Jane Seymour's Advice For Angelina

Jane Seymour

(In the above pic Jane, 57, was recently photographed with her daughter Katie, 27.)

Jane Seymour, who once gave birth to twins and is the mother of six, has some advice for Angelina Jolie.

“My advice to her is to put some weight on,” the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star told OK! magazine. “I think she needs to keep putting on weight so she can feed those babies. I don’t think she should think twice. She hasn’t put on enough weight.”

Angelina will soon be mother to six children herself when she gives birth to her twins with Brad Pitt.

Jane, 57, said that when she had her twins, John and Kristopher, in 1995, it was a life threatening delivery.

“I nearly died having the twins,” she recalled. “I had preclampsia, which is toxemia, and I had to have an emergency C-section and I almost lost my life. So my advice to her [Jolie] is to listen to your doctors and if they say bed rest and they say blood pressure cuff every hour and they say whatever medication they say, you should take it very seriously.”

The Dancing with the Stars alum, who was promoting her upcoming Hallmark Channel TV movie Dear Prudence at the Television Critics Association Event in L.A. on Tuesday, has four biological children as well as two stepchildren with husband James Keach. She told OK! magazine that six kids is definitely a handful.

They “need me every day,” she laughed.



  1. liz says

    To all of you who are critical of Analise. She
    Is cautious and looking out for others. Same as anyone who had Hellp syondrome would be (me included). Before judging, look it up on the internet and then think yourself lucky it didn’t happen to you. Hope you are ok Analise.

  2. Analise says

    To essie :

    “Seymour was well over 40 when she gave birth to her twins so her situation was entirely different.”

    Your comments about Jane aside, you clearly know little to nothing about complicated pregnancy. Jane being over 40 has nothing to do with preeclampsia. I’ve had it twice and HELLP syndrome once. I brought one baby home and I nearly died both times. My ages? 31 and 35. If Jane’s comments persuade a few people to ask questions about these illnesses and research them, great! Maybe you should be more concerned with helping women and less with attempting to insult Jane and acting as if you know the situation with Angelina.

  3. says

    Wow, you people on this blog are sure an opinionated, aggressive, know-it-all type of people, aren’t you? I’m out of here for good, you’re to scary for me!

  4. laila says

    Jane Seymour is a lovely lady refined and very ladylike I am sure she meant nothing by her comment and it’s being blown way out of proprotion

  5. M... says

    Wow. She says “listen to your doctors” but she is also saying “My advice to her”…. Maybe she should just let AJ listen to her doctors and go on with her own life.

  6. laila says

    Jane does look amazing and she’s a very talented actress and I am not too happy someone would have the nerve to bash this lovely sophisticated lady.

  7. laila says

    so it was in an interview and someone asked what do you think about Angelina and she gave a resonse it’s not like she called her and said hey Angie I have some advice for you. Cool down hater.

  8. Fly On The Wall says

    I just had some news from a friend of mine that made me understand Angelina’s situation a little better.

    My friend was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her twin grandsons. She had twins herself with no problem so she didn’t expect her daughter would have any problem with her own twins. Her daughter’s twins were expected this week. She had an uncomplicated pregnancy but her twins arrived in May, two months early. One weighed 4 lbs. The other weighed 2 lbs. It was very touch and go for a while. The family got a bad scare when one of the twins turned blue in the nursery a few days after birth. They are doing better now.

    I’ve read that Angelina’s doctor is concerned about her blood pressure and high blood sugar. She had the same problems when she was having Shiloh. Now that she is having twins the problems could be that much more serious so she needs constant monitoring to make sure everything is going okay. She has also been having mild contractions so they have given her medication to stop the contractions until the babies are full term and put her on bed rest. The closer they can delay delivery until her due date, the better off the babies will be.

    The biggest problem I can see is that for someone as active and energetic as Angelina, being put on bed rest must be torture. She’s probably going stir-crazy in there. It’s good she has constant visits from Brad and the kids to keep her occupied until the babies come.

  9. violetsky says

    I think she was saying for Angelina to put on weight, as she wished she had put on more weight.

  10. Fly On The Wall says

    10. anonymous | July 9th, 2008 at 3:30 pm
    Some people don’t gain weight easily..I don’t see why Angelina’s weight is such an issue.

    This is true. I went into my pregnancy at 115 lbs. In my 9th month I was 138 lbs. Two months later I was down to 110 lbs. But I wasn’t carrying twins. Angelina needs to keep her strength up. For her own health and the babies’ health, she needs to make sure she eats right.

  11. essie says

    “The Dancing with the Stars alum, who was promoting her upcoming Hallmark Channel TV movie Dear Prudence at the Television Critics Association Event in L.A. on Tuesday”

    THOSE are the circumstances under which she was giving her “opinion” and, in my opinion, she was WAY out of line!!! As I said before, she was using Angelina for publicity. Angelina didn’t ask her for any advice and she should not have given it. That was not the least bit “classy” in my opinion.

  12. Fly On The Wall says

    I think Seymour was simply trying to give helpful advice from one mother of twins to another, and I don’t think she was out of line at all.

  13. anonymous says

    Some people don’t gain weight easily..I don’t see why Angelina’s weight is such an issue.She’s always been thin as a rail.

  14. laila says

    you don’t know the circumstances under which this”opinion” came from yet you jump to judge the woman who said it… what do you call that ?? oh yes haters!!!! Just because everyone doesn’t jump on the I love Angelina train with you doesn’t mean you have the right to trash a person who has an opinion that differs from yours.

  15. essie says

    Angelina has never looked “too skinny” to me. She looks to be the same size as most actresses out there and she appears healthy and happy. Nobody has a right to give her advice unless she asks for it. It’s like Seymour, who not many people even know, is trying to climb on Angelina’s back for publicity for her new TV movie.

  16. Lila ~*~ says

    Not only is Jane the mother of twins,but also a very slim woman…always has been. I’m sure she was speaking from experience when advising Angie to bulk up a bit for the babies. I’ve never known Jane to be anything less than gracious in her responses. One’s Hollywood ranking has nothing to do with class…just bankability. I think Jane’s a pretty classy lady.

  17. Granny says

    I imagine Seymour was asked what kind of advice she would give since she has had twins. And this is probably the edited version. I doubt that she went out looking for someone to give her opinion to. Seems to me that Seymour usually stays out of people’s business. Almost everyone here would be more than happy to give these people advice if they would only ask us.

  18. How do you know she "hasn't put on enough weight?" says

    What right does anyone have to say anything about Angelina’s weight? Has anyone who is critizing her given her a physical, reviewed her medical charts, or- gosh, even met her in person?

    Didn’t think so.

  19. laila says

    so need to trash Jane Seymour to make your point ? Experience is a good teacher…your acting career has nothing to do with giving advice. I am richer than you so I must be smarter?????

  20. chloe says

    Yes, it matters that she is a C or D or A list actress when it comes to giving advice to a fellow pregnant woman!

    Angelina has always been too thin. It is not healthy to be too thin when you are carrying a child. Pretty simple.

    I wonder if people even try to think about what they say.

  21. essie says

    I’m sure Angelina doesn’t need advice from a C list television actress!!! She is getting the best of care and I’m sure her pregnancy is not “life threatening.” Seymour was well over 40 when she gave birth to her twins so her situation was entirely different.

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