Isaac Hanson & Wife Welcome Their Second Son

Isaac Hanson

Isaac Hanson and his wife Nikki welcomed their second son, James Monroe Hanson, on July 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

James Monroe weighed in at 8 lbs., 11 oz., and joins older brother Clark Everett Hanson, 1. Both boys go by their middle names.

“The addition of Monroe to our family is incredible and exciting,” Isaac, 27, the eldest of the rock trio Hanson, told People magazine. “With Monroe and Everett being so close in age, it will be great to watch them grow up together.

“Two little boys is going to be twice the fun,” he added.

Isaac’s youngest brother, Zac, and his wife Kate just welcomed their first child, John Ira Shepherd Hanson, in May. And middle brother Taylor has three children, for a total of six kids among the bandmates.

After undergoing rib resection surgery in December following a pulmonary embolism, Isaac has had a clean bill of health since January.




  1. Just me says

    That’s what I thought, Boo!! If I remember correctly, the Hansen boys all use their middle names, too.
    I like Monroe James better, anyway. The other way sounds too presidential … hahahahaha!!

  2. mickywop says

    It’s a family tradition in the Hanson clan to have their children go by middle names. Isaac and Taylor both go by their middle names, and each of them gave their firstborn son their first name (Clarke Isaac –> Clarke Everett; Jordan Taylor –> Jordan Ezra). Not everyone in the family does (Zac’s middle name is his father’s first name) but I think it’s a neat way of passing down family names without having too many “Joe’s” in the family, like in mine!

    Congrats to the happy family!

  3. boo says

    I’m not sure I see the point in naming your child one name, if you intend to call it by its middle name?? kinda seems weird to me! If they liked the idea of calling the boys Everett and Monroe, why not just give them those as their first names??? Monroe James and Everett Clark sound good to I think!!!
    Regardless though, Congratz to the Happy couple!! 🙂

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