Nicole & Keith's Friends Are Overjoyed For Them

Nicole Kidman

Country music star Ronnie Dunn, of Brooks & Dunn, celebrated the Fourth of July with the couple at his home in Nashville, where Nicole Kidman told the singer she was ready to pop.

“Nicole told me Friday night that she was hoping that my fireworks would do it,” Ronnie Dunn shared. “I’m overjoyed for them.”

At the party, Keith Urban left the side of his “very, VERY pregnant wife,” as he noted during a concert on Saturday, to help Ronnie Dunn light his fireworks display.

Fellow country singer and good friend, LeAnn Rimes, says she knows the couple “will be wonderful parents.”

“Nicole and Keith are two of the most kind, caring people I know,” LeAnn said. “I am thrilled for them.”



  1. laila says

    she’s a tiny woman and had a tiny belly besides non of us saw pics of her the last month of her pregnancy so we don’t know how big she got. The baby is at a perfectly healthy weight so why the negative comment?

  2. amy says

    Shera, I guess it’s because she is so tall and has a long torso. That is what I have heard… the baby weighed in at 6lbs+ so everything appears ok. I guess with a long middle area, your baby has more room .. and thus does not appear as “big”. Just my opinion and what I’ve heard. 🙂

  3. Shera says

    I think its great that she finally had a baby, but how did she stay so small? She never grew a true baby belly.

  4. Sally says

    Best wishes to Nicole and Keith. “Sunday” is a unique name … I should know, that is my daughter’s name and she is in her twenties now.

  5. Lauren says

    Nic and Keith will make awesome parents. I hope they’re able to share their baby joy with Isabella and Connor just as Tom and Katie did when they had Suri. 😉

  6. DJ says

    Congratulations to them both. This baby will be very loved and I love that Nicole is down to nature and she seems truly happy. Just goes to show good things happen to those who wait. At least Tom can’t control this little one; I can’t imagine how hard that must be for her. Much happiness to you Nicole and Keith!

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