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  1. Mary Salyer says

    p.s. I hope that Jennifer Aniston finds her soulmate and can be as happy as Brad and Angie.

  2. Mary Salyer says

    I love Brad and Angie together. Some marriages are just mistakes as was his with Jennifer. I think they are soulmates and will be together for always. So what if they want more kids. They are very obviously great parents and have the financial means to give children who would otherwise not have a life a great one. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  3. Veronica says

    I got this exciting feeling about Angelina & Brad- I’m so happy to know about the twins, congratulations!!!!

  4. jessica montgomery says

    congrats on the twins brangie im sure their beautiful i know what a blessing it is to have your own children as well as being able to help other children from other countries you both have the biggest hearts around and im thrilled for you to have your new additions to your already beautiful family!

  5. Florence Rost says

    Congratulations ! Your wonderful twins were born on my 73rd birthday .You will love their personalities as Cancerians are great fun, smart , caring , achievers ….I wish you the most wonderful life with all your children ..These two will blend beautifully .

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