Cindy Crawford & Family Are Absolutely Fabulous In Hola!

Cindy Crawford 

Cindy, 42, and her gorgeous family were photographed for the Absolutely Fabulous issue of “Hola” magazine (May 21st, 2008). Presley is 9 and Kaia is 6.

And below Cindy, Rande and Kaia were snapped on their way to Nobu on June 12th.

Cindy Crawford



  1. liliwaton says

    hey you ladies…listen to you..these kids are gorgeous..shut up already!!what’s your problem??

  2. Generic name says

    wow! nice pic! i like this family ever since… i like Kaia’s dress in the first pic so cute!

  3. takeiteasy says

    you all sound so jealous.
    suck it up folks.
    this family looks beautiful & happy, so you just can’t stand keeping your comments positive.

  4. ???? says

    a smug 6 year old?? isn’t it taking it a little too far to call a 6 year old that?? she’s just barely out of kindergarten!!!!

  5. Sonic says

    I don’t like Rande with an “e” ….he always looks like he doesn’t know what to do with himself@! Same with Danny with a “y” Julia’s husband….they ANNOY me!

  6. Just me says

    I’ve watched America’s Top Model and Tyra always says: Don’t look like you’re posing … hahahahahaha!!
    The kids are beautiful but Rande looks like a dork with his chain and cup.

  7. says

    Cindy looks a little too “posed” in this photo, while her family looks fairly normal. And before all the comments come along about her son’s hair, it’s LONG, get used to it!!

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