Ulrika Jonsson & Her Newborn Son

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson, 40, was snapped out running errands in Slough with her newborn son Malcolm over the weekend.

Ulrika has previously said she’s in no rush to get back into shape after giving birth last month. (Good for her!)

She told Bella magazine: ‘Come September I’d like to start exercising again – but that doesn’t mean manically. ‘I’m hoping to do it all in a reasonable way and get back to being nine stone, which is the right weight for me’

Despite having her hands full, Ulrika, who has four children by four different men, says she’s already planning her fifth.

She said last week: ‘The first thing I thought when Malcolm was born and was lying on my stomach was: “Oh my god, I want to do this again”. ‘I just love this feeling of having a child.’ ‘As any woman consumed by the need to procreate will vouch, it’s not an emotion you can brush to one side. ‘I never had my life planned out – obviously – but I had always dreamt of having lots of children at my feet.’

She says that having her latest baby, whose full name is Malcolm Charles Trip Monet, was her gift to her husband Brian.

She added: ‘The optimum is to have a child with the man I love. I don’t understand women who don’t want to have children – I don’t mean that in a derogatory way but my instinct is to mate.’

I feel the same way … Especially after having my own children, I don’t understand why women wouldn’t want to have children with men that they love. If a woman doesn’t want to have a child with the man that she is with she either doesn’t love him (or hold him in very high regard) or she already had children with him and simply feels that her family is complete!



  1. oliviadog says

    Well, Kelly is right! Kids are often screaming brats. I think that is the reality of what people are… when they are young and older. Even so, I can’t wait to have one of my own screaming brats!

    Yea to hopefully being a mommy someday to the one and only man I am married to. I have no idea who this twit is with 4 different baby-daddies, but if all she can think about during birth is the next one – that has nothing to do with love of a man… she sounds ‘off center’ (and idiotic).

  2. samsmom says

    Wow, how sad it is when people view children as “screaming brats”. Children are a blessing and with proper parental guidance they will not turn out to be “brats”. I don’t care what anyone’s view of having children is, do what you want. But I find it very offensive to say things like that about a child.

  3. Comment says

    I agree Kelli. There is always someone who has kids that don’t understand why a woman doesn’t want kids. Instead of just leaving it at that and letting it go, they have to redicule and find something wrong with it. I commend a woman for not having kids instead of succumbing to the pressures of bringing and unwanted child into the world. There are so many unwanted children out there it’s a shame. I don’t think a woman should have a child even if she has found her “soul mate” if she doesn’t really want one. A child is a lifelong responsibility that you can not throw in the closet when you get tired of it. More women should think about that before they get pregnant with the men they love. Maybe they wouldn’t bring unwanted children into the world. As far as the man, he should think about it too and not pressure a woman into having one to prove her love for him. There are other ways to let the person know you love them.

  4. Lola says

    I have to say I agree with Kelli. I have been with a wonderful man that I love very much for eight years and I have got to say I don’t feel the need to have children with him. And, it’s pretty ridiculous that a woman with four children by four different men should even make a comment like that. She must fall in and out of love ALL the time.

  5. Kelli says

    Nicole, I see the merit in the belief, but it IS a slap in the face to many loving, PERMANENT couples who don’t have children and don’t want them. If you feel one way, it is fine, but to judge others who have made a different choice is a bit much in my book.

    Personally, I believe that as of late motherhood has become a sort of clique whose participants believe that they are superior to others who aren’t a part of it. Here’s the thing – not everybody likes kids or the ENORMOUS, life changing, FOREVER responsibility of having them. I think it is actually SMART for people to consider whether or not they are up to the commitment BEFORE bringing a human being in the world that will suffer any lack the parent has. I don’t think that the woman is less than a woman or a couple is less than a couple if they don’t feel that a child fulfills them. Why should people be attacked and denigrated for a choice they make for THEIR life? Particularly when this choice isn’t negatively affecting anybody else’s life?

    Also, I think a lot of women want babies with men, not out of LOVE, but out of a need to possess – to lock him in, so to speak. Once you are his baby’s mama, he will never completely be rid of you. Too many people walking this earth today are here for this reason. Not because they were wanted but because they were tools.

  6. Kelli says

    -maybe you took such personal offense to the statement because it applies directly to you. –

    Isn’t that what “personal offense” means? Why would I be offended if it DIDN’T apply to me? My question to you is why are you so personally offended by ME being offended? Perhaps you DO pop a blood vessel when people say things that you don’t agree with. Hypocrite much?

  7. Nicole says

    I gotta say … At first I was offended by what WM said. I mean, how can you say that?!

    But then I thought about it last night and I realized maybe she’s onto something. I mean, how do you know when he’s really the one? (Not just a hot guy with all the right qualities, but a true soul-mate)

    Maybe that irrational desire to commit to a man like that, get big and pregnant, have screaming brats and college funds and such is a sign of a love much deeper than mere compatability and attraction.

    I think WM went a bit over the top and left out a final “or” which should have been something like “Or she is really not meant to have kids”

    … But I’m surprised to see myself admit that there is some merit to what she had to say.

  8. Bella says

    I’m over myself Kelli….that’s why I don’t pop a blood vessel when other’s make comments that I don’t agree with, maybe you took such personal offense to the statement because it applies directly to you. GET OVER YOURSELF!

  9. Rachie UK says

    Yes Kelli, i have to say i agree with you. i think it’s completely ridiculoud to make assumptions that people don’t love their husbands if they won’t have children- how ridiculous!! not everyone wants kids, it depends on u as a person, not the amount of love you feel for your partner.

  10. Bella says

    The webmistress is entitled to her opinion as you guys are to yours. Get over yourselves, people are free to think whatever they want even if others don’t always agree.

  11. Jess says

    “I do think that she is right…women want to have children with men that they love. If a woman doesn’t want to have a child with the man that she is with she either doesn’t love him (or hold him in very high regard) or she already had children with him and simply feels that her family is complete!”

    What the hell? Unless you have children your love isn’t valid? where hell do you get that from? What about people who don’t WANT to have children? some people actually don’t want children, believe it or not, but they are very in love with their partners

  12. Comment says

    I take offense to WM also. Not every woman is cut out to be a mother. I feel a woman can be married to a man and love him with all her heart and not have children with him. It’s not a matter if she holds him in high regard. It’s a choice whether she wants to have a child or not.
    (or she already had children with him and simply feels that her family is complete!) And what does that mean? Weird! I know plenty of women that love their men and don’t have children. And, I rather see that than a woman feeling pressured to have a child she doesn’t want. WM how old are you anyway?

  13. violetsky says

    Oh my, Ulrika has taken the 4×4 comments and is hurt huh! No wonder she has come out with all this rubbish about you can’t love your man if you don’t have a child with him. What a load of tosh, she is trying to justify having 4 kids by 4 fellas. I think the web mistress’ comment is rather iffy too.

  14. Kelli says

    That last paragraph is very presumptious, insulting, and just plain obnoxious. If you enjoy having babies, that is great. But how dare you speak for and denigrate women who don’t feel the same way. Trust me when I say that every woman alive doesn’t necessarily want to be a breeder. There are 7 billion people on this earth, there is no shortage and it is not necessary for every single woman on earth to get knocked up for the continuation of the species. Some of us appreciate the beauty of being able to have sex without the follow up of a screaming brat and a college fund. And the amount of abused, neglected, and murdered children in the world speaks very plainly to the fact that there are a lot of people who should not be parents. Get over yourself!

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