me you’d better be prepared to defend yourself because I’ll be up in your face so fast you won’t know what hit you.
    So let me be and go bother other bloggers We are here to comment on the celebs and their babies I’ll try to remeber that if you will do the same

  8. laila says

    #10 my comment was not negative there are many celebs with babies but Brad and Angie get 8=9 threads do ya think the WM has a favorite celeb? DUH?????
    That was not negative….. it was an observation… I am happy for Brad and Angie …wish them the best but lets have a mix of celebs this isn’t the Brad and Angie fanclub website is it??? Gee I must be lost I thought I was at Babyrazzi….

  9. name not important says

    Ok Laila you have a right to comment and so do we then by your words so why is it that you sometimes critisize othr peoples comments as well.

    And people who have 4 children and so called lives if you all have lives why are you reading about other peoples lives. Are they that much apart of your life to comment on them, and just a question Is this the same susie who had stated that she wouldn`t give her time to spit on them but you are giving them the time that could be spending with your 4 children.

  10. ann says

    Brad he is an excellent father, devoted father very good man and best actor.Angelina and Brad perfectly matched couple, we love this family.

  11. Dnice says

    Oh Susie, you sound absurd. They have the resources to have their children wherever they like. Why should anyone limit themselves to America if you have the opportunity to travel. You sound like a damn hillbilly. Probably sitting on the couch eating bon bons and drinking beer while your 4 kids, Billy, Jo-Bob, Katie-Sue, and Leroy run around trashing your house. Open your mind!

  12. Susie says

    Just got back to this site. I have four children and a life.
    They leave America to get away from the American people.
    Brad Pitt is such a loser that Juliette Lewis broke up with him years ago, how much lower can you get?
    Must go the children call.

  13. Really says

    If I earn my money no matter how much I make, it is my right to spend it wherever and however I want. IIt is my right to donate or not to whom I see fit and as much as I choose. It is my right to have my children anywhere I choose, whether at the local hosptial, at home or even another country. It is my right to adopt from whereever I choose. These people are just exercising their rights. Lucky for them they have enough money to choose from a wide variety of options where as most of us are more limited.

  14. Fly On The Wall says

    Calm down, Susie. Your name is not Jennifer Aniston, the guy who dumped you (as nasty as you are, what guy wouldn’t dump you?) is not named Brad Pitt, and the woman he dumped you for is not named Angelina Jolie.

  15. tracey vibbert says

    one would think that she has never had a baby before .they way it’s in the news .hey i just had a grandchild and it was not big news or was there any press there just leave the pitt’s alone and let them enjoy the new kids?

  16. Nicki says

    Susie–Who gives a care where they choose to have thier children. Why would that matter? I bet we won’t hear an answer from Susie. If anyone chooses another country to birth thier child, why would it matter? Every parent has that right!! And if anyone decides to adopt a child from China, Cambodia, etc, why would it matter? Many celebrites have adopted overseas, for many years, why is Angie held to a different standard???

  17. Susie says

    Are you people brain dead? These two hate America and Americans, why do you think they always leave the country to have their children? They certainly hurry back when it’s time to milk the American people out of money for their crappy movies. Wake up and see these two for what they are.

  18. susan says

    congrats on your twins and your whole brood i love reading about both angie and brad and watching your kids grow in front of our eyes is amazing cant wait to see knox and vivienne.

  19. laila says

    we have a right to comment just as you have a right to comment what we feel like saying is really not your business.

  20. onatear says

    6,7, and 9..Why can’t you just move on, instead of leaving some negative comment? What a waste of your time.

  21. Just me says

    I agree with Lauren and laila …but I don’t think we needed another story to figure out that Brad is a happy father!
    I mean, we’ve been hearing for the last month that they were born and were both girls. So enough already.
    They’re born, we know their names and we know they’re all healthy. The only other important thing is to see a picture!!

  22. says

    I so happy for them, being a twin my self they are up to a treat… =]

    My blessing to the family. Hope they continue to be the loyal family in the world as they can be… Hope they grow old with one another and see thier children follow their amazing footsteps…and become successful as their parents.

    Truly a #1 fan.. love them both .. they are the hottest couple in hollywood as well as the most amazing family in the world…..and alot of credit they deserve…
    And those who hate PLEASE STOP IT IS NOT GOING TO TAKE U ANY WHERE IN LIFE…and i will pray in years to come… =[ so sad!

    any how BRADGELINA u rock and GOD BLESS ALWAYZ!!! =] xoxoxoxoxo MUAH! ;]

  23. laila says

    ok I understand that this is big news and we are all happy for them but does there need to be 7 threads with the birth of these twins? She isn’t the only woman in the world to give birth to twins ok?

  24. Gidget says

    Congrats Brad and Angelina! There is no gift in this world better than that of Family.I feel God had blessed you both because you can care for these children. All of them! I am a mother of five! Some I adopted some I had.I would not have it any other way having a big family! We have joy that most people fail to understand because they choose to be so selfish.Good for you both for breaking that stigma that you should not. or cannot.Thank you both so much for being an exsample to the world and Family! I am glad for you both what a blessing!

  25. N says

    All they do is eat and sleep. Its not far-fetched to believe she handled them and didn’t send them to the nursery like some parents.

  26. Lauren says

    Awww. I’m glad Brad is getting the big family he’s always wanted. Even if it is annoying to hear about him 24/7. 😉

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