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Jamie Lynn Spears 

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears

Below is one of my favorite excerpts from OK! magazine’s interview with Lynne Spears: 

OK! magazine: Describe the first moment when you saw Jamie Lynn, Maddie and Casey together.

Lynne Spears: Oh my god. That is one of your most precious moments ever. Just that sight. It is indescribable.

What beautiful pics of Jamie Lynn and Maddie!

OK! Magazine


  1. Brenda says

    I am very happy and pround of Jamie and Casey to take on such a big responsiblity at such a young age but I think they will make great parents. It is not going to be an easy road but I am sure they will be fine. They both love eachother alot and they make a beautiful family.
    Congratulations Jamie and Casey. May God Bless you both and your beautiful daughter.

  2. jenny says

    well said boo you guys need to get over it already like boo said she doesnt care that you guys are bagging on her and the fact that she got knocked up at sixteen at least shes trying to do the right thing for her baby so learn to back off and leave this poor girl alone already she has enough to deal with without having to hear haters baging on little maddie

  3. N says

    Im glad no one made stupid comments about her hair….. It is lite blonde not gray…it is also the same hair color she has had for at least 2-3 years. Great comment #38….. Thats why the parents on this site need to realize that they should raise their children not JLS. They should be role models not JLS.

  4. Kamineko says

    TDot, You deserve a brava for not aborting your baby. I went through much the same as you at 17. I trust your child, like mine, has brought you many blessings.
    I don’t see any “glamorizing” of teen pregnancy here. She obviously unexpectedly found herself pregnant, and decided to keep and love the baby. Period.
    Pretty baby, but I’m not a big fan of the peagreen wallpaint in the nursery. jmho.

  5. jessica says

    she shouldn’t have been on the cover? because she does have money and the father did stay around, and she did finish high school? this is her reality. her reality is that she can do all these things. she should suffer because it’s not the same for everyone?

  6. annie says

    I just don’t want to see teen pregnancy glamorized. I haven’t seen the OK article but I would like them to have an article following this, discussing the realities of teen pregnancy. That the fathers usually don’t stay in the picture, you don’t get a lovely home in the country, no nannies, no finishing high school and little money. She should never have been on the cover.

  7. TDot says

    I had a baby when I was 16…and I survived (as did the baby) he has turned into a wonderful young man…I am so angry at everyone judging her…Until you walk a mile…

    I had a hard decision to make, no money, no father (he left when he found out i wasnt having an abortion)

    I made it work…I finshed school, got a job which I make over 74K per year, own two homes and recently got married and have two other boys..all in a span of just over ten years…thats right I am only 27…

    She has the support of her and his families…and not to mention, she sitting on quite the little nest egg…they own a home, live together and plan a marriage…

    She doing better then most, who cares if shes not the “Appropiate age” shes the right maturity level obviously…Are you? you’re attacking a young mother and her family…think about it!!!

  8. BG says

    Never said she is or will be a bad mother, just that the magazine is glorifying it and how perfect having a baby when you are 17 is. Yes, lots of people have babies when they are young and it can work out fine. Just don’t like the media portraying it as all wine-and-roses. As all of with kids know, being a parent is not about cute nurseries and teddy bears as this article seems to indicate.

    Sure, cudos to her for owning up to the responsibility when she got pregnant, but shame on you OK magazine for making teenage girls think this is “pefect.”

  9. Ryan says

    Gosh… don’t listen to other people and what they say
    I love the baby’s room the colors to
    your gonna be a GREAT mom!!
    good luck to u and the baby!

    just to let u know i am a GIRL .

  10. Des says

    I was a mother at 15. Do I think this is sad news?? NO! Do I think that it is appropriate to splash her and the beautiful baby all over mags? NO! While there maybe nothing wrong with having a child so young, remember that just last year the pre-teen set was in love with her, she was their idol. The REALLY sad thing is girls her age and younger are having babies everyday, with no way to take care of them. That is what is sad, and while I am happy that she has taken responsability for her actions, I am not happy that the girl my 9yr old loved to watch and talk about is all over the mags saying how wonderful it is to be a mother. JamieLynn is the exception, not the rule. I hope that those of you who claim let the teenage mother thing go never have to hear the words “Mom I am Pregnant”, from their 14, 15, or 16 yr old daughters. She may be a celebrity but she is a role model for many young girls, and at the end of the day a person just like you and me.

    The baby is beautiful and from what I have heard I hope that the maturity she shows now will continue. God bless and enjoy your beautiful baby Jamie Lynn!

  11. Lily says

    Awww Ahe Is So Cute…… I No How It Feels Because Im 17 To And I Have This Most Amazing Baby GIRL iTS aN aMZING fEEELING

  12. Ali says

    oh pleaseeee…. she has a ton of money and her baby will be doing better them most! this kid will be seeing only the best! at least she isn’t a granny mom which i believe is the worst!

