Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Welcome A Daughter!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and husband, Keith Urban, welcomed a daughter on Monday morning in Nashville, Tenn.

Nicole and Keith named their daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban! She weighed in at 6 lbs, 7 oz.

“Husband Keith was by Nicole’s side, and mother and baby are very well,” spokesman Paul Freundlich told People magazine.

This is the first child together for Nicole, 41, and Keith, 40. Nicole has two other children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise: Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13.


UPDATE: Shortly after the birth announcement was made, a delighted Keith Urban released a statement on his Web site: “Earlier this morning Nic gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. We want to thank everybody that has kept us in their thoughts and prayers. We feel very blessed and grateful that we can share this joy with all of you today.”

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  1. maggie says

    and did anyone remeber she…..susposedly has 2 other kids……….Isabella and Connor..that she gave up to Tom CRUISE?????????????????????

  2. Sophia says

    I,ve followed your pregnancy and prayed for you a lot. You are such a wonderful couple and I’m so very happy for you. Will always remember your wedding aniversary (June 26), you were married on my birthday. May God shower you and your precious little girl with his blessings.

  3. susanna says

    Hate the name, means nothing to her birth day, why? Their chose afterall. But bless, a godsend after Tom, congrats to them both.

  4. sonia says

    congratulations, you are such a lovely couple and now you have a beautiful baby girl to share your hearts with. Welcome to the experience of a life time, sit back and enjoy every moment of it.

  5. Margaret Trest says

    I am so very happy for you, Keith and the baby. I would love to see a picture of her. May GOD always watch over the three of you and keep you safe.

  6. LeAnne says

    It was wonderful news to hear!!! That Nicole & Keith had a baby Girl!!!! I like her name Sunday-Rose it is different for sure!!! Can’t want to see pictures and to hear the song Keith writes for her, I’m sure it will touch all of hearts!!!

  7. laura says

    I like Sunday, its different but not in a horrible way I reckon. Sunny is a cute middle name for a little baby/kid as well..Though, not too sure about the combo of Sunday and Rose together..everyone here in Aus just thinks its like “Sunday Roast” haha
    Good luck to them though 🙂

  8. Aussie Judi says

    Wonderful news Nic and Keith, love the name too.
    Well done Nic, I have been with you in spirit .
    The news is just wonderful.
    Welcome to the world Sunny – Rose.
    Now that has just gotta be a good name for a song Keith….
    Love to you all from Judi in Australia.

  9. terry says

    I’m so happy for the both of them. I love Australian’s and am so happy they live here in Nashville. They are such a sweet and wonderful couple together. God Bless

  10. Candy says

    Congratulations …I’m so happy for them & i’m so happy that they had a baby girl ,Sunday Rose is a very beautiful name ,,I can’t wait to see her pictures

  11. Just me says

    I agree with No 12 , that she barely looked pregnant.
    The name is cute … for a dog. My aunt had one named Sunday and that’s what I think of … sorry.

  12. Jacquie says

    Congrats to them!! Sunday Rose is a different name, it kinda grows on you a bit. She was a little bit of a thing too. I hope she doesn’t get Sunny for a middle name.

    P.S. LOL @ #5 Sunday born on Monday, cute.

  13. Could it be says

    Wow… she barely looked pregnant. I can’t believe she had the baby already!

    Rather unfortunate name though…

  14. Iluvmy2girlz says

    i dont like the name Sunday, but i’m very happy for them! congratulations!!!!! My husband’s middle name is Domingo, which is Sunday in Spanish! and i hate it! LOL

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