Jaime Pressly Says That Chasing After Her Son Keeps Her In Shape

Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly, 30, is typically in the gym three or four days a week, but her best workout isn’t lifting weights, it’s chasing her 13-month-old son around the house.

“That keeps you in shape,” she told People magazine at the opening of the Christian Audigier club in Las Vegas. “It’s a lot of running around.”

Jaime said little Dezi James is a “really intelligent kid, which is amazing and great, but at the same time it makes you run around like a chicken with your head cut off because he’s all over place and he’s very determined.”

Jaime and Eric Cubiche have yet to be married and don’t seem to be in any rush either.

“We actually got engaged for the baby’s sake,” she said. “We’re really happy with the way things are and just really focused on our child and our careers and not really focused on when the date is.”



  1. Just me says

    My son is 2 adn runs everywhere … yet I still don’t look half as good as her! Then again, I walk one step to every 10 of his runs!

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