  13. N says

    I wonder what has happened with keisha hughes, from The Whale Rider movie. She was 17 when she had her child…… i dont remember anyone calling her trash or being disrespectful towards her family. Britney did not falter in her child rearing until the birth of Jayden her 2nd child…… lest not forgot that at that time she was dealing with marital issues and most likely PPD also. Its easy to say how you would handle a situation. The move on, everyone gets divorced talk. Until you have walked in that person’s shoes its best not to comment at all. So please stop the negative talk about Britney, Jamie, and Lynne….its counterproductive. Especially all of you that care so much . This is sad, its glorification, a child raising a child, Look at her hair. No one said anything when this child was working more than 10 hours a day while going to school……NO you just plopped your kids in front of the babysitter(tv). Where is the banter about children working long hours for all these shows your kids watch. If your child were to make a mistake would you vilify them? If a 16 yr old does not understand that it takes FINANCES, more than anything else, to raise a child effectively then that is your fault as a parent. If they dont understand that JLS situation is out of the norm…..that is your fault as a parent. Not JLS or OK magazine or Nickelodeon. Please accept your responsibilty in the rearing of your children.

  14. Olive says

    at first (and still kinda do) i thought this was really stupid of her… i know a bunch of little kids the looked up to her… and then she did this…

  15. Tammy says

    Yes it is over and done with but doesn’t need to be on all the covers of magazines so every other young girl sees and thinks that is the way it will be. She needs to stay off the covers let’s not promote teen pregnancy. I know she took responsibility but still isn’t right and we constantly need to see it!

  16. Lauren says

    Those pictures are precious! Jamie-Lynn looks so happy and content with little Maddie.

    People, get over it already! Yes, she was 16 when she was pregnant BUT it happened already. She’s a mom now. Just get off her back!!

  17. Just me says

    I agree we should just let her situation be. Whether or not we agree with it, it’s over and done.
    I’m also getting kind of tired of peole putting Britney down … and I admit I used to be one of them. Britney was thrown into the spotlight and was forced to grow up with no support or supervision. She had a mental problem so I don’t think much of what she did was necessarily her fault. She wasn’t in her right mind. If we should hope JL doesn’t end up like someone, it would be Lynne Spears!

  18. meg says

    # 12 we will wait and see.
    She would definately get
    tired of the task and will
    turn to another Britney.

  19. amyyeager2 says

    yeah thats pretty annoying how people keep saying she is sad news… get it over it already. I had an unexpected pregnancy and it was the best thing that ever couldve happened to me. And if girls were mentored by their parents from the beginning theyd know that while this is not the ideal way to start your family, shes accepting the responsibility and being an adult about it. I can only imagine what you guys would say if she was a horrific mother like Britney has always been… at least Jamie Lynn is trying to be a good mother. Good luck to her

  20. says

    just stop with all the drama already she is taking care of her baby and that all that matters right..theres nothing wrong having a baby early as long you could support it

    maddie is so cute and i love the nursery

  21. Jessie says

    Why is JLS looking at the camera in all of the pics? I think it looks sweeter if the mom is looking at the child.

  22. Well... says

    I sure don’t like the first photo of the baby – at all.
    This is soooo whatever.
    Let’s all rally round the youngster who just had a baby – right, supporters?? This is GREAT NEWS! Nothing at all wrong with this – all teens should do it! Rich, poor – EVERYONE!! Fun, fun! Forget high school and college! It’s BABY TIME GIRLS!!! Woo hoo!!!

  23. says

    I agree it happened and the baby is beautiful but I really wish the media wouldn’t have gone to town its hard to know what to say when your 8 year old says to your 6 year old look Zoie is having a baby how cool…while waiting in line at the store.

  24. chloe says

    Get over it people! She not only had sex, got knocked up, but she HAD the baby!

    I can just imagine ten years from now:

    “What kind of an example is she?! She had that ten year old when she was a teenager!”

    She has moved on and is doing wonderfully. It is time to accept that she is now a mother.

  25. nosoupforyou says

    The baby is adorable.

    Jamie Lynn is not like other teen mothers who struggle to pay for necessities. She can support her daughter.

  26. boo says

    OMG can we GET OVER the “Glorifying Teen Pregnancy” blah blah blah, This is a CELEBRITY BABY WEBSITE, JLS is a CELEBRITY who just had a BABY, She has made it clear to all people out there that she KNOWS she was young and stupid when she got pregnant, she knows what she did was a MISTAKE, but was willing to be an adult about it, and deal with her responsibilities….I’d say if anything she has tried to make teens aware that doing what she did is not the way to go. You all seriously need to learn to back off and Leave the poor girl alone, She doesn’t care about Any of you people think about her, all she cares about is doing whats best for HER DAUGHTER!!!!!

  27. BG says

    Great…let’s glorify teen pregnancy and how wonderful it is. Maybe all teenage girls should get knocked up so they can be this happy. Nice role model.

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