Jessica Alba Shares Her New Concerns Now That She Is A Mother

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba became a mother last month when she and Cash Warren welcomed their first child, Honor Marie Warren. Now she’s carefully considering how she and her husband will influence their daughter.

“Kids’ personalities have so much to do with the parents and their mentality,” Jessica, 27, told Britain’s Sunday Express for their S Magazine. “If you’re very paranoid and uptight and won’t let your child cross the street, they are going to take on that anxiety. If you’re a little more laid-back and make your kids responsible for their actions, you’ll probably have an easier time with them. I guess I’ll find out.”

Jessica has also been studying up on children’s health issues.

“I’ve been reading a lot about kids and infections, autism and vaccinations,” added Jessica, who suffered from health problems as a child. “I’ve come to think that perhaps I was a product of my environment or the vaccines or something my mother took when she was pregnant.”

Already, Jessica finds that her own eating habits have drastically changed.

“I used to be a just a coffee for breakfast, yogurt for lunch girl,” she told the magazine. “Now I have to have something every couple of hours. I turn into Satan if I don’t eat.”



  1. Bee says

    She looks beautiful in the picture, too bad she is so obnoxious, and Im using the nicest words possible.
    I used to be her fan, but her comments have disappointed many people who used to like her.

  2. Analise says

    Good for her for THINKING before letting the her kid be injected. Course, she’ll probably give in as most parents do, but at least she’s questioning it and out in the open.

  3. Moan4MeMony says

    OMG I wish that all these people out here would just leave celebrities alone especially how they choose to raise THEIR children My advise worry about your own kids and leave Jessica and everyone else alone. She never claimed to be an expert on children she jsut stated that possibly kids get certain personality traits from parents but she said that she GUESSES that she will find out.

  4. says

    She is so obnoxious. I too don’t understand why anyone cares about what she has to say. I love that she is a baby/kid expert with her first child.

  5. Just me says

    I agree with soem of the other posters … she doesn’t sound like a healthy person. And I don’t understand why she is the “It Girl.” She’s been in what , 2, movies and they’e sucked.
    I’m an advocate FOR vaccines. Doctors/scientists have admitted they do not know what causes autism. So I believe until they know, the risks of not getting vaccinated is too great.

  6. BJane says

    I hope she still chooses vaccinates her daughter. The risks of vaccines are SOO much less than the risks of NOT vaccinating your child.

  7. Lauren says

    Ugh…Jessica Alba can be so annoying and pretentious. I hope that doesn’t rub off on her daughter!

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