Norah O'Donnell & Husband Welcome A Daughter

(picture removed) 

(Above is an older pic Of Norah with her twins)

MSNBC Washington bureau chief Norah O’Donnell, 34, gave birth to a girl on Saturday, July 5th. At eight pounds and 21 inches, Riley Norah Tracy comes less than 14 months after twins Henry and Grace Tracy. In February, the late Tim Russert had congratulated Norah on being pregnant with an “Irish triplet.” Norah married D.C. restaurateur Geoff Tracy in 2001.

Click here for an interview Norah gave shortly after the birth of her twins.




  1. Moan4MeMony says

    Ms. Sugar Walls i am truly shocked that you seem to have nothing better to do than post snide remarks and negative comments about Celebs. It sounds like you either don’t have children or you screwed up with your own and know you sit idly by and pass jugdement on the Rich and Famous or even the Dead Rich and Famous. My adivce to you is to just leave people and the decisions alone. They are not asking for your help so why does it matter to you that this woman had twins and then another baby 14 months apart.HUH??

  2. Lauren says

    Wow! She’s got her work cut out for her. 14 month old twins and a newborn…Congratulations! 😉

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