Matthew McConaughey's Mother On His Baby Joy

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey’s mom Kay says her son is ecstatic over the arrival of his son. “Oh my gosh, he’s like over the moon,” she told People magazine.

Born on July 7th in L.A., Levi Alves McConaughey is the first child for Matthew, 38, and girlfriend Camila, 25, a model and handbag designer.

Asked if Matthew squeamish in the delivery room? “Oh no! He was nervous but he was just rooting for [Camila] all the time,” shared Kay. “He’s so proud of how brave and strong she was.”

“MaMac,” as Kay’s other grandchildren call her, hasn’t seen any photos of Levi yet, “but Matthew says he has curly dark hair like Camila – and of course he has that beautiful olive skin both of them have.”

“Can’t you just see that little boy following his dad on the beach in Malibu with a surf board over his head going, ‘I’m right behind you, Papa!’ ” Kay said with a laugh. “That little boy’s not going to need anything. He’s not going to wear anything but a bathing suit – and maybe not even that!”

Most importantly, “I hope he has Matthew’s love for life,” added Kay. “Matthew and Camila are going to make sure that baby learns a lot about life and love.”

As for the future, Kay “absolutely” sees more babies for the couple: “I don’t think they’ll ever quit with one.”

Any talk of marriage “would only take away the beauty of what’s going on right now,” said the proud grandmother. “I’ve seen people who are married that don’t love each other as much as those two people do.”

Matthew once said the following of the laid-back way that he was raised: “I grew up in the country and didn’t wear shirts or shoes,” the Texas native (in Malibu) has said of being comfortable being naked in public. “My mom didn’t even put a bathing suit on us in the country club until we were nine.”

Sounds like Levi will be a very happy and free child! “Make no doubt about it. My kid will dance. He will be on the beach and he will be taking hikes with a wild bandana on,” Matthew has said.



  1. violetsky says

    I have just been looking up his parents, and apparently his two brothers were born in 1953 and 1962. His mam and dad were married and divorced (from each other ) before he was born, they remarried and re divorced by the time he was 13, and then remarried AGAIN! and stayed together until his fathers death. Complicated huh.

  2. Anzhelika says

    the way Matthew was dancing drank with the girls somewhere in the club, while having pregnant wife?..I dont think this guy can be faithful..

  3. violetsky says

    So Rooster (his Bro from an earlier blog) is 54 … wow a 16 yr age gap is quite a lot.
    How old do you think Matthews Mam is?

  4. pika says

    So glad they chose Levi instead of “Miller Lyte”! Levi’s cousin is going to have a tough time once the other kids learn his middle name.

